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Raquel Olmedo
Born December 30, 1937 (1937-12-30) (age 72)
Caibarién, Las Villas, Cuba
Origin Cuban
Genres Pop, folk, Mariachi, world
Occupations Actress, singer
Years active 1956–present
Labels CBS (1977–1983)

Raquel Olmedo (born Siomara Anicia Orama Leal on December 30, 1937 in (Caibarién, Las Villas, Cuba), is an actress and at one time singer. She started her career in her native Cuba before moving to Mexico in 1959 at the start of Fidel Castro's regime's rule of Cuba.



Raquel began her career in theatre singing opera in her native Cuba. In the wake of the 1959 Cuban revolution, when millions of people fled Cuba, Raquel came to Mexico in 1959 as an unknown artist. She did little work in the movie business before finally landing a small role in the telenovela "La Sombra Del Otro" in 1963. Whilst she was relatively new to the acting world, Raquel excelled in this genre further revealing yet another talent that she would master. She built a body of acting experience before finally being able to indulge her first field, singing. After the popularity of her starring role on the 1975 telenovela "Lo Imperdonable", Raquel got a record deal with CBS Records and released her first album "Mitad Mujer, Mitad Gaviota". Her career as a singer proved initially successful, with the title track from this record (written by Lolita De La Colina) becoming a radio hit. She would tour throughout all Latin America in the coming years while continuing her television and film work. In the coming years, she released a total of 5 albums, her last being the ranchera album "Mañana Ya Ni Vengas" in 1983, produced by popular ranchera arranger song Pedro Ramirez, whom was famous for his work with Javier Solis and Vicente Fernández.

Today she is a renowned actress who is celebrated as being one of the most important figures in the Mexican entertainment industry. Her most recent role on the television series "Barrera de amor" proved to be one of her most successful acting jobs, exposing Raquel's talent to a new generation. This was also one of the first times she played a villain which offered a new perspective on Raquel's talent.


  • Mitad Mujer, Mitad Gaviota (1977)
  • Tu, Siempre Tu (1979)
  • Rossy Aguirre (1980)
  • La Fuerza De Una Voz Que Impone El Cambio (1982)
  • Mañana Ya Ni Vengas (1983)
  • Con el Alma en Cueros (2009)


  • "Barrera de amor" (2005) Telenovela .... Doña Jacinta Lopez viuda de Valladolid
  • "Piel de otoño" (2005) Telenovela .... Triana Gallastegui
  • "Vivan los niños" (2002) Telenovela .... Alarica Caradura
  • "Atrévete a olvidarme" (2001) Telenovela .... La Coronela
  • "Amor gitano" (1999) Telenovela .... Manina
  • "Esmeralda" (1997) Telenovela.... Dominga
  • "Bajo un mismo rostro" (1995) Telenovela .... Cassandra Teodorakis
  • Al filo de la ley: Misión rescate (1986) .... Eloisa Araiza
  • "Encadenados" (1988) Telenovela
  • "Maleficio, El" (1983) Telenovela .... Yuliana Pietri
  • "Elisa" (1979) Telenovela
  • Pistolera, La (1979)
  • "Domenica Montero" (1978) Telenovela
  • "Viviana" (1978) Telenovela
  • Plaza de Puerto Santo, La (1978)
  • Arracadas, El (1977)
  • Cuando tejen las arañas (1977)
  • Indolentes, Los (1977)
  • Coronación (1976) .... Dora
  • "Imperdonable, Lo" (1975) Telenovela
  • Presagio (1974)
  • "Cartas sin destino" (1973) Telenovela
  • Conserje en condominio (1973)
  • "Fieras, Las" (1972) Telenovela.... Edith Brisson
  • "Gemelas, Las" (1972) Telenovela
  • Traiganlos vivos o muertos (1972)
  • "Cruz de Marisa Cruces, La" (1970) Telenovela .... Raquel
  • "Casa de las fieras, La" (1967) Telenovela
  • Don Juan 67 (1967)
  • "Sombra del otro, La" (1963) Telenovela

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