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Location of Raipur
in Chhattisgarh
Coordinates 21°14′N 81°38′E / 21.23°N 81.63°E / 21.23; 81.63
Country  India
State Chhattisgarh
District(s) Raipur
Mayor Mrs. Kiranmayi Nayak
1560667 (2001)
4,787 /km2 (12,398 /sq mi)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)
326 km2 (126 sq mi)
298.15 m (978 ft)
Website www.raipur.nic.in

Raipur About this sound pronunciation is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh, India. The population is 1,560,667 (as per census of India, 2001). The city is the administrative headquarters of Raipur District. It was formerly a part of Madhya Pradesh before the state of Chhattisgarh was formed on November 1, 2000. A city, Naya Raipur is being developed near Raipur.



On the basis of ruins of a fort and other structures located on the southern part of the city, some historians believe that the city of Raipur was in existence even during the 9th century. However, most historians agree that King Brahmadeva Rai founded the city in the last quarter of the 14th century.

Raipur district is important in historical and archeological point of view. This district was once part of Southern Kosal and considered to be under Mourya Kingdom. Raipur city had been the capital of the Haihaya Kings, controlling the traditional forts of the Chhattisgarh for a long time. The town of Raipur has been in existence since the 9th century, the old site and ruins of the fort can be seen in the southern part of the city. Satawahana Kings ruled this part till the 2nd-3rd century AD.

In the 4th Century AD the king Samudragupta had conquered this region and established his domination till Fifth-Sixth Century AD when this part had come under the rule of Sarabhpuri Kings. For some period in Fifth-Sixth Century A.D., Nala kings dominated this area. Later on Somavanshi kings had taken the control over this region and ruled with Sirpur (Sripur-The city of Wealth) as their capital city. Mahashivgupt Balarjun was the mightiest emperor of this Dynasty. His mother, the widow Queen of Harshgupta of the Somavansh, Rani Vasata built the famous brick temple of Lakshman. The Kalchuri Kings of Tumman ruled this part for a long time making Ratanpur as capital. The old inscriptions of Ratanpur, Rajim and Khallari refer to the reign of kalchuri kings. It is believed that the King Ramachandra of this dynasty established the city of Raipur and subsequently made it the capital of his kingdom.

Another story about Raipur is that King Ramachandra's son Brahmdeo Rai had established Raipur. His capital was Khalwatika (now Khallari). The newly constructed city was named after Brahmdeo Rai as 'Raipur'. It was during his time in 1402 A.D. that Hajiraj Naik the temple of Hatkeshwar Mahadev was constructed in the banks of river Kharun.The decline of this dynasty's rule came with the death of king Amarsingh Deo. This region had become the domain of Bhosle kings after the Amarsingh deo's death. With the death of Raghuji the III, the territory was assumed by the British Government from Nagpur and Chhatisgarh was declared a separate Commissionery with its Headquarters at Raipur in 1854. After independence, Raipur district was included in Central Provinces And Berar.[1][2][3]

Geography and climate

Climate chart (explanation)
average max. and min. temperatures in °C
precipitation totals in mm
source: IMD

The new city of Raipur is located near the centre of a large plain, sometimes referred as the "rice bowl of India", where hundreds of varieties of rice are grown. The Mahanadi River flows to the east of the city of Raipur, and the southern side has dense forests. The Maikal Hills rise on the north-west of Raipur; on the north, the land rises and merges with the Chota Nagpur Plateau, which extends north-east across Jharkhand state. On the south of Raipur lies the Baster Plateau.




Raipur has a tropical wet and dry climate, temperatures remain moderate for most of the year, apart from the summer from March to June, which can be extremely hot. The city receives about 1300 mm (51 inches) of rain, mostly in the monsoon season from late June to early October. Winters last from November to January and are mild, although lows can fall to 5 °C (42 °F)


Raipur is connected via rail,road,and air transport services.

Raipur is situated on the Mumbai-Howrah route of Indian Railways and is well connected with such important places as Bhopal Junction, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Mumbai, Howrah, Kolkata (Calcutta), Delhi, Amritsar, Jamshedpur, Pune, Bhopal Habibganj, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Vishakapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Patna, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Secundrabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Chennai and Bangalore.

National Highway 6 (Dhule-Kolkata) passes through the city of Raipur, and National Highway 43,200,12A links the city with Jabalpur. It is well connected by road to all important places of India. Recently a 4 Lane Expressway has been built between Raipur-Bhilai-Durg.

Air links to the city were revived after the city became the state capital. Indian Airlines connects the city with Mumbai, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, and Nagpur. Jet Airways has daily flights to Bombay (Mumbai), Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. Kingfisher Airlines has flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Bus services

Raipur City Bus is a road transport system run by Raipur City Transport Services Limited. Raipur municipal corporation relaunched the Raipur City Bus service in 25 Feb 2008, an extensive service with some routes servicing most areas in city. The company runs 38 buses - 14 low floor buses (Tata STARBUS), were equipped with GPS devices, electronic sign boards and computerised vending machines. None of the above devices in working order. These buses ply between Railway Station to Airport, Railway Station to Tatibandh, Railway Station to Banjari Dham (the famous Banjari Mata Temple), Railway Station to Nawagaon (Via The 36 City Mall, Dairy College, Agriculture University etc.), Ghadi Chowk to Sejbahar - the New G.E.C. Campus, Ghadi Chowk to Amaleshwar (via Mahadev Ghat pilgrimage). More 100 buses will be on road by end of 1st business quarter.


Raipur is capital of newly created state of Chhattisgarh. The state of Chhattisgarh is presently governed by the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) one of the two main political parties of India. Dr. Raman Singh is the chief minister of Chhattisgarh at present.


Raipur when was a part of Madhya Pradesh was used to be the Third Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh (Raipur, The Third Commercial Capital of Madhya Pradesh) after the city of Indore and Dewas. Now also it is primarily a commercial city. Traditionally, the city of Raipur has been described as "an agricultural-processing and saw-milling town". The city is located centrally in the state of Chhattisgarh, and now serves as a regional hub for trade and commerce for a variety of local agricultural and forest products. Recently, The Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Corporation Limited is soon going to develop its second Headquarter of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in city of Raipur which will be Second in Central India while first in Chhattisgarh hence Raipur will soon competete with other Commercial Capitals like Indore and Nagpur for agriculture - bias. The upcoming building of Madhya Pradesh Agriculture Corporation Limited is the Largest Building of the company which is in Raipur instead of its Headquarters at Bhopal. The traditional face of city has changed, and the city of Raipur and its neighbourhood are now becoming an important regional commercial and industrial destination for the coal, power, steel and aluminium industries. Close to Raipur, several industries have developed :

  • several cement units
  • marble cutting and polishing industries
  • granite cutting and polishing industries

Raipur is among the richest cities & India’s biggest iron market - there are about 173 steel rolling mills, 170 sponge iron plants, more than 250 steel plants, 800 agro-industries and 70 ferro-alloy plants in and around the city. There are more than 300 rice milling plants, and all major and local cement manufacturing companies have a presence in the city.

Raipur, like many other Tier II Indian cities, is experiencing a boom in construction and development. Firms like Indigo Design & Engineering Associates PLC., Soma Developers, DLF, omaxe, merlin group etc. are among the trailblazers in the city. The new airport along with improved road and rail infrastructure is expected to give a general filip to the city.

Naya Raipur Development Authority, the project promoter, is developing the township that will have an 18-hole golf course over 400 acres (1.6 km2), golf villas, residential and commercial buildings, and a hotel.


Being an important regional centre and a city with a history stretching back more than a thousand years, Raipur has been attracting people from different parts of Madhya Pradesh and neighbouring states. The demographic composition is a mixed one: North Indians, South Indians, local ethnic Chattisgarhri and a few from North East. The city is essentially inhabited by the trading communities like Baniyas, Agarwals, Jains, Gujaratis, and Marwaris. Due to close proximity with Orissa there is large numbers of Oriya population found in the city as well as in the state. The city is also home to an immigrant population that includes Sindhis and the Sikhs. It also has a sizable Bengalis, Telugu, Malayalees and Maharashtrians population. Muslims and Christians are minorities. Raipur has remained calm even during times of communal riots during 1992-93 and during the post-Godhra period in 2002, thus presenting a unique model of harmony and coexistence in the newly formed state. Muslims primarily reside in such areas as Moudhapara (occupied by the immigrants from UP and Bihar), Baijnathpara, Chota Para, Momin Para (Shia Islam community) and Byron Bazaar (which is named after a Briton who is supposed to have formed the place; Byron Bazar was once mostly inhabited by the Muslims from the "Madras Paltan" i.e. those serving in the British Army (Madras Regiment), and had occupied Byron Bazaar as a result of their regiment getting disbanded). The Christian population is scattered around the city.This city is also populated by the people of Gond cummunity.

As of 2001 India census[4], Raipur had a population of 16,05,131. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Raipur has an average literacy rate of 72%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 78%, and female literacy is 65%. In Raipur, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.


The state capital is served by these main universities:

  • Indian Institute of management, Raipur
  • National Institute of Technology, Raipur
  • Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University
  • Indira Gandhi Agriculture University
  • Hidayatullah National Law University
  • Kushabhau Thakre Journal and Communication University
  • Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College, Raipur
  • MATS University, Raipur[1]
  • MATS Law School, Raipur[2]

Colleges of Raipur --

1.Madhya Pradesh College of Homoeopathy, Raipur 2.Rai University 3.Govt. Model Science College
4.Swami Vivekanand college [English medium]
5.St. Vincent Pallotti college [English medium]
6.Durga college
7.Central college
9.D.B.Girls college
10.Smt. Pramila Gokuldas Daga Girls College Raipur
11.Pragati college
12.Shanti niketan college
13.Chhattisgarh college
14.Vipra college
15.College of Dairy Technology
16.Chanakya College
17.Ayurvedic College
18.College of Agricultural Biotechnology
19.Datnteshwari College of Horticulture
20.Disha College of information Technology (DCIT)
21.Mats College Pandri
22.Pt. Harishankar College
23.Agrasen College,Purani Basti
24.Mahant College, Near Rang Mandir, Raipur
25.Government Engineering College, Raipur
26.Shri Ravatpura Sarkar Institute Of Technology, Near Sulabh Shochalaya, Raipur.
27.Adarsh Arts & Science College, New Ganj Mandi
28.Rungta collage of engenering and technology
29.Central Institute of Technology
30.New horizon Dental College & Research Institute
31.Dignity College of Architecture (www.dignitycollege.com)
32.Raipur Institute of Technology, Raipur SCHOOLS

  • Salem English School
  • St Xavier's High School,Avanti Vihar.[3]
  • Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Byron Bazaar
  • Holy Cross Higher Secondary School, Kapa
  • Shri Gujrati English Medium Higher Secondary School, Devendra Nagar
  • Mount Litera Zee School[4]
  • Advani orlinkon higher secondory school, Birgaon
  • Adarsh Vidya Mandir Gandhi Chowk Raipur
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • S.S. Kalibadi H.S. School
  • Adarsh vidyalaya
  • Campion School, Vidhan Sabha Road, Amaseoni
  • Saint Paul's School
  • Holy Cross Convent Pension Bada
  • MGM HS School
  • Little Flower English HIgher Secondary School
  • Holy Hearts School, Katora Talab
  • Pt.Sunder Lal Sharma School
  • Bharat Mata Higher Secondary School
  • Mintu International Public School
  • Rajkumar College
  • Kaanger Valley Academy
  • Gyan Ganga Educational Academy
  • Salem English School
  • Ryan International
  • Desh Bandhu School.
  • Delhi Public School.
  • Radiant Public School.
  • Maharishi Vidya Mandir
  • St.Pauls English School.
  • Adarsh Vidyalaya.
  • Shri Balaji Vidya Mandir
  • Raipur Public School
  • Krishna Public School
  • J.R.Dani Girls School
  • Indus World School
  • Agrasen Public School, Purani Basti
  • Jagdish Kumar Dani School, Purani Basti
  • Kalyan Public School
  • N.H. Goel World School
  • St.Joseph's English School,Amlidih
Navyug High School,Kabir Nager

Major industries

Raipur genraly known for their steel industries. But as a capital of chhattisgarh it's providing many types of industrial facility. One of most growing industries are IT industries.

  • Raipur Forgings Pvt. Ltd. (Unit II)
  • Radharani Steels Pvt. Ltd.
  • Varsha Steels
  • Raipur Forgings Pvt. Ltd. (Unit III)
  • Monnent Ispat
  • Hira group
  • Neco ispat
  • Vandana Group
  • Lafarge cement
  • Ambuja cement
  • Ultratech cement

Some popular IT service provider at raipur CG NIC [5] CHIPS [6] N-Works [7]



Raipur covers a vast and major portion of News and Entertainment Tv Channels mainly :

  • ETV Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh
  • Sahara Samay Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh
  • Sadhna News Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh
  • VOI Madhya Pradesh
  • Time:Today Madhya Pradesh
  • MYE TV Madhya Pradesh
  • MYE News Madhya Pradesh
  • Zee 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh
  • Doordarshan Raipur and
  • Akash TV


Raipur has 6 Radio stations:

Sr. No. Radio Station Name Radio Frequency
1 Akashwani Raipur 981 KHz
2 MY FM 94.3 MHz
3 Radio Mirchi 98.3 MHz
4 Radio Rangeela 104.3 MHz
5 Radio Tadka 95 MHz
6 Vividh Bharti 105 MHz

News papers

Dainik Bhaskar, Nav Bharat, Nai Duniya, Hari Bhoomi, Deshbandhu, Amrit Sandesh, Jansatta, The Hitavada, Central Chronicle, Shrambindu & Many More. Vishal Media, Many More.

Places of interest

NAGAR GHADI: This is a Singing Clock made by Raipur Development Authority in 1995. It sings melodius Tunes of Chhattisgarhi folk music every hour before hourly bell chime.

Telibandha Talab: the lake which lies on the most busy GE Road of the city. Is a location where most of the Hindu Religious Rites are performed. avanti vihar and shankar nagar are the posh colonies in raipur .

Gandhi Udyaan: One of the big and oldest garden of Raipur. Gandhi Udyaan is nearer to chief minister residence and beside NH 6. This garden now come into a new look and one of the famous place to spend holiday hours.

Budha Talab: literal meaning aged (burha) lake (talab), Burha Talab is the largest lake in the city. Its beauty is enhanced by an island, laced with green trees and gardens, situated in the middle of the lake.

Dudhadari Temple: situated near the Burha Talab, stands the 500-year-old Dudhadari Temple, which has elaborate carvings. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Ram.

In Raipur City, one of the most famous temple is known as the Banjari Mata Mandir which was established by Shree Harish Joshi. The folklore has it that Mr. Joshi found a place where a stone looked like an idol of Banjari Mata. Upon discovering the idol, he started worshiping the idol and hence attracting attention of the public. Since then the place has been converted into a famous temple.

Shadani Darbar named after the saint Shri Shadaramji Saheb, is a popular pilgrimage spot for Hindus. It is located about ten kilometers from Raipur railway station and only 4 kilometers from the Airport, on the Dhamtari road. Shadani Darbar, spread over 12 acres (49,000 m2) of land, has a big hall where Dhuni Saheb is kept. The beautiful engraved images of gods and avatars (incarnations) can be seen on the either side of the wall. Dukh bhanjan Dhuni is performed every day. Other highlights are musical fountains with religious idols and statues.

Mahant Ghasi Das Memorial Museum; a large collection of inscriptions, images, coins, sculptures, etc. are displayed in this museum.

Shaheed Smarak Complex; an exceptionally conceptualized architectural marvel of Architect Prasanna Kothari - a memorial of freedom fighters enveloping a huge auditorium, library, museum and an art gallery, located in the heart of the city.

Nandanvan Garden developed by the wildlife division of the Raipur Forest Department, is located about 15 km from Raipur, on the banks of the Kharron River, in the western boundary of the City. It is noted for its natural beauty. There is a zoo with animals such as lions, panthers, wild cats and deer, among many others.

Champaran is a small town about 60 km (37 mi) from Raipur that has religious significance as the birthplace of the saint Vallabha Acharya.

The Historic place of Sirpur is only 78 km from Raipur.


[Complete Raipur Portal] http://www.helloraipur.com Center for Raipur Students abroadRaipur Batchmates

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Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh.

Delhi to Raipur

Get in

By plane

Airport Information :: Airport Code:(IATA: RPR, ICAO: VARP) Airport Location : Situated in Mana, 20 KM south of Raipur City Airport Name:Raipur Airport City:Raipur Country:India Latitude:21.18 Longitude:81.73

Raipur Airport is served following operators ::

For traveling from Airport to the city, it is better to book a taxi in advance. The charges of travels counter in the airport is quite high. The taxi wallahs outside the airport also seem to be linked to the counter inside the airport and charge the same rates.

By train

By train, Raipur is accessible from major cities of India like Mumbai , Kolkata , New Delhi , Chennai , Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Bhubneshwar, Bhopal,Pune,Jamshedpur etc.

By bus

Raipur is well conected by bus services with Nagpur, Amravati, mandla, Jagdalpur, Ambikapur, Sambalpur.

Get around

jagdalpur 300 km frm raipur very good road connection,itjust takes 5 hr.water falls and tribel handycraft. kanha kisi national park just 200 km.but it will take 6 hr to reach.

By Car (Local)

You can easily visit Raipur through Car. There are many Car Rental Companies available which Provide world Class Services.

  • Enterprises Car Rental
  • Savaari Car Rental,Savaari Car Rental Raipur has a reputation for providing quality luxury car rentals Raipur. For more information on online booking of Rental Car in Raipur, Website: [1]
  • Hertz Car Rental

Bookings available in Reliable Services, Link Road, Camp-2, Bhilai Distt. Durg (C.G.) Phone : 07882291726, 9300064181

Or go with one of the local service providers like *Yajiv Airport pick up for inter-city travel like Raipur to Bhilai or Durg, book in advance on phone at +91-9893526456.


urja park at mana road,nandanvan zoo cum garden at bhilai road and banjari mata mandir at bilaspur road


Go to the chattisgarh mall,,,,,nice place,,,and very few people,,,

as the raipur is hub for cloth u can purchase best garments in very cheap price at pandri market.dealer of whole chattisgarh are found in one place at pandri marke near new bus stand.


Cheaper Options...

1) Chowpaty in front of Salem English School. 2) Have some desi ghee tikki at Phool chowk 3) Wada and imarti at Sadar Bazaar. 4) madrasi & mezbaan restaurant at malviya road & baijnath para resp. are special for non veg.

  • Hotel Chimambara International VIP Crossing, PO Ravigram, Raipur 4920001. Tel (0771) 2444401-09; Fax (0771) 2444410; Email hotelchidambara@yahoo.co.in. A Basic business hotel, AC, close to the airport. Rs. 1500-Rs. 2500.


Hotel Babylon International Hotel Celebration hotel mayura,hotel mahindra,hotel babylon,hotel picadely are 3-4 star hotel having good facility

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RAIPUR, a town and district of British India, in the Chhattisgarh division of the Central Provinces. The town is 994 ft. above sea-level, 188 m. E. of Nagpur; and has a station on the Beng01-Nagpur railway. Pop. (1901) 32,114. There are ruins of an immense fort, with many tanks and old temples. It has a German mission and a government high school. The Rajkumar college, for the education of the sons of the chiefs of Chhattisgarh, was transferred here from Jubbulpore in 1894.

The District Of Raipur has an area of 9831 sq. M. It spreads over a vast plateau closed in by ranges of hills branching from the great Vindhyan chain. It is drained by the Seonath and the Mahanadi rivers. Geologically the country consists in the hilly tracts of gneiss and quartzite; the sandstone rocks in the west are intersected with trap dykes. Iron ore is abundant, and red ochre of high repute is found. In the interior the principal strata are a soft sandstone slate (covered generally by a layer of laterite gravel) and blue limestone, which crops out in numerous places on the surface and is invariably found in the beds of the rivers. Throughout the plains the soil is generally fertile. The climate is generally good; the mean temperature is 78° F., and the annual rainfall averages 55 in. The population on the present area in 1901 was 1,096,858, showing a decrease of 2.5% in the decade. The principal crop is rice. There are manufactures of cotton goods and brassware. The north-west corner of the district is crossed by the main line of the Bengal-Nagpur railway, and a narrow-gauge branch runs from Raipur town due south. The district suffered severely from famine in 1896-97, and again in 1899-1900.

Raipur was governed by a branch of the Haihaivansi dynasty of Ratanpur for many centuries until their deposition by the Mahrattas in 1750. The country was then already in a condition of decay, and soon afterwards it relapsed into absolute anarchy. In 1818 it was taken under British superintendence and made rapid progress. It fell with the rest of the Nagpur dominions to the British government in 1854. In 1906 its area was reduced by the formation of the new district of Drug.

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  1. The state capital of Chhattisgarh (India).


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