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The RMI Electra Piano is a model of electronic piano, manufactured by RMI. Several models with varying features were produced from 1967 until 1980.

Although it was marketed to rock musicians as a substitute for a grand piano in live performance, the instrument's sound is dissimilar to an acoustic piano. It has, however, endured in popularity due to its distinctive character, which is high, chiming, and harpsichord-like. Because it uses transistors for sound generation, its sound is very differrent from similar piano substitutes marketed by Rhodes or Wurlitzer, which used reeds or tines for sound production.

It features distinctive, combo organ-like control tabs. It had 3 different sounds which could be mixed in combination (Piano, Harpsichord, & Lute, plus 2 variations called Piano PP and Harpsichord PP), an organ mode (which increased the decay of the sound generated by the keyboard), and Accenter mode (which was similar to the percussive harmonic effect of a Hammond Organ). A bass tab was later added, which when oscillated rapidly, gave the sound a warbly quality.




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