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Type Anti-tank grenade
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Service history
In service 1940-
Used by Soviet Union and Warsaw pact countries
Wars World War II
Weight 1.22 kg
Length 20 cm

Filling TNT
Filling weight 0.612 kg

The RPG-40 was an anti-tank hand grenade developed by the Soviet Union in 1940. Its anti-tank capability came from blast effect produced by the detonation upon contact of 760 grams of explosive contained in it. This effect enabled about 20 mm of armour to be penetrated, and secondary damage, such as spalling, by contact with thicker armour. This made the grenade very effective against earlier German tanks, but ineffective against later models, such as the Panzer IV and the Panzer V, leading to the RPG-43 replacing it in 1943.

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