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Reader Rabbit Preschool:
Sparkle Star Rescue
Genre(s) Education

Reader Rabbit Preschool: Sparkle Star Rescue is a game in the Reader Rabbit series. It is the first game in the series which includes a young Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion.


After all of the sky's stars disappear, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion work together to bring them back, with the help of you and a firefly named Spark.


It is a late night in the middle of an unnamed galaxy as the game starts. A pirate ship flies on the camera. It stops to a blue arrow pointing to the right. It consists of three rats: A dimwitted one with a blue and white shirt, a brainy one with a red and white shirt, and one with the look of a pirate (the leader). The dimwitted one says they are looking for somebody, and the leader says that they are having a difficult time looking for them. The brainy one states this somebody got away. The dimwitted one comments on how cute that the arrow is, and the leader finds out they are going to the right. They take off, and the arrow transforms and reveals itself to be a Dreamship consisting of a young rabbit and a young lion. The rabbit is named Reader and the lion is named Sam. Sam says that the rats have not noticed them, and Reader responds that he is pretty happy about it. As the Dreamship continues its voyage, Reader looks into his binoculars, saying, "Bouncing bunnies, check out the stars!" Sam, excited, grabs the binoculars from Reader and responds, "Roaring Raspberries! Oh, my favorite: Leo the Lion-o, and his pal, Rabbit-o!" Reader tries to tell Sam that there is no such this as a Rabbit-o and that he needs his binoculars back. He gets his binoculars back, but when he looks into them again, he sees that the stars have disappeared. This causes a lightning bug to come to them. The smiling Reader and Sam realize that the lightning bug reappears as a real lightning bug. It introduces itself as Spark and it is a girl because it has the appearance of a girl. She tells them she needs her help and that she is from Sparkalot, which is apparently where the stars come from. Then, the three go to Sparkalot and need your help, and this begins a brilliant mystery.



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