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The Rapid Action Force (RAF) is a specialised wing of the Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force). It was established on 11 December 1991 and became fully operational in October 1992, to deal with riots & related unrest.[1] It currently has 10 battalions which are numbered 99 to 108 in the CRPF.


Riot Control

This elite force has made its impact against the rioters and restored the confidence of the people. It has been very effective in dealing with communal violence, as well as terrorist attacks such as the November 26th attacks.[2].

Humanitarian Activities

RAF has also succeeded in projecting the human face of the Government and built bridges with the public by carrying out prompt rescue and relief operations during floods, earthquakes, cyclones and outbreak of epidemics in various parts of the country.


Operations in the aftermath of the 1999 cyclone

During the super-cyclone that hit Orissa in October 1999, six companies of RAF were deployed and carried out rescue and relief operations in five of the state's worst affected districts. Ten of the force's medical teams treated about 20,000 patients and provided much-needed medical and other assistance to the victims. CRPF personnel cremated about 300 decomposed bodies in Orissa's badly-affected Erasama block.

Anti-Terror Operations

During the November 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks, RAF was involved in liberating the Oberoi Trident and the Taj Mahal hotels.

Women in the RAF

CRPF is the only Paramilitary Force in the country to have two women battalions. The first such battalion was raised in 1986 with its headquarters at New Delhi. The second battalion came into existence in 1996 at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.



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