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Quita Sueño Bank (claimed as Quitasueño) is a reef formation of Colombia which was once claimed by the United States, located 110 km North-northeast of Providencia Island.


In 1869, James Jennett claimed the island for the US under the Guano Islands Act of 1856. In 1972 a treaty was signed (ratified in 1981) between the United States and Columbia which abandoned the US claims to the reef. Unlike the other islands included in the treaty which were ceded to Columbia, Quita Sueño Bank was regarded by the United States as having no emergent land and thus uneligable for the basis of a soveriegnty claim. Rather than being ceded to any particular nation, the claim was simply abandoned with American fishing rights retained. Colombia which had also made previous claims on the reef, disputes the fact that Quita Sueño Bank is not subject to soveriegnty claims and considers the bank to be a part of its San Andres and Providencia Department.

Nicaragua also lays claim to the island.

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Coordinates: 14°19′N 81°10′W / 14.317°N 81.167°W / 14.317; -81.167


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