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RCA/Jive Label Group
RCA-JIVE label group logo.gif
Parent company Sony Music Entertainment
Founded September 2007 (September 2007)
Distributing label Sony Music Entertainment
Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location New York, NY

RCA/Jive Label Group is an American record label group, owned by Sony Music Entertainment. It represents the merger of the RCA Music Group and Jive Label Group.




Formation as BMG

The RCA/Jive configuration began as the BMG Label Group during the last year of the Sony BMG merger. The group was officially formed in September 2007 when Bertelsmann restructured their RCA and Zomba groups into one entity bearing the BMG branding.[1][2] Bob Anderson and Kevin Twitchell led the sales department for the new group, and John Fleckenstein was named senior VP of international. By early 2008, the BMG Label Group was said to consist of RCA Records, Jive Records, J Records, LaFace, Arista, Volcano Entertainment, Verity, GospoCentric and Fo Yo Soul.[3][4] In April 2008, Barry Weiss was promoted to chairman and CEO of the BMG Label Group, a position he still holds since the groups rebranding.[5][6] Weiss replaced longtime music exec Clive Davis, who became the Chief Creative Officer. Though some interpreted this move by Sony as a way of shuffling Davis out of the company, he quickly reasserted his position as a hitmaker for Sony working with artists such as Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson.[7]

Rebranding to RCA/Jive

In August 2008, BMG sold their half of the Sony BMG merger back to Sony.[8] Since Bertelsmann retained the use of the "BMG" name, Sony renamed the BMG Label Group to RCA/Jive Label Group in early 2009,[9] while at the same time, the Zomba Label Group officially began the process of rebranding to Jive Label Group.[10][11] Though in press RCA/Jive seems to eschew the Zomba name, logos for Jive Label Group link directly to the official Zomba Label Group website, which is still maintained as of late 2009, suggesting the rebranding is in process.[12] Following the restructuring, Barry Weiss remained head of both RCA/Jive Label Group, and its constituent Jive Label Group.


Though the RCA/Jive Label Group is often mentioned in press releases, and the entity has often appeared as a copyright and phonograph rights holder on actual releases (this changed recently as of 2010, with each individual label being credited as itself on phonograph rights), it has a less public presence and no known website. Instead, both the RCA Music Group and the Jive Label Group operate as standalone units, but share back-office functions and report to CEO Barry Weiss. RCA/Jive consists of several flagship record labels, which originally formed part of BMG before being absorbed into Sony's operations.

RCA Music Group

RCA Music Group was created by BMG in March 2004 shortly after the formation of Zomba Label Group.[13] It became a part of the BMG Label Group along with Zomba, and has since survived the rebranding to its current position as one half of the RCA/Jive Label Group. Current labels include:

Jive Label Group

Jive Label Group was founded in 2004 as Zomba Label Group by BMG, their parent company at the time. Their main offices are located in New York City. Current labels include:


In late 2002, Zomba completed a US$2.74 billion transaction that required BMG to purchase the remaining shares of the Zomba Group of Companies. When BMG began their integration of Zomba labels into their operations, they created the Zomba Label Group in early 2004. Initially the group consisted of LaFace, Volcano, Verity and Jive, though later expanded to include other labels. Barry Weiss was named CEO and continues to operate in that capacity in addition to his duties as the CEO of the larger RCA/Jive Label Group.[6] In 2005, Zomba Label Group created a gospel division called Zomba Gospel to collate their gospel interests at the time. The group primarily consisted of GospoCentric Records and Verity Records, but also included some artist-owned imprints. In January 2009. BMG sold their half of the Sony BMG merger to Sony and Zomba Label Group was rebranded to the current Jive Label Group.[14][15] Additionally, Zomba Gospel was rebranded as the Verity Gospel Music Group.



The record labels under RCA/Jive have been releasing material since before the entity's existence. For detailed discographies of those labels, please visit their respective pages. For a list of releases which contain RCA/Jive as the copyright holder, see: RCA/Jive Label Group discography.


Name Position Tenure
Anderson, Bob Head of sales September 2007-present
Davis, Clive CEO
Chief Creative Officer
September 2007-April 2008
April 2008-present
Fleckenstein, John Senior VP, International September 2007-present
Naftaly, Keith Senior VP, A&R January 2009-present
Twitchell, Kevin Head of sales September 2007-present
Weiss, Barry CEO/Chairman April 2008-present

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