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Radiant Historia
File:Radiant Historia Cover
Official Japanese cover art for Radiant Historia
Developer(s) Atlus[1]
Publisher(s) Atlus[1]
Director(s) Mitsuru Hirata[1]
Designer(s) Hiroshi Konishi[1] (Character Designer)
Satoshi Takayashiki[1] (World Designer)
Composer(s) Yoko Shimomura[1]
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Role-playing game
Mode(s) Single-player
Media Nintendo DS Game Card

Radiant Historia (ラジアントヒストリア Rajianto Hisutoria?) is an upcoming RPG developed and published by Atlus for the Nintendo DS[1]. The game's developement team included key staffs from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and tri-Ace, the developers responsible for Radiata Stories[1]. The game has been set to release on November 3, 2010 in Japan, the international release date has yet to be announced.




Time Travel

The player will be using the ability to travel through time and space throughout the game. The player will be changing the past in order to create a “proper” future. The game has the player travel through time, and also through space as the player switch off between parallel worlds.


The enemies are visible on the fields before an engagement and the player may choose to fight or avoid them in open combat. A battle begins when the party comes into contact with the enemies, or if a story event initiates a confrontation.[1]

The battle system makes use of a positioning system called the "Grid System." Enemies are placed on a 3 x 3 grid, with multiple enemies capable of standing in a single slot, and some large enemies spanning multiple slots. If the player attacks an enemy who's in a grid space near the attacking character, the enemy will incur greater damage. However, the player will also be open to greater damage.[1]



In the world of Vainguer, a land of man and beasts, the holy nation of the East, Alicetel is in a state of war with Granorg, a massive country to the West that is ruled harshly by Queen Protea. Alicetel's land is slowly turning to desert while a strange disease is turning its people into sand, known as the "Sandman Disease" (砂人病 suna nin byou?) The ruler of Alicetel, Noah, insists that this worldwide disease is the result of Protea's evil government. The people of Alicetel thus believe they are fighting a holy war against Granorg.[1]

One day, Stock, an agent with the intelligence agency of Alicetel and his subordinates are sent into Granorg territory to rescue a secret agent who was captured by the government of Granorg. After saving the agent, the group find themselves surrounded by the Granorg army, and Stock is severely wounded. He awakens in Historia, a world where time and space are warped. There, a group of mysterious children give him the ability to travel through time and space. He is told that the world needs his power.[1]



  • Stock (ストック Sutokku?) is a 19-year-old agent who is the pride of the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel and the main protagonist of the game. Because of his outstanding talents, Heis often entrusted Stock with the most dangerous missions. Appears to be unsociable and usually quiet, Stock is actually very passionate and caring for his subordinates, he would avoid endangering them more than anything else.[3] During his mission to rescue a fellow agent who was captured by the Granorg's government, Stock's team was surrounded by Granorg's army and he was severely wounded. He later awoke in Historia and was given, by a group of mysterious children, the ability to travel through time and space.[1]
  • Rainey (レイニー Reinī?) is a 17-year-old female agent with the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel and Stock's subordinate. Originally a member of a mercenary group, Rainey was picked up, and put into the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel by Heis after her group was destroyed. Rainey felt indebted to Heis, and upon his request, she became Stock's subordinate. Rainey is a straightforward person with a strong sense of justice and can be quite frank at times, she excels in the art of spear-fighting.[3] During a mission to rescue a fellow agent who was captured by the Granorg's government, Rainey along with the rest of Stock's team were caught by Granorg's army.[4]
  • Marco (マルコ Maruko?) is a 17-year-old male agent with the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel and Stock's subordinate. Known Rainey since their days as mercenaries, the two made a rough combination. They were picked up, and put into the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel by Heis after their mercenary group was destroyed. Marco is very realistic and careful at whatever he does, traits that made him a good partner, he is very skilled with sword-fighting, and excels at gathering information.[3] During a mission to rescue a fellow agent who was captured by the Granorg's government, Marco along with the rest of Stock's team were caught by Granorg's army.[4]
  • Heis (ハイス Haisu?) is the head of the intelligence agency of the nation of Alicetel. A highly intelligent man who handles everything in a calm and collective manner, Heis is very cautious and calculating, he also appears to be cruel at times. Because it is newly created, Heis' intelligence agency is not formally recognize by the Alicetel's government but instead regarded merely as a facility. However the agency has supplied the government with much critically useful information. Stock, Rainey, and Marco are Heis' most trusted subordinates.[3]
  • Roche (ロッシュ Rosshu?) is a 21-year-old military officer and the captain of Alicetel's recruit corp. Roche is Stock's best friend and the two used to fought side by side before Stock joined the intelligence agency, Roche always cares about Stock and gives him advices. Roche's relationship with Sonia, a doctor of the nation of Alicetel, is described as more of a friend than that of a lover. Roche was severely injured in the past and has to replace on of his arm with a mechanical arm called "Gauntlet" that makes use of "Madō" which lets it move according to his thoughts. Roche is openhearted and though stubborn, he can also be very forgiving.[3]
  • Sonia (ソニア Sonia?) is a doctor of the nation of Alicetel, who is the central figure in medical sector. Sonia has been studying "Mana" for a long time and she's also very knowledgeable about "Madō" (魔動 lit. Demon Motion?). Sonia is friends with Stock and Roche. Even though she didn't have to, Sonia has always been on the front line with Stock and Roche, secretly looked after the two as they went on dangerous missions. Sonia has a mature and strong personality.[3]
  • Keel (キール Kīru?) is a non-commissioned officer of Roche's recruit corp. Roche often tells Keel how much he respected Stock as great fencer, which eventually lead Keel to respect Stock also. Keel is very honest and has a positive nature, but often gets ahead of himself. Although good at ceremonial sword dancing, Keel himself isn't combat oriented.[3]


  • Eruca (エルーカ Erūka?) is the princess of Granorg and is the first heir to the throne, she is the late King Victor's (ヴィクトール Vikutōru?) daughter with his first wife. Eruca is regarded highly by the people of Granorg as opposed to her stepmother, Queen Protea. Eruca is saddened by her stepmother's tyranny. Her distinguish trait is her beautiful blond hair.[3]
  • Protea (プロテア Purotea?) is the ruling queen of the massive nation of Granorg who is known for her selfishness and tyranny throughout the land. She was not born into royalty, and was originally a townswoman. The late king Victor, after losing his first wife, fell in love with Protea at first sight, and thus she was married into royalty. King Victor was later mysteriously assassinated and Protea succeeded the throne to become Granorg's ruling queen.[3] She is accused by the ruler of the nation of Alicetel, Noah, as the cause of Alicetel's desertification and the "Sandman Disease."[1] She is princess Eruca's stepmother.[3]


  • Tio (ティオ Teio?) & Lipty (リプティ Riputei?) are the mysterious twins that Stock encounters in Historia. They give Stock the ability to travel through time and space and tells him that the world needs his power. Although appear to be children, Tio and Lipty's manner of talkings suggested otherwise.[3]


  • Ath (アト Ato?) is a 9-year-old Satyr. She traveled through many places as a member of a group of entertainers lead by Banossa. Although Ath isn't aware of it herself, she is a "shaman", one who watches over every soul of the Satyrs. Shamans are said to have special powers and capable of bringing back the dead, but it is forbidden, because the act itself is deemed unnatural. Ath is spoiled and selfish like most young children, and she is very fond of Stock.[3]


A Japanese patent for the game was known to have existed as far back as March 2010.[5] At that point, nothing was known about the game except a name. It wasn't until July 2010 that an issue of Famitsu revealed the game as Role-playing game for the Nintendo DS that regarded time-travel.[6] It was later revealed to involve many staff members who have worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series and members of tri-Ace, makers of the very similarly named Radiata Stories.


The music of Radiant Historia is composed by Yoko Shimomura[1], who is best known for her works for Legend of Mana and the Kingdom Hearts series.

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