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Raphaël Alibert (Saint-Laurent, Lot, February 17, 1887 – June 5, 1963 in Paris) was a French politician.

As someone with strong royalist ideas, he was elected with the Action Française party, and became the Deputy Secretary of State in the French governmental elections on 16 June 1940 with the Pétain government. He was made Keeper of the seals (Garde des sceaux) during the Vichy Government from 12 July 1940 to 27 January 1941.

He promulgated the law dissolving secret societies (Freemasons amongst others) on 13 August 1940 as well as several anti-Semitic laws.

As the signatory of the Statute on Jews of October 1940, he reviewed Jewish naturalisations and on 22 July 1940, he created a committee to review 500,000 naturalisations given since 1927. This resulted in 15,000 people having their French nationality revoked, of which 40% were Jews.

He was Minister of Justice of the provisional government from 1940 to 1941.

He took an active role in the dismissal of Pierre Laval on 13 December 1940.

After 1944/1945, Alibert fled abroad to hide, and was condemned to death in absentia on March 7, 1947. Living in exile in Belgium, he was finally given amnesty in 1959.

Political offices
Preceded by
Charles Fréicourt
Minister of Justice
Succeeded by
Joseph Barthélémy

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