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Railfan: Chicago Transit Authority Brown Line
Developer(s) Taito, Ongakukan
Publisher(s) Ongakukan
Series Train Simulator series
Native resolution 1080p
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) JP December 20 2006
Genre(s) Train simulator
Mode(s) Single player
Rating(s) CERO: All
Media Blu-ray Disc
Input methods Gamepad

Railfan: Chicago Transit Authority Brown Line or just Railfan (レールファン?) is a December 20, 2006 train simulator co-developed by Ongakukan and Taito for the PlayStation 3 system. Although Zone 3 and Zone 2 region locking logos are displayed in the Blu-ray Disc box arts, the game is actually All Zone which makes it workable on each and every PlayStation 3 versions worldwide.


Train Simulator series

Railfan is a new franchise among Ongakukan's popular Train Simulator series and it is followed by Actainment's Railfan: Taiwan High Speed Rail which was released in Asia in 2007.

Railfan lines

The software is based on three independent lines located in Chicago, Tokyo and Kyoto, Osaka. Series producer and Ongakukan CEO Minoru Mukaiya's team has captured each line in Full HD, including the stations which are located either in Illinois or in Japan.


JR East Chūō Main Line (Tokyo)

201 series train.]]

Available line in Tokyo is the East Japan Railway Company Chūō Main Line from the Mitaka Station to the Tokyo Station. Rolling stock is the JR201 (201系). Stations are available in the following order:

  1. Mitaka
  2. Kichijōji
  3. Nishi-Ogikubo
  4. Ogikubo
  5. Asagaya
  6. Kōenji
  7. Nakano
  8. Higashi-Nakano
  9. Ōkubo
  10. Shinjuku
  11. Yoyogi
  12. Sendagaya
  13. Shinanomachi
  14. Yotsuya
  15. Iidabashi
  16. Suidōbashi
  17. Ochanomizu
  18. Kanda
  19. Tokyo

CTA Brown Line (Chicago)

3200-Series train]]

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Brown Line (Fullerton~The Loop~Fullerton) includes 14 stations. A 6-car CTA3200 'L' rolling stock train is available on this line. Stations are available in the following order:

  1. Fullerton
  2. Armitage
  3. Sedgwick
  4. Chicago
  5. Merchandise Mart
  6. Washington
  7. Quincy
  8. La Salle
  9. Library
  10. Adams
  11. Madison
  12. Randolph
  13. State/Lake
  14. Clark
  15. Merchandise Mart
  16. Chicago
  17. Sedgwick
  18. Armitage
  19. Fullerton

KER Keihan Main Line (Kyoto, Osaka)

8000 series train.]]

The Keihan Electric Railway Keihan Main Line (Sanjō~Yodoyabashi) is about 51km. Available train is the Keian 8000 (8000系). Stations are available in the following order:

  1. Demachiyanagi
  2. Marutamachi
  3. Sanjō
  4. Shijō
  5. Gojō
  6. Shichijō
  7. Tofukuji
  8. Tobakaido
  9. Fushimi-inari
  10. Fukakusa
  11. Fujinomori
  12. Sumizome
  13. Tambabashi
  14. Fushimi-momoyama
  15. Chushojima
  16. Yodo
  17. Yawatashi
  18. Hashimoto
  19. Kuzuha
  20. Makino
  21. Goten-yama
  22. Hirakatashi
  23. Hirakata-koen
  24. Kozenji
  25. Korien
  26. Neyagawashi
  27. Kayashima
  28. Owada
  29. Furukawabashi
  30. Kadomashi
  31. Nishisanso
  32. Moriguchishi
  33. Doi
  34. Takii
  35. Sembayashi
  36. Morishoji
  37. Sekime
  38. Noe
  39. Kyobashi
  40. Temmabashi
  41. Kitahama
  42. Yodoyabashi


The software includes two game modes plus an extra mode dedicated to collectible content.


The Mission mode is a driving tutorial including several basic and progressive lessons such as learning how to start and stop the train and limitation and traffic signboards. These missions are specific to each train.

Train Tour

The tour mode allows to select the station to start and stop at. Once the train is stopped a station it is possible to tour the area using tourism spots.

My collection

Replay: this feature allows to watch a saved demonstration game and to take live snapshots.

Car Collection: this feature allows to get "Replay" mode unlocked train model profiles. Collection differs from a line to another.

Movie Collection: this feature allows to watch unlocked game videos including opening and ending movies.

Promotion video

A promotion video mostly consisting of behind the scenes from the Chicago production was made available on the game's official website[1] and was later added in Sony Computer Entertainment Korea's product page[2].


  1. Railfan promo video
  2. Railfan product page on SCEK website

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