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Ram, ram, or RAM may refer to:

When used as a word (non-acronyms)


  • Ram, an uncastrated male Sheep
  • Ram cichlid, a species of freshwater fish endemic to Colombia and Venezuela


  • Battering ram
  • Ramming, a military tactic in which one vehicle runs into another
  • Naval ram, a weapon affixed to the bows of warships from ancient times to the late 19th century
  • Ram tank, a Canadian tank of World War II


  • RAM (band), a mizik rasin band based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • rAm (band), a short-lived rock and roll band from Oregon, USA, active in 2002
  • Ram (band), a short-lived progressive rock band based in New York City, United States, active in 1972
  • Ram (album), a 1971 UK #1 album by Paul and Linda McCartney
  • Ram Jam (band), a rock band from the 1970s with the hit song "Black Betty"
  • RAM Squad, hip-hop rap group from Philadelphia

Sports teams




  • Ramjet, a type of jet engine particularly suitable for supersonic speeds
  • Ram Trucks, a United-Stated based company manufacturing light pick-up trucks since 2009
  • Dodge Ram, a full-size pickup truck of the earlier Dodge brand that is now part of Ram Trucks
  • Aries (astrology), symbolized as a ram
  • Aries (constellation), symbolized as a ram
  • Ram (company), a Japanese visual novel studio
  • Ram Mounts, a modular range of products to mount, hold and stabilise devices, and the trading name of the company which makes them
  • Ram (comics), a fictional Japanese superhero published by DC Comics
  • Ram, a fictional character from The Tribe television series
  • Richard Allen Mob, an underworld organization operating out of the Richard Allen (bishop) Homes public housing site in Philadelphia

When used as an abbreviation (acronyms)


Science and Technology


1911 encyclopedia

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From LoveToKnow 1911

RAM, a male sheep, one kept for breeding purposes in domestication and not castrated, as opposed to the castrated "wether" (see Sheep). For the ram as one of the signs of the zodiac, see Aries. The word may be connected with O.Nor. ramme, strong, or with Sansk. ram, to sport. The butting propensities of the ram have given rise to the many transferred senses of the word, chief and earliest of which is that of a battering implement used before the days of cannon for beating in the gates and breaching the walls of fortified places (see Battering Ram). Many technical uses of the term have been developed from this, e.g. the weight of a pile-driving machine, the piston of a hydraulic press and other machines or portions of machines worked by water power (see Hydraulics). The ancient warvessels were fitted with a beak (Lat. rostrum, Gr. gig30Xov), projecting from the bows, and used to ram or crush in the sides of an opposing vessel; for the development of this in the modern battleship, see Ship.

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Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary

See also ram, and RAM


Proper noun

The Ram

  1. Another name for the constellation Aries.


Bible wiki

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From BibleWiki

Meaning: exalted

  1. Ram (son of Hezron)
  2. One of the sons of Jerahmeel (1Chr 2:25, 1Chr 2:27).
  3. A person mentioned in Job 32:2 as founder of a clan to which Elihu belonged. The same as Aram of Gen 22:21.
This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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From Familypedia


  • Sex : Male


Son of Hezron

Full Name







First Chronicles, Holy Bible.


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Simple English

Ram can mean:

  • Ram, the Hindu god Rama
  • a ram, which is a word for a male sheep
  • RAM, a short way of saying random access memory
  • A ram is a type of pump. It uses the energy of a lot of water a small height above a pool, to pump water out of that pool to a much higher tower nearby.
  • To ram is to hit something hard, like a boat hitting a dock so hard it does damage.

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