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The RPK-2 Viyuga (Russian: РПК-2 Вьюга; "Viyuga" is "blizzard" in English) cruise missile is a complex Russian submarine launched missile. Its NATO reporting name is SS-N-15 Starfish.

Analogous to the now retired Subroc missile carried by US Navy submarines, it is designed to be fired from a 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tube. It is boosted by a choice of mechanisms depending on model before clearing the water, firing a solid fuel rocket and delivering its payload up to 45 km (28 mi) away. The payload ranges from a simple depth charge to a 200 kt nuclear warhead.

The RPK-2 uses 82R torpedo or 90R nuclear depth charge in 533 mm version and 83R torpedo carrying or 86R nuclear depth charge in 650 mm version.

Both submarine- and surface-launched versions exist. The surface-launched versions are used by the Slava, Kirov, Neustrashimyy and Udaloy classes, while the submarine-launched versions are used by the Akula, Oscar, Typhoon, Kilo, and Borei classes.




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