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Raw Tea is a line of alcoholic malt beverages offered by Smirnoff company since 2006, sold mostly on US market[1]. Being an alcoholic product, it also contains the natural tea in three different flavors: Lemon, Peach and Raspberry. Green Tea was also recently added, in concert with a new promotion of an "East vs. West" competition, along with a new rap video.


Tea Partay

The release of Raw Tea line was backed up by a viral video advertising campaign, based around a musical commercial video titled Tea Partay (available on major video hosting sites). The end promoted the site, which initially contained little beyond the video itself. The video heavily exploits the preppie theme and is ostensibly performed by a band named Prep-Unit (P-Unit). The song contains references to the WASP lifestyle. The video was popular on the Internet, with more than 3 million hits (by April 2007) on YouTube alone. A sequel for Tea Partay was created to promote Smirnoff's new Raw Green Tea. This new Tea Rap, known as Green Tea Partay, features a West Side Beverly Hills rap group known as the Boyz N The Hillz featuring white nouveau riche stereotypes rather than their East Side Old Money counterparts. Spurred by a series of "disses", Boyz N The Hillz rap about the California lifestyle along with insults towards those who act like the boys of P-Unit. Two of the characters in Boyz N The Hillz can be described as fitting the surfer stereotype, while the higher-pitched third member of the group acts, sounds, and looks completely different. With his white monitor-tan he rather represents IT-Boys than it-Boys and therefor stands for the californian generation of web-winners. The lead vocalist is film actor Sebastian Siegel.

Twisted Tea Partay

The viral Tea Partay video was likely predated by the Twisted Tea Partay video, which was uploaded four months before Smirnoff's advertising campaign. Twisted Tea Partay involves teenagers who rap about buying and consuming Twisted Tea, a brand of hard iced tea. The creators of the Twisted Tea Partay claim this video is the "The Original Tea Rap!!" This is not official, however.


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