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Quilicura in Santiago.

Quilicura (Spanish pronunciation: [kiliˈkuɾa]) founded in 1902, is a commune of Chile located in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region. It was originally on the outskirts of the city of Santiago, but as urban sprawl has set in it is now quickly urbanizing from what was recently prime agricultural land. The mayor is Carmen Romo.

The origin of the city's name is from the Mapuche language Mapudungun and comes from the words kila meaning three and kura meaning stone. The "Three Stones" are three hills which separate the area and formed the border with Renca. The city's mascot is a yellow bee and its mayor is currently Carmen Romo.

City shield


  • Area: 57.5 km²[1]
  • Population: 173,591 (2006 projection)[1]
  • Average annual household income: US$21,544 (PPP, 2006)[1]
  • Population below poverty line: 6.7% (2006)[2]
  • Regional quality of life index: 72.53, medium, 34 out of 52 (2005)
  • Human Development Index: 0.782, 19 out of 341 (2003)[3]

The ethnic breakdown of the population was 96% white and white Amerindian (121,815), 3.4% Mapuche (4,346), >1% Aimara (47), >1% Atacameño (40), >1% Quechua (29), >1% Rapanui (25), >1% Alacalufe (10), >1% Yámana (10), >1% Colla (4), as of the 2002 Census.[4]


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Coordinates: 33°22′S 70°44′W / 33.367°S 70.733°W / -33.367; -70.733



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