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Raymond-Roupen of Antioch or Raimond Rupen de Poitiers (1199 – 1219 or 1221/1222) was Prince of Antioch between 1205 and 1208 and between 1216 and 1219/1221 and "Rex Iunior" of Armenia between 1199 and 1221/1222.

Raymond was the son of Raymond IV of Tripoli (the eldest son of Bohemund III) by his wife Alice of Armenia. Although the direct successor, he was overruled by his grandfather in favour of his paternal uncle Bohemund IV of Antioch, who inherited the principality in 1201. Raymond became prince of Antioch by the influence of his maternal uncle, Leo II, king of Armenia, who was in open conflict with Bohemund IV. His rule lasted only for three years, before Bohemund IV reconquered Antioch and regained control. He then attempted to claim the throne of Armenia, but was killed in battle or according to some died in prison.

Before 1210 or in September, 1210 he married Héloise/Helvis de Lusignan (c. 1190 – 1216-1219, 1216/1219 or c. 1217), Princess of Cyprus, daughter of Amalric II. Their eldest daughter, Maria of Antioch married Philip, Lord of Tyre.

Preceded by
Bohemund IV
Prince of Antioch
Succeeded by
Bohemund IV


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