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Coat of arms
Razgrad is located in Bulgaria
Location of Razgrad
Coordinates: 43°32′N 26°31′E / 43.533°N 26.517°E / 43.533; 26.517
Country  Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Razgrad
 - Mayor Dencho Boyadzhiev
Elevation 200 m (656 ft)
Population (14.12.2005)
 - Total 39,540
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 - Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 7200
Area code(s) 084
View of Razgrad
Razgrad at night
İbrahim Paşa Mosque in Razgrad Central
Tower clock of Razgrad

Razgrad (Bulgarian: Разград) is a city in northeastern Bulgaria and the capital of Razgrad Province, built upon the ruins of the Ancient Roman town of Abritus on the banks of the Beli Lom. Razgrad Province has one of the densest Turkish populations in Bulgaria, with 27% of the municipality (which also includes 22 villages) 's citizens declaring to be Turks in 1998. An absolute majority of 69% are Bulgarians, with the remaining 4% being composed for the most part of Roma.

Some of Razgrad's landmarks include the Varosha architectural complex from the 19th century, the ethnographic museum and several other museums, the characteristic clock tower in the centre built in 1864, the St Nicholas the Miracle Worker Church from 1860, the Momina cheshma sculpture, the Mausoleum Ossuary of the Liberators (1879-1880) and the Ibrahim Pasha Mosque from 1530. The mosque is said to be the third largest one in the Balkans, excluding Istanbul its reconstruction has still not been completed, having begun in Communist times.

In 251, the town was the site of the Battle of Abrittus, during which the Goths defeated a Roman army under the emperors Trajan Decius and Herennius Etruscus. The battle is notable for being the first occasion of a Roman emperor being killed in a battle with barbarians.

The name of the city was Hezargrad in the Ottoman times.


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Razgrad Peak on Greenwich Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Razgrad[citation needed].

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RAZGRAD, the capital of the department of Razgrad, Bulgaria, on the river Bieli-Lom, 40 m. S.E. of the Danubian port of Rustchuk by the Varna-Rustchuk railway. Pop. (1906) 13,783, about one-third being Moslems. The railway station is at Inebektchi, 2 m. N. Razgrad possesses a fine mosque, built by Ibrahim Pasha in 1614. Many Turkish families emigrated after the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, but since then the population has again increased, and the town has a thriving agricultural and general trade. Carpet-weaving and viticulture are important local industries. On the 13th of June 1810 and the 14th of August 1877 Razgrad was the scene of battles between the Turks and Russians.

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  1. a town in northeastern Bulgaria


  • Bulgarian: Разград

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