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RG-31 Mk3A
RG-31 Charger
Type Armored fighting vehicle,
MRAP (armored vehicle)
Place of origin  South Africa
Production history
Designer BAE Systems Land Systems OMC
Weight 7.28 t
Length 6.40 m (21 ft)
Width 2.47 m (8.1 ft)
Height 2.63 m (8.63 ft)
Crew 2+6

weapons mount
Engine Option 1: Daimler-Benz OM 352A, 6 cylinder diesel, 123 HP

Option 2: Iveco Tector F4AE0681D diesel
Option 3: Detroit Diesel
Option 4: Cummins 6.7L QSB, 6 cylinder diesel, 275 HP

Suspension 4×4 wheeled
900 km (559 mi)
Speed 100 km/h (62 mph)

The RG-31 Nyala is a 4x4 multi-purpose mine-protected armoured personnel carrier (APC) manufactured in South Africa by Land Systems OMC a division of BAE Systems. It is based on the Mamba APC of TFM Industries. The RG-31 Nyala is built from an V-shaped all-steel welded armor monocoque hull and high suspension, typical of South African mine protected vehicles, providing excellent small-arms and mine blast protection.( The vehicle is designed to resist a blast equivalent to two TM-57 anti-tank mines detonating simultaneously). The RG-31 is classified by the United States Department of Defense as a category 1 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle.

The vehicle accommodates a crew of 10 including the driver. Dismounting is provided via a large rear door and two front doors. A different version, the RG-31M features a military wiring harness, central tire inflation and several other new characteristics. This Vehicle has a crew of 5.

The RG-31 has become the multi-purpose vehicle of choice of the UN and other peacekeeping and security forces. It is finding favour with non-governmental organisations requiring a vehicle with a non-aggressive appearance to protect their personnel against the threat of land mines.


Production history



Variants came in either a Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) or utility vehicle (Cargo) configurations

  • RG-31 Mk3A - based on Mamba APC
  • RG-31 Sabre - cargo version
  • RG-31 Mk5
  • RG-31 Charger - US Army version of the Mk.3 with a Detroit Diesel engine and Mk5 with a Cummins engine
  • RG-31 Mk5E - A extended Mk5 with superior blast and ballistic protection.
  • RG-31 Mk6E - Enhanced crew protection


RG-31 Nyala damaged by a mine
RG-31 blown in half by a mine.

Combat history

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