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The Official Ninja Webpage: Real Ultimate Power
Type of site satire
Created by Robert Hamburger (pseudonym)
Launched 2002

The Official Ninja Webpage: Real Ultimate Power is a satire website created in 2002 by the pseudonymous Robert Hamburger. Written using the persona of a 13-year-old boy, the site is a parody of adolescent fascination with Ninjas. Warren St. John, columnist for the New York Times described it as a "a satirical ode to the masculine prowess of ninjas". [1]

In 2004, it was chosen by Kensington Books for their inaugural book release in the new fratire genre -- non-fiction literature marketed to young men in a politically incorrect and overtly masculine fashion. Due to the website's fan base, the Real Ultimate Power, The Official Ninja Book became a cult hit, selling 35,000 copies during the two years.[2] The success of the book prompted Kensington's release of other fratire books by Tucker Max and Maddox.[2][3]

The Real Ultimate Power concept developed an internet meme with the creation of dozen of imitation parody websites.[4][5]



The Real Ultimate Power website is written under the pseudonym of Robert Hamburger, who was described in 2006 as a Michigan writer in his 20s.[2] The author has declined to be identified, stating that it would diminish the satirical concept of the fictional adolescent boy.[4]

The homepage describes ninjas through three "facts": Number one, Ninjas are mammals; Number two, Ninjas fight all the time; and Number three, the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people.[6] The three facts became an internet meme which spawned numerous imitation Real Ultimate Power websites dedicated, for example, to Conan O'Brien, liquor store clerks, wizards, and sorority girls.[4]

Other content on the website includes "pump-up" movie scripts and short stories about ninjas. One frequent theme titled "Ninjas versus Pirates" is commonly referenced in video games and other mainstream media.[7][8] There is a photograph gallery with fan-submitted images, links to other Ninja-related sites, and a forum.

A popular feature is the Hate Mail section. For example, one letter disputed the site's claim to have seen a real ninja on the grounds that "there are less than 50 real ones left, and only 5 live in the US". Regarding the authenticity of the hate mail, the author said that some of the hate email is written by him, while others, such as the ones from an apparent real ninja signed Soke D. Fujita, were authentic.[4]


Real Ultimate Power, The Official Ninja Book (ISBN 0-8065-2569-X) was published on July 1, 2004, by Citadel.[9] The book was rejected by 11 publishers before being chosen by Kensington Books, the parent company of Citadel. According to Nielsen BookScan, 35,000 copies were sold by 2006.[2]

Popular culture

  1. The Battlefield 1942 mod, Killer Commando, references the site in its use of the "Ninjas vs Pirates" theme in the game-play.
  2. For fans of writing fictional crossovers between the popular and lengthy anime, Naruto and One Piece, the Ninjas vs Pirates theme is an obvious one, and the name is often used.
  3. The theme is present in the online fantasy MMORPG World of Warcraft, where characters who ingest Savory Deviate Delight are randomly transformed into either a ninja (tool-tip description: "Flip Out") or a pirate. [10]
  4. Several video game magazines (GamePro, for example) have used references from the Real Ultimate Power website to review ninja related games.
  5. The Game Boy Advance version of Final Fantasy IV has a reference to Real Ultimate Power: In the town of Baron, there is a boy who says "I can't stop thinking about dark knights! They're cool... and by cool, I mean totally sweet."
  6. The second edition of the Ninja Burger Role-playing game features a pirate enemy for Ninja Burger (Pirate Pizza), and has a Real Ultimate Ninja mode for playing the game, wherein ninja characters are permitted to flip out and do crazy things.
  7. In Issue 207 of Nintendo Power, the preview section of the magazine contains a subtitle that reads "Can Ninjas and Pirates exist in the same section? Find out!" And not surprisingly, there is a preview for a Naruto game, and a One Piece game on opposite pages.
  8. The Game Boy Advance game Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 has a line of dialogue from character Toumei that reads "Your spirited efforts, combined with the real ultimate power of an Onmyoji master's spell, banished the evil spirit from Borgrim's body." While it may not, in fact, be a reference to real ultimate power, the fact that its wording is unnecessary and the placement is irregular may lead to the assumption that it is indeed a reference.
  9. The song "Ninja" by a British band called 7 Seconds of Love, makes references to flipping out.
  10. The English band, 'You Remind Me Of Rasputin' have a song called 'Ninja, Please' which is also the title of one of Hamburgers scripts.
  11. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game released for Xbox Live Arcade has an achievement called "Real Ultimate Power".
  12. NCSoft and ArenaNet's Guild Wars makes a reference with the highest confirmed title for winning festival games, titled "Real Ultimate Power Skillz" (tier 12).
  13. The site was also referenced in the July 2008 issue #183 of Game Informer magazine. The sub-heading of the Ninja Gaiden 2 review featured on page 90 of the issue simply cites: "Real Ultimate Power." The Second Opinion review (also featured on page 90 of issue #183) also references "flipping out" in a similar fashion as Robert Hamburger's book.


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