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Rank Xerox logo used in 1980s

Rank Xerox was formed in 1956 as a joint venture between the Xerox Corporation of U.S. and the Rank Organisation of UK, to manufacture and market Xerox equipment initially in Europe and later in Africa and Asia. A further joint venture between Rank Xerox and Modi Group in India formed Modi Xerox (now Xerox India) to manufacture and sell Xerox equipment in the Indian subcontinent.

The initial joint venture was 50% Xerox and 50% Rank Organisation, but this changed after a few years to a 60/40 split. Later, Xerox bought a further share making the split 80/20, and in the late 1990s, completed the purchase, so Rank Xerox formally became Xerox.

Rank Xerox was the first winner of the European Quality Award in 1992.

Rank Xerox was the first sponsor of Southampton Football Club from 1980 until 1983.

Rank Xerox was the first sponsor of Hull Kingston Rovers in 1983.

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  • The comic character RanXerox, initially named after a Rank Xerox photocopier.

In 1976, Rank Xerox under David Leadbetter, initiated a unique marketing concept to take xerographic products behind the Iron Curtain. Commissioning London based designer Cairnes Maltby, the latter came up firstly with a train unit comprising five cars. These contained staff accommodations, a kitchen, overnight staff sleeping cabins and a demonstration salon and bar. Pulled by engines of the various countries of the Soviet Bloc, the train reached Russia and a welcome market. The following year Cairnes Design Associates produced the Rank Xerox truck, a mobile exhibition with fold down doors and add on canopied wings. Unlike the train it was capable of reaching the small to medium size cities of the Soviet Bloc. Both train and truck avoided the problems that affected western firms trying to establish a presence in the East.



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