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Population distribution redirects here. For the probability distribution of a statistical population see Probability distribution and Statistical population.
The three basic types of population distribution within an area. From top to bottom: spaced (uniform/regular), random and clumped (aggregated).

In biology, the range or distribution of a species is the geographical area within which that species can be found. Within that range, dispersion is variation in local density.

The term is often qualified:

  • sometimes a distinction is made between a species' native range and the places to which it has been introduced by human agency (deliberately or accidentally), as well as where it has been re-introduced following extirpation.
  • for species which are found in different regions at different times of year, terms such as summer range and winter range are often employed.
  • for species where only part of their range is used for breeding activity, the terms breeding range and non-breeding range are not used.
  • when discussing mobile animals, the species' natural range is often discussed, as opposed to areas where it occurs as a vagrant.
  • geographic or temporal qualifiers are often added e.g. British range or pre-1950 range.

There are at least five types of distribution patterns:

-scattered/random (Random placement)

-clustered/grouped (The majority are placed in one area)

-linear (Their placements form a line)

-radial (Placements form a ' x ' shape)

-Regular/ordered (They're not random at all, but follow a set placement. Much like a grid)

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