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Family name
Region of origin Middle East, Eastern Europe

Quraishi (also rendered as Qureshi, Qoraishi, Koraishi or Kureishi), (Arabic: قریشی‎) is a family name that originates from Arabs in Saudi Arabia, particularely from the city of Mecca.



The name originally signified ancestry from Banu Quraish, the tribe of Quraish in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Quraish are the custodians of K'aba (in Makkah) and therefore they are held in great esteem by the people. It is due to this respect and commanding influence that neighbouring tribes and states have entered into covenants with Quraish guaranteeing that their caravans would not be plundered.


According to traditional legends, Arab lineages allegedly originate from three groups:

  • Perished Arabs (العرب البائدة): These are the ancients of whose history little is known. They include ‘Ad, Thamûd, Tasam, Jadis, Imlaq and others.
  • Pure Arabs (العرب العاربة): They allegedly originated from the progeny of Ya‘rub bin Yashjub bin Qahtan bin Hud so were also called Qahtanian Arabs.
  • Arabized Arabs (العرب المستعربة): They allegedly originated from the progeny of Ishmael and were also called ‘Adnanian Arabs. The Quraish are a branch of the "Arabized Arabs".

The Quraish was a branch of the Kinana, which descended from Elias bin Mudar, who descended from Adnan. After the introduction of Islam, the Quraish gained supremacy and produced the three dynasties of the Ummayads, Abbasids and Fatimides, which ruled as Caliphs.

Complete lineage of the Quraish tribe

Adam Sheth Enos Cainan Mahalaleed Jared Enoch / Idris Methuselah Lamech Noah / Nuh Shem Arhhazed Salih / Saleb Eber Pelag Rem Serag Nahor Tarukh Abraham / Ibrahim Ishmael / Ismail (Son of Hagar / Brother of Isaac) Sabat Yashab Lavi Ba'rab Qamat Nakor Imran Adnan Madh Nazar Imran Nasar Elias / Iliyas (Patriarch of the Quraish tribe) [1]


The majority of the Quraish tribe belong to the Sunni branch of Islam. Although, some members of the tribe also adhere to Christianity[citation needed], belonging mostly to Eastern rite churches such as the Antiochene rite[citation needed], Chaldean Catholic Church[citation needed], Ancient Church of the East[citation needed], and Ahmadiyya Community.[citation needed]

Quraishis in South Asia

The Quraish tribe diaspora is spread all around the world. Due to Arab migrations into foreign lands, the Quraish tribe was able to establish itself in these lands. The Quraish tribe exists in many parts of South Asia, particularely in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The descendants of Arabs who arrived with Muhammad Bin Qasim settled in South Asia. From the beginning of Arab rule in South Asia in the 8th century, many Muslim technocrats, bureaucrats, soldiers, traders, scientists, architects, teachers, theologians and Sufis traveled from the rest of the Muslim world to the Islamic Sultanate in South Asia and settled permanently.

Famous Quraishis of South Asia

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