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Razor Cutting is a hair cutting process in which sharp, knife like razors are used to excise, slice and texturize hair. Razors were used in the early days to create the bob style, a trend made famous by Louise Brooks. In addition, Japanese traditional hair razoring tools, named nihindo have been used for ages. Japanese and Asian hairstylists are commonly experienced with razors, since this is a practical method to create movement in straight hairstyles.

Razor cutting requires a higher quality razor than an average one, although most sharp razors can be used to do the task. Usually this razor is located in the top compartment of a hand grip.

The stylist gathers the individual's hair, and razors the hairs at an angle, sliding it down the shaft.

Hair cutting razor tools include the straight edge razor, the razor-comb, and the razor-shaper.

For home haircutting, a razor-comb is often recommended, since it is easy to use and creates a softer, healthier look than any scissors.

Numerous celebrities opt for razor cutting since it makes a more natural looking and healthier style, e.g. Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, and Victoria Beckham.

Razor-cutting is not only used for choppy haircuts: a blunt but softer edge can be achieved with a straight edge razor, professional and trendy blunt styles can be created with the added softness and natural texture of a razor-cut.

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