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ICD-10 L58.
ICD-9 692.82

Radiation dermatitis (also known as "Radiodermatitis") is a skin disease associated with prolonged exposure to radiation.[1]:131-2 Radiation dermatitis occurs to some degree in most patients receiving radiotherapy, with or without chemotherapy.[2]

There are three specific types of radiodermatitis: acute radiodermatitis, chronic radiodermatitis, and eosinophilic, polymorphic, and pruritic eruption associated with radiotherapy.[1]:39-40 However, radiation therapy may also lead to radiation cancer.[1]:40

With interventional fluoroscopy, becasuse of the high skin doses that can be generated in the course of the intervention, some procedures have resulted in early (less than 2months after exposure) and/or late (2months or more after exposure) skin reactions, including necrosis in some cases.[3]:773

Radiation dermatitis, in the form of intense erythema and vesiculation of the skin, may be observed in radiation ports.[1]:131

As many as 95% of patients treated with radiation therapy for cancer will experience a skin reaction. Some reactions are immediate, while others may be later (e.g., months after treatment).[4]

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