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Radio America is an American radio network specializing in conservative-oriented talk programming. A division of The American Studies Center, the network describes its mission as "to produce and syndicate quality radio programs reflecting a commitment to traditional American values, limited government and the free market." The American Studies Center has funded special broadcast projects at Radio America , such as a documentary series on African American conservatives, and conservative programming like "The Alan Keyes Show","What's the Story? With Fred Barnes", "Common Sense Radio with Oliver North","Bob Barr's Laws of the Universe","Veterans Chronicles with Gene Pell","The G. Gordon Liddy Show","The Michael Reagan Show","The Greg Knapp Experience", and "Dateline Washington with Greg Corombos."

Radio America programming airs on CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks, with its own dedicated channel, CRN5 (Greg Knapp is not carried on CRN due to a schedule conflict with Lou Dobbs's radio show).



Radio America was founded in 1985 by the President, James C. Roberts. Since then Radio America has been providing stations across the nation with news, talk, documentary and short-features programming.

Since its inception, Radio America has won a host of awards including the New York International Radio Festivals Gold and Silver medals, the ABA Silver Gavel, Gabriel, Ohio State, Freedom Foundation and many others. In 1997, Radio America achieved full network status, broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Programs are broadcast via three satellites and over 500 affiliates carry their programs. In addition, the network's programs are now available on the Internet through RealAudio. Radio America programs generally reflect the network's adherence to standard conservative ideas, like limited government and the free market. News and talk features predominate on weekdays, while weekends offer a varied menu of special programs ranging from home finance to sports and from medical advice to politics.


  • Programming Schedule
    • All times US Eastern Time
  • Doug Stephan ,Monday-Friday 4:00AM-10:00AM and Saturdays 4:00AM-9:00AM
  • G. Gordon Liddy, Monday-Friday 10:00AM-1:00PM Live (Replay 1:00PM-3:00PM)
  • The Greg Knapp Experience, Monday-Friday 3:00PM-6:00 PM
  • Roger Hedgecock, Monday-Friday 6:00PM-9:00PM Live
  • Dateline Washington with Greg Corombos, Monday-Friday 6:00PM-7:00PM Live (Replay Monday-Saturday Midnight-1:00AM)
  • Battle Line with Alan Nathan, Saturday 6:00PM-7:00PM live (Replay Sunday 3:00AM-4:00AM)
  • Everything That Matters with Dianne Linderman, Saturday 11:00PM-Midnight
  • Frank Gaffney, Early Tuesday-Saturday Midnight-1:00AM (taped)
  • Veterans Chronicles with Gene Pell, Sunday 11:00PM-Midnight
  • Talkin' Baseball, Sunday 4:00PM-6:00PM
  • Car and Driver Radio with Alan Taylor, Saturday 9:00AM-Noon Live (Replay Sunday 6:00AM-7:00AM)
  • GSN Radio, Sunday 8:00PM-9:00PM (Taped)

Other Forms of Media

All Radio America programs are streamed live on the Internet for free, and podcasts of each show are available online for downloading. With the recent addition of Pal Talk to the network, listeners can not only listen live, but they can watch the hosts and producers live on the web cam, and while watching each listener can actively chat with the host send questions that are often answered live on the air. Radio America also posts video clips and video presentations of the hosts on their own YouTube channel that is updated daily.

In 1994, Radio America produced "The Blues Story: Triumph of An American Musical Art Form", a six part radio documentary that won a "Keeping the Blues Alive" award from The Blues Foundation

See also the American Veterans Center, which is Radio America's sister organization (also funded by the American Studies Center).

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