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RG-42 hand grenade
RG-42 grenade Navy.jpg
A cutaway of an RG-42 grenade.
Type Hand grenade
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Weight 420 g (with fuse)
Length 130 mm (with fuse)
Diameter 55 mm

Filling TNT
Filling weight 110 to 120 g
delay fuse 3.2 to 4.2 s

The Soviet RG-42 was a fragmentation grenade originally introduced during World War II as an emergency measure, continuing in use with the USSR and its Warsaw Pact allies in the post-war period. It contained about 200 grams of explosive charge (TNT) in a cylindrical can. The grenade could be thrown about 35-40 meters and has an effective blast radius of around 10 meters. The total weight of the grenade with the fuse was about 500 grams. It used the 3.2 to 4 second UZRGM fuse, also used in the RGD-5, RG-41, and F1 grenades.


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