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Rachel Marsden

Marsden photographed in 2008.
Born December 2, 1974 (1974-12-02) (age 35)
Vancouver, Canada
Occupation Columnist, political commentator
RachelMarsden.com GrandCentralPolitical.com

Rachel Marsden (born December 2, 1974[1]) is a Canadian conservative political columnist, strategist and television commentator based in Paris.[2] In the 2000s, she was a columnist for publications such as The Washington Times, National Post, Toronto Sun and the New York Post. She has appeared as a commentator on Fox News and CNN, and currently runs the website Grand Central Political, which syndicates and distributes commentary by figures such as Bernard Kerik and Mark Cuban. Her weekly political commentary appears in the online edition of Daily Telegraph, Human Events magazine and Townhall.com. She has also been published in the Wall Street Journal[2] and is currently a regular panelist on LCP Politique Matin carried on the state-owned parliamentary television channel La Chaîne parlementaire in France.

Marsden first came to public attention for her role in the Simon Fraser University 1997 harassment controversy, and was the focus of media coverage for tumultuous breakups with a Vancouver radio host, an Ontario police officer, and the co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.



Marsden first broke into print journalism in the early 2000s, writing for conservative web sites and The Washington Times. In 2002, she worked for the Free Congress Foundation, and resigned when her employer learned of a harassment charge against her related to her former boyfriend in Vancouver.[3]

Prior to the 2004 federal election in Canada, she was hired by Gurmant Grewal, a Conservative member of the Parliament of Canada, to assist his constituency office with press releases.[4][5] She was a regular National Post columnist for two months[6] in 2005 before joining the Toronto Sun as a weekly opinion columnist, a position held until November 2007. In 2006, she moved from Toronto to New York. Her political commentary has been reprinted by other journals, including the New York Post and NewsMax Media.[7]

Marsden was a frequent guest on Dennis Miller Live when she was tapped to become the Canadian pundit for The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel. Marsden was employed by the Fox News Channel from 2004[7] to May 2007.[8] She was promoted to panelist on Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, a late-night talk show. A producer on Red Eye praised Marsden, saying that "she has very passionate opinions...she's articulate, intelligent, and we get a lot of favorable mail about her".[5] Marsden has been compared to Ann Coulter in opinion, presentation and appearance.[9] On May 30, 2007, Marsden was dismissed from Red Eye and escorted out of the Fox studio by security guards. She commented that her departure was due to a change in the show's format, and that being escorted out is standard procedure.[10] In October 2007, she was a panelist on CNN's The Situation Room.[11]

Personal life and education

Marsden grew up in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam. She was an avid competitive swimmer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from Simon Fraser University, Marsden earned a diploma in broadcast journalism from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Marsden has said that growing up listening to Canadian radio personality Jack Webster inspired her move into journalism.[5] She also attended the National Journalism Center.[12] As a student, Marsden came to public attention when she was at the center of the Simon Fraser University 1997 harassment controversy, in which she and a swimming coach publicly accused each other of sexual harassment.[13][14] The coach was dismissed, then re-hired by the university after doubts were raised about the credibility of the accusations against him.[5] Over ten years later, Marsden was interviewed by the university's newspaper and said of the events: "“[The administration] were more interested in quelling negative PR than defending the truth. I was told by SFU to keep quiet and say nothing to the media. My only regret is that I listened to them.”[15]

In 2004, Marsden was given a conditional discharge with one year of probation for criminal harassment of her boyfriend, a Vancouver radio show host, following a breakup.[16][17][18][19] In September 2007, a relationship between Marsden and an Ontario Provincial Police officer ended. She posted his photo and identified him on her blog as an anti-terrorism officer who had leaked secret anti-terrorism documents to her.[20] The officer filed a complaint of harassment against Marsden, but this was later dropped. The OPP launched a separate internal investigation into the alleged conduct of the officer.[21]

On more than one occasion Marsden asked Wikipedia to delete her biography on the site. Her concerns led her to contact Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales in 2006, claiming that it was wrong and libelous. Wales stated his involvement with her article was handled through the normal channels, and was "routine". He also says he "recused [himself] from any further official action", after their relationship became personal.[22][23] On February 29, 2008, the technology gossip blog Valleywag claimed that Wales and Marsden had entered into a relationship, and published instant messaging chats that they had allegedly exchanged. On the following day Wales announced on his Wikipedia user page that he was no longer involved with her. In return, Marsden, who claimed to have learned about the breakup by reading about it at Wikipedia, turned to eBay and put up for auction a t-shirt and sweater with white stains that she claimed belonged to Wales.[23][24][14][25][26][27][28][29]


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Rachel Marsden (December 2, 1974) is a Canadian political pundit living and working in New York City.

By Marsden

  • Fifty percent of people want to sleep with me, and the other 50 percent want to kill me.
  • For Dick Cheney, it must have felt just like any other day at the office: Folks who don't shave, don't bathe, and want him dead. Wow, feels just like back home!
  • Al Gore could really pollute a bathroom ... Just look at the guy. If someone doesn't take away his pork 'n' beans, he's bound to get another one of those 'gut feelings' and mistake his own greenhouse gas production for science!
  • The Second Amendment was meant to give citizens the right to bear arms against the government, back when Uncle Sam's toys were as lame as yours… Handguns are sheer lunacy
    • On gun control in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings
    • Blasting the myths By Rachel Marsden. Published Toronto Sun, April 23, 2007
  • Well I think we do have to define torture. One man’s torture is another man’s CIA’s sponsored swim lesson.
    • On waterboarding
    • CNN The Situation Room, October 31, 2007
  • I don't really pay much attention to it anymore. It's pretty ridiculous. I view it as a giant graffiti board for people with axes to grind — or for guys named Jimbo Wales who want to dump their girlfriends.
  • While the Democratic-led congress hits a record low nine percent approval rating despite high pre-election hopes, the even further left-leaning embodiment of that epic failure is now shuffling around the globe, sending crowds into frenzies through speeches pimped out with eminently forgettable rhetoric that would make great political speechmakers like Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill scratch their heads.
  • Never has outright racism been so exciting or so chic — both here in America and abroad! Kumbaya! In fact, a German paper called him “the black JFK”, which is an insult to the late President Kennedy, who -- again, leaving aside the blatant racism here — was nowhere near as far left as Obama.
  • Sarkozy was elected last year by insisting on immigrants speaking French and insisting that they integrate into the French culture...Obama’s call for Americans to learn Spanish to accommodate the onslaught of Mexican immigrants makes the French government sound like Rush Limbaugh.

About Marsden

  • She has very passionate opinions...she's articulate, intelligent, and we get a lot of favorable mail about her.
  • Oh god, she is feminism's worst nightmare.
  • I think they just thought she would be a good kind of lightning rod. We did one or two rehearsals, and I know for a fact that people liked her legs.

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