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Radiskull and Devil Doll
Radiskill and Devil Doll Banner
Radiskull and Devil Doll Banner
Author: Joe Sparks
Animation Style: Flash
Current Status: No Updates

Radiskull and Devil Doll are an eccentric pair of best friends in the Flash web animation of the same name, created by Joe Sparks.



Radiskull is an enormous floating skull with a purple mohawk that often shifts its position on his cranium, depending on the angle at which Radiskull faces the camera. Radiskull is a die-hard rock 'n' roll fan. He is famous for his impromptu heavy metal performances, which are usually preceded by his declaration, "Now it's time to kick it!" Although he is an enthusiastic rocker, Radiskull often becomes tired, and he spends most of his non-rocking time asleep.

Devil Doll is Radiskull's adorable little demon friend. Despite his squeaky voice, he is a skilled rapper, also possessing a number of useful demonic powers. He is also said to be "a hit with the ladies." He has boundless energy, especially when it comes to rocking, and he is often disheartened by Radiskull's narcolepsy. Often, he provides his friend with coffee, served boiling hot, which seems to do the trick (temporarily).

Devil Doll is romantically involved with an angel named Candy. Seemingly star-crossed, their affair is constantly threatened.

Both Radiskull and Devil Doll reside in Hell.

Current status

The current fate of the cartoon is in question. After the publishing of an official Radiskull & Devil Doll book in 2001, the series ended on a cliffhanger with no explanation. Episode 8, "Candy in Hell", was apparently the last to be produced, with the never-shown ninth episode's script featured in the book[1]. Joe Sparks lost his job at Atom Shockwave during the dot-com crash of that year and no longer had time to work on animating the episode[2]. Mr. Sparks has also had his life threatened by deranged fans on more than one occasion.


Devil Doll (left) hands a cup of "boiling hot" coffee to Radiskull (right) in Episode One.
  • Episode 1: "I am the Radiskull..." - This is the first episode of Radiskull and Devil Doll, and it introduces the main characters of Radiskull and Devil Doll. This is a very short episode. As well as introducing the main characters, it also introduces their catch phrases.

During this episode, Devil Doll offers Radiskull some coffee with the line, "I brought you some coffee." Radiskull then asks, "Is it boiling hot?" Devil Doll then responds, "Just how you like it." Then Radiskull says, "Give to Radiskull." After eating the cup with the coffee in it, Radiskull states, "Yes, now it's time to kick it." After Devil Doll screams "Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!" they sing the song for the episode, "I Am the Radiskull."

  • Episode 2: "Hella Weenie" - This Halloween episode consists of the "neighborhood nerd" playing tricks on trick-or-treaters by hiding fruit underneath candy in a bowl and handing fruit out instead of candy. Devil Doll walks up and expects candy. When the man offers Devil Doll "a nice sweet apple, Mother Nature's candy", Devil Doll spews fire at the apple and turns it into a crumpled mess. The man cowers in fear at this display. Radiskull then appears, saying, "I am the Radiskull, and I will kill you all." He then picks on the man, ripping his shirt. The man then runs away. Devil Doll then tells Radiskull not to look at a sign that says "Happy Halloween". Radiskull says, "Radiskull hate 'happy'." They then proceed to come up with better words to use, such as "bad, sad, and horrifying". Radiskull then gets tired and Devil Doll gives him the candy. Radiskull eats the candy, the fruit, and the bowl. Then he says, "Something bad in bowl," spits out an apple and comments, "Radiskull hate fruit." Devil Doll suggests that he "hit the sign". Radiskull then spits all the fruit at the sign. After that he says "Fruit all gone, now it's time to kick it." Devil Doll screams, "Yeaaaaaaaaaa!" and they then sing "Very Bad".
  • Episode 3: "Radiskull Hate Snow!" - Devil Doll walks along a trail of destruction, searching for Radiskull while imagining how Radiskull caused it. Suddenly, he finds Radiskull stuck in a snowman. Devil Doll spews fire at the snowman, melting it and warming up Radiskull.
  • Episode 4: "Love 'N' Stuff!" - Devil doll is dreaming of Candy Angel. He knows Radiskull will not approve, and he hops on his motorcycle to go talk to Radiskull. Meanwhile, Candy Angel is up in Heaven daydreaming about Devil Doll.
  • Episode 5: "Angel, This is Wrong!" - Candy Angel opens a portal to Hell and hops through, as she wants to see Devil Doll.
  • Episode 6: "Wicked Nikki!" - Nikki is jealous of Candy Angel and decides to make her suffer.
  • Episode 7: "Radiskull's Cave" - Devil Doll arrives at Radiskull's cave and attempts to talk to him before they kick it.
  • Episode 8: "Candy in Hell" - Candy Angel takes on wicked Nikki and other demons with her candy powers. Nikki stabs a Devil Doll voodoo doll. Radiskull senses something's wrong with Devil Doll and goes looking for him.
  • Episode 9: "Hot Date" - This episode was never released, but the Radiskull and Devil Doll book has the script of the episode.


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