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Reaper Intertitle.jpg
Reaper intertitle
Format Supernatural
Created by Michele Fazekas
Tara Butters
Starring Bret Harrison
Tyler Labine
Missy Peregrym
Ray Wise
Rick Gonzalez
Valarie Rae Miller
Donavon Stinson
Andrew Airlie
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 31 (List of episodes)
Location(s) Vancouver, BC
Running time 40 - 42 min
Original channel The CW
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original run September 25, 2007 – May 26, 2009

Reaper is an American comedy-drama created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. The series focusses on Sam Oliver, a "reaper" who works for the Devil by retrieving souls that have escaped from Hell.

The series originally ran on the CW from September 25, 2007 to May 26, 2009. The CW formally canceled the series but there were talks between ABC Studios to continue the show in syndicated form as a Sunday night program,[1] due to the CW returning Sunday nights back to its affiliates.[2] The official Reaper website confirmed on June 17, 2009 that there will be no third season, but there will be a comic book series and possibly a cartoon.[3]

Produced by ABC Television Studios and The Mark Gordon Company, Reaper aired Tuesday nights at 8:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Central on the CW. However, the rights for the show have been given to Fox for its broadcast in Asia.



Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) lives at home with his parents (Andrew Airlie and Allison Hossack) and brother in the Seattle area. He had always wondered why his mom and dad were so easy on him, whether it was sports, school, or career choices, and so hard on his younger brother. Sam dropped out of college ("It made him sleepy", his Mom explains) and took a dead-end job at the Work Bench, a home-repair superstore similar to a Canadian Tire store. He spent the rest of his time hanging out, playing video games, and pining for his co-worker, Andi (Missy Peregrym).

On Sam's 21st birthday, his parents behave very strangely, and Sam himself sees hellish visions and experiences odd events. His father eventually claims that many years ago, he was very sick, and in return for restoring his health, he and his wife promised their firstborn child to the Devil (Ray Wise). Although the couple intended to cheat the Devil by having no children, this plan went awry when Satan convinced their doctor to lie and tell the couple that they could not conceive in exchange for wiping his gambling debts clean. Sam was born shortly thereafter.

After informing him of his fate, the Devil explains to Sam that he must serve as his bounty hunter (or "Reaper"), tracking down souls that have escaped from Hell and sending them back using his new powers (which include telekinesis) and "vessels", varied objects said to have been hand-made in the bowels of perdition by the iniquitous and the vile. Vessels appear inside a long wooden box sent for Sam to open (with the Italian inscription "Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate" ("Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"), as was written on the entrance to Hell in Dante's Inferno), and are specially designed for each job. Examples throughout the series have included a Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner, a Taser gun, and a cigarette lighter.

Although Sam initially balks, Satan tells him that should he refuse, then Sam's mother's soul is forfeit. Unwilling to sacrifice his mother, and convinced that he is doing good in the world by tracking down evil souls, Sam accepts his fate. With the help of his slacker friends Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez), he begins his new life tracking down the corrupted souls trying to escape their own eternal punishment.


Reaper premiered on September 25, 2007 in the U.S., airing on Tuesday nights at 8:00PM Eastern/7:00PM Central on the CW, following Beauty and the Geek.[4] The series had a full 18 episode order for the 2007-2008 season, with 13 pre-strike episodes and 5 post-strike episodes.[5]

Reaper stopped airing new episodes after the tenth episode due to the industry-wide 2007-2008 Writers Guild of America strike. It resumed new pre-strike episodes for three weeks on Thursdays in March, and began airing post-strike episodes on April 22, 2008.

On May 12, 2008, Reaper was officially renewed for a 13-episode second season[6] which premiered on March 3, 2009.[7]

On May 19, 2009, Reaper was officially cancelled by the CW.[8] However, ABC Studios was still in negotiations with CW affiliates to syndicate the show, or sell it to cable.[9]

Tyler Labine who plays Sock posted on his Facebook account that Reaper is officially cancelled and will not be returning.[10]


The pilot script which was written by creators/executive producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters received a script commitment by The CW in September 2006. Mark Gordon and Deborah Spera also joined the project as executive producers under the former's production banner at Touchstone Television, The Mark Gordon Company.[11] The network green-lighted a pilot order for the script in January 2007, and writer/director Kevin Smith agreed to direct the first hour of the series in February 2007.[12][13] The CW gave the series an early pick-up and a 13-episode order on May 15, 2007.[14]

While initially not making a full season order, The CW eventually ordered an additional 3 episodes, citing a high percentage of audience retention between Reaper and Beauty and the Geek.[15] Additional episodes were ordered to fill in the first season after the writer's strike was resolved, and a second season of 13 episodes was later ordered, as well.

In a February 1, 2010 interview with CliqueClack TV, creators Fazekas and Butters revealed many of the unresolved plots from the series.[16]


Casting began in February 2007, when Bret Harrison won the lead role of Sam Oliver. At the time, his commitment to the series came second to his show at Fox, The Loop, which had yet to air its second season on the network. The show was later canceled, leaving Harrison free to fully concentrate on Reaper.[17] Canadian actor Tyler Labine (formerly of the fan favorite sci-fi series Invasion) was cast in the same month in the role of Bert "Sock" Wysocki, Sam's best friend and sidekick.[18] Nikki Reed, actress and co-writer of the award-winning film Thirteen, was originally cast as Sam's love interest, Andi, in March 2007 but she was replaced by Missy Peregrym, who was fresh off a high-profile recurring role on Heroes in June 2007.[19] Supporting actors for the roles of Ben (Sam and Sock's co-worker and friend) and Josie (Sock's ex-girlfriend) were found in the same month when Rick Gonzalez and Valarie Rae Miller were cast.[20][21] Ray Wise rounded out the casting for regular roles in the series when he landed the role of Satan, Sam's employer, in mid-March.[22] Also of note, Anthony Stewart Head of Buffy fame auditioned for the role of Satan.[23]

In July 2008, it was announced that Eriko Tamura had been cast as a season 2 regular, playing Sock's new stepsister and love interest.[24]

Broadcast history

The first showing of the pilot occurred on July 27, 2007 at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It received mostly positive responses from critics and audience members alike.[25] The series premiered on The CW on September 25, 2007, and ran on Tuesdays, but moved in late February 2008 to Thursdays after Smallville. After the restart following the writers' strike, Reaper returned to being broadcast on Tuesday nights on The CW as original releases.

Final cancellation

The CW has cancelled the show, making the final episode of Reaper May 26, 2009.[26] ABC Studios was initially in talks with CW affiliates in order to get a syndicated version of Reaper run on Sunday nights.[26]

It was later reported that syndication talks with CW affiliates fell through, as well as attempts to sell the series to Sci Fi Channel as part of its change over to Syfy, after news that both Bret Harrison ("Sam") and Tyler Labine ("Sock") would not be returning for season three even if the syndication plan proved viable.[27]


Main characters

Samuel "Sam" Oliver

The protagonist of the show, Sam Oliver, is a college dropout and all-around slacker who, thanks to a deal made by his parents in order to save his father's life, becomes a bounty hunter for the Devil when he turns 21. He dates his co-worker Andi, and near the end of season 1, the two start a relationship briefly after she discovers Sam is the Devil's bounty hunter.

Upon learning of his infernal debt, Sam initially thought that he was instantly doomed to be dragged down to Hell, only to be informed by the Devil that he is required to function as a bounty hunter for Hell - for the rest of his life. He now collects souls for the Devil using various vessels (which vary by episode), with the assistance of his best friends Sock and Ben. A quitter by nature, Sam's morality was immediately pressed when he realized that if he didn't go along with his part of the bargain, more and more people would be hurt because he failed to capture the escaped souls.

For every soul that Sam is forced to catch, the Devil seemingly gives him a special power, but these are often as much a hindrance as a help. These powers can range from psychic control, to growing tattoos that hint where the soul will be. It also seems that Sam can activate the powers any time, as seen in "The Underbelly," when through only anger, Sam can break the wine bottle without touching it. Not all of these powers affect his body. In "Love, Bullets, and Blacktop," all that happens is the song Radar Love by Golden Earring keeps playing. His powers rarely appear in the second season, but he admits that he does not yet have full control over his "devil powers."

At the end of season one, the demon Tony tells Sam that he believes Sam's parents were paid by the Devil to carry his (the Devil's) baby, though Sam's mother denied this, and the Devil admits that he would probably not answer Sam honestly if asked about it. Later, the Devil says that Sam is his son, while the father who raised Sam, Mr. Oliver, tells Sam that the deal with the Devil will not allow him to tell Sam the truth of the matter. All other characters who know about the claim assume that Sam, though kindhearted, is indeed the Devil's son.

During season 2, Sam discovers an escaped soul, Alan, that can't be sent back to hell because he claims he escaped the Devil. Sam continues throughout the season hunting down Alan, trying to get information on how to escape his contract.

In "Underbelly," the Devil hints that Sam is invulnerable. In "The Home Stretch," Sam inadvertently wins a competition with his half-brother Morgan and is appointed the Devil's right-hand man. In the words of the Devil, he is "my right-hand man, my human representative in this realm, serving at my side as we create hell on earth." In "No Reaper Left Behind", the Devil tells Sam, "I expect you to rise to the heights of political power here on earth, seize control of the planet, and hasten the Apocalypse."

Andi breaks up with Sam once Morgan revealed to her that Sam is the son of the Devil. She stated she recognized evil within him, and she can't deal with it. Even though she ended the relationship, Andi continues to assist Sam in capturing souls. In 'The Devil & Sam Oliver," Andi ends up with him again, united by the fact that both of their souls are owned by the Devil.

Bert "Sock" Wysocki

The lowest-performing salesperson at the Work Bench, Bert "Sock" Wysocki (played by Tyler Labine) spends most of his time sleeping in the stock shelves, planning his topless home supply store, and other time-wasting activities. He won the dog of the month award (the opposite of employee of the month) nine months in a row. He also regularly steals supplies from the Work Bench, both to aid Sam in capturing souls and for fun (like making a mechanical bull from paint mixers and lumber). Fortunately, he is braver and more athletic than his slacker personality suggests, and often provides the muscle of Sam's group. Sock assists Sam with collecting souls.

Sock lived with his mother for the majority of the first season but had to move out after she re-married in Las Vegas. After being kicked out, he first lives in the Work Bench but then he finds an apartment and forges Sam's and Ben's signatures on the lease and they live there for the rest of the season.

At the start of the show Sock and Josie have just broken their relationship off but they get back together in the 14th episode and break off again in the final episode, with Josie saying that Sock is a bad boyfriend. In the last episode of the first season Sock kissed the succubus Marlena multiple times, losing one year from his life for each kiss (he estimates he has three years left).

In the beginning of the second season it is revealed that Sock has a beautiful Asian stepsister whom he finds sexually appealing and considers asking out. He continues down this path, even with his new sister continually viewing him as a big brother. Sock eventually manipulates her to have sex with him, which they do in the second season episode "Underbelly." She leaves for Japan shortly after.

Sock is also one of five characters other than Sam who have captured a soul (the others being Andi, Ben, Mr. Sprong and Morgan). He captured the blob soul in episode five ("What About Blob") with the sweater vessel, and in the season finale ("Cancun"), he caught the fortune teller soul by throwing the baseball vessel through her car window after the fortune teller tried to run over both Sam and himself. In the first episode of season 2 ("Episode IV: A New Hope"), he captured one of the 40 fight club souls with the cattle prod vessel. In the final episode "The Devil & Sam Oliver," he severs the toad-tongue of an escaped soul with a machete and sends it back to Hell.

Benjamin "Ben" Gonzalez

One of Sam and Sock's co-workers and friends, Benjamin Casper Perez Gonzalez (played by Rick Gonzalez) knows Sam is working for Satan and helps him out. He seems to have a tendency to get hurt when assisting Sam in capturing escaped souls (though this tendency diminished as the series progressed, partially because he doesn't go soul-hunting along with Sam as extensively as Sock does). In the series pilot he is sent to the hospital by the fire soul and consumed by the blob monster in episode 5 ("What about Blob"), was held hostage in episode 10, ("Cash Out"), and hit by a 2x4 along with his friends while fighting two of the 40 fight club souls (Episode IV A New Hope). However in "Dirty Sexy Mongol" Ben shows a rare side of bravery fending off a demon with a tiki torch, thereby saving Sam from the would be assassin. Ben is initially seen as the brains of the trio as he is usually the one responsible for coming up with tactics and strategies in aiding Sam capture escaped souls, and is not above recommending and taking advantage of the Work Bench's merchandise as make-shift hunting gear whenever the three conduct a hunt; he initially sought training as a priest and has an extensive knowledge of the Bible, and often raises theological questions about the nature of their missions and the Devil's involvement. For example, in "The Home Stretch" Ben created a draft for a device called the 'straw-to-matic' which help sock to get $10,000 for the funeral he attended and also help Sam in 'Business Casualty', which he created a project for Sam which he named 'Bentopia'.

Ben appears far less competent when he agrees to a green card marriage with his British co-worker Sara. He had just given up on his search for the perfect girl, who happens to be independently wealthy, enjoys mixed martial arts, and reads Sue Grafton novels. Once married, Ben immediately meets Cassidy while chasing a soul, and she fits every criteria for his perfect girl. Sara, far crueler and more shrewd than she initially lets on, forbids Ben to see Cassidy, though she has no qualms about her own extramarital affairs that she keeps secret from Ben. Ben is eventually able to negotiate a compromise with Sara after discovering she is pregnant with her married boyfriend Esteban's child.

When Ben's sham marriage is discovered by an INS agent, he is told he is going to jail. He gets money together to pay a fine in lieu of jail time, but Sara tricks him into giving her the money so that she can go on the lam. At the end of the episode "The Leak", Cassidy drives Ben to jail, telling Sock "When this is all over, my boyfriend will no longer be married". Early in the next episode, "Cancun," Ben arrives at the Work Bench disappointed that his friends forgot to pick him up after serving his eight-day sentence.

Ben is one of five people who have captured a soul for Sam (the others are Morgan, Mr. Sprong, Sock and Andi) - he captured the tentacle soul in episode 24 ("Underbelly") with Sam's grenade vessel.

In season two, he begins dating Nina, a demon. In "The Home Stretch", he breaks up with her at the insistence of his domineering grandmother, but gets back together with her in "No Reaper Left Behind." He has shown that he has grown out of his nature by going against his psychic grandmother in order to remain together with Nina (which means he has gone against his family, since his grandmother is in control of the entire family). During the mating season for the demons, Ben fought off a male demon determined to mate with Nina; he did not want any demon to touch Nina.

In "The Favorite", Ben is shown to be the laughing stock of the group as Sam and Sock are always wanting to tease him; Sam's zombie like father hides in the backseat of Sam's car while Sock and Sam tempt Ben into the car to see the look on his face when he is scared by Sam's father.

Andi Prendergast

Andi Prendergast (played by Missy Peregrym in the series and Nikki Reed in the unaired pilot) is Sam's girlfriend and, for a time, manager. Initially unaware of Sam's Reaper duties, she is let down multiple times when Sam is called away from dates to capture souls. Chancing to see him on duty, Andi watches Sam behead an escaped soul from a distance, and initially threatens to go to the police. Sam is warned by the Devil to ensure she remains unaware of his activities, but eventually he receives permission to let her know what he does. With help from Sam's neighbor (and demon) Tony, as well as from the escaped soul at the time, Sam convinces Andi of his "job". Andi reacts poorly, but eventually accepts Sam's fate and becomes his third assistant in hunting souls, though her assistance seems more focused on research rather than actual confrontation. In season 2, Andi was promoted to manager of the Work Bench when Ted was fired because of harassing a "secret shopper". She was later demoted in "My Brother's Reaper", for allowing the Work Bench to be used for a bachelor party.

Sam and Andi start dating near the end of season one but this ends abruptly in "Underbelly" because Andi discovers from Morgan that Sam is the son of the devil. She can't handle this and believes that evil is brewing within Sam. Although they broke up, Andi continues to help Sam on his quest to get out of his deal with the Devil. In the season two finale ("The Devil & Sam Oliver") she declares her love for Sam and offers her soul as a prize in a contest between Sam and the Devil and, after Sam loses the contest, ends up sharing his fate.

Andi is one of five people who have captured a soul for Sam (the others are Ben, Morgan, Mr. Sprong, and Sock) - she captured the multiplying soul in episode 15 ("Coming to Grips") with Sam's scythe vessel.

Josie Miller

Josie Miller (played by Valarie Rae Miller) is Sock's ex-girlfriend who works at the district attorney's office. Despite her obvious dislike for Sock, Josie remains friendly with Sam and agrees to provide information that helps him track down different souls, unaware of his work for the Devil. However, after Sock used a share of stolen bank loot to buy duplicates of all the stuff lost in a fire at her apartment (which he inadvertently caused), she begins to suspect that something isn't quite on the "up-and-up" with the boys, and is even more suspicious and upset when her lost I.D. is used to access the city morgue. Toward the end of season one, Josie got back together (and subsequently broke up again) with Sock, due to his insecurity and his apathetic nature. The character did not appear in the second season.

John Oliver

Mr. John Oliver (played by Andrew Airlie) is possibly Sam's father. Though equally distressed by his son's predicament as his wife, he, in effect, works against Sam for the protection of his family. In one episode, Mr. Oliver is seen burning a page from the contract which binds Sam to the devil, to hide information from Sam (which he later admits to in the season finale).

In the season two premiere ("Episode IV: A New Hope"), Sam is confident that the Devil is his true father, not Mr. Oliver. After surviving being buried alive at the end of Season 1, Mr. Oliver reappears as a zombie. Sam sees him again in "The Favorite" when delivering a freezer to his mother's house. Mr. Oliver explains that he cannot die because of the deal with the Devil that cost Sam his soul. As a zombie, he cannot go out in public and needs to be kept cool. His deceased status gives him plenty of free time, which he attempts to spend rekindling his relationship with Sam. At the end of "I Want My Baby Back," Mr. Oliver moves into the garage of Sock's parents' house and sleeps in a freezer.

In "No Reaper Left Behind," Mr. Oliver attempts to regain some semblance of a normal life through the use of the internet, only to be disappointed. In an effort to find some purpose, he asks Sam to send him to Hell in an attempt to locate Alan Townsend and help Sam get out of his deal. Sam agrees and sends him to Hell with the Nerf gun vessel. Mr. Oliver subsequently contacts Sam by cell phone and tells him he's discovered a way for Sam to break the deal, but he's trapped in the third circle of Hell (it is unknown how he got there as the third level is inhabited by the gluttons). Nina goes to Hell to get it and rescue him, but he stays behind, saying he has something important to do.

The Devil

Smooth-talking and debonair, known as "Jerry Belvedere" to those who have no idea of his true identity, the Devil (played by Ray Wise) claims the rights to Sam's soul thanks to a deal he made with Sam's parents before Sam was even born. Although he knows how it all ends ("God wins"), he is determined to do as much as he can to oppose God until the end. He also convinces Sam that he (Sam) is doing good by clearing the world of the escaped evil souls. Aside from Sam, Morgan and Andi the Devil never appears before any of Sam's friends face-to-face, despite the Devil knowing about them and being aware that they know about Sam's secret job of being a reaper for him. In the finale of Season Two Andi sells her soul to the devil in an attempt to free Sam from his own deal.

While firm at times, the Devil has never expressed outright anger, in spite of Sam's frequent complaints, incompetence, and meddling; however, when Sam cheated him out of a deal with another human, he caused all of the surrounding racks in the Work Bench to collapse on Sam out of "disappointment."

The Devil has nearly omnipotent supernatural powers, and often teleports an unsuspecting Sam to locations that serve to exemplify whatever subject he wishes to speak with Sam about. He also has a habit of providing Sam "motivation" in catching escaped souls, usually by informing him that someone just died (or is about to die) due mainly to Sam's inaction - a habit which generally gets acceptable results; this habit became less displayed in later episodes however, as Sam is beginning to "adjust" to his infernal fate.

The Devil is nearly indestructible, and scoffs at the idea that he could be contained within a Solomon's cage (which can confine the strongest demon). He also has superhuman strength, having tricked and placed Sam once in a painful arm-hold to interrogate him. However, the Devil can be affected by angelic relics, as he can be killed by the Sword of the Archangel Michael (which he has in safekeeping), and could be "destroyed" if the whole world were to turn to pacifism (as Sam deduced after the Devil's near-annihilation of a demon rebellion, as if the Devil couldn't tempt others with sin, he would cease to exist - although the Devil notes that all humanity adopting complete pacifism would be nearly impossible). In addition, the Devil cannot see, hear, or appear within curves or circles, although he can be summoned within a circle. He holds no influence over true love, which may be attributed to his belief that humans are incapable of experiencing it. The Devil also confesses that even though he tried to overthrow God, he still loved Him when Sam asked the Devil about love. He confesses to Sam that God loves us all no matter what we are.

The Devil loves ice cream, but cannot eat it, as it melts as soon as he touches it. This doesn't happen on his own volition, but was apparently a curse given upon him by God shortly before he was cast out of Heaven, knowing how much he loves ice cream. It is later revealed that the devil opposes anthropogenic global warming as anyone who dies of it would be considered an innocent and not be sent to hell.

The Devil is apparently Sam's father, according to the Devil throughout the second season. He does many things throughout the series that imply this: he never gets truly angry with Sam, he only gets outwardly angry with him one time where he says that he is "a disappointment." He often offers guidance to Sam. He seems to have an extreme dislike of Sam's father. Throughout the series he and Sam do things that could be considered 'father-son activities' such as going to hockey games, eating ice cream, and playing baseball together.

In "The Home Stretch" the Devil held a competition between Sam and his half-brother Morgan. Whoever captured a soul would be made his right-hand man. Sam wanted Morgan to win because his incompetence would thwart the Devil; Sam inadvertently won, however, while saving Morgan's life from the escaped soul.

In "The Devil and Sam Oliver" the Devil is forced to accept a challenge from Sam to win his soul back, and they end in a tie. In the re-match he is distracted by his face in the mirror and only manages to get one quarter into the shot glass. When Sam's hand is broken by Steve and Sam can't score at all, the Devil wins Andi's soul.

The Devil changes his suit three times a day despite all of his suits looking exactly the same.

Supporting characters

  • Ted Gallagher (played by Donavon Stinson) - Ted was the Work Bench's pompous, imperious manager (and recovering gambling addict) who gave his employees, especially Sam, Andi, Ben, and Sock, a hard time. In episode 20 ("Dirty Sexy Mongol") Ted was fired from his job as manager at the Work Bench after sexually harassing a secret shopper sent from corporate. Corporate appointed Andi as the new store manager. She took pity on Ted and rehired him as a trainee for the Work Bench with Sock as his trainer. When Andi is demoted in "My Brother's Reaper", Ted reclaims his spot as manager.
  • Gladys (played by Christine Willes) - A demon who works at a DMV office, which actually houses a portal to Hell. Gladys collects the filled vessels from Sam and sends them back to Hell. In "The Leak," when it was revealed that Gladys was the one repeatedly freeing home-wrecking soul Mike Volta from his vessel, the Devil "transferred" her to the "main office." She was later released at Sam's request. She seems to have a sexual interest in humans as well, making overtures to both Sock and Andi. Like all demons, she can project nightmares into human beings, nightmares so convincing that they believe they're real.
  • Nina (played by Jenny Wade) - A demon who tried to kill Sam, but her assassination attempt was thwarted by Ben. Enamored by his loyalty to his friend and love for his pet bunny, Nina kidnaps Ben and takes him to her lair. In "The Sweet Science", Nina is introduced to the group as Ben's girlfriend, but Ben remains concerned that Nina is not really interested in him and still trying to kill Sam. Nina reveals to Ben in "The Favorite" that she once had a physical relationship with a fellow demon named Brad. When Ben tries to break up with Nina in a restaurant, she cries tears of acid. She tells how, while she was still an angel, she once fell in love with a human. After her relationship with the human was discovered by God, her human lover died shortly thereafter, explaining her reluctance to get more involved with Ben. In "The Home Stretch", Ben shows his reluctance to introduce Nina to his grandma who has 'the eye' being able to see potential evil. Nina strikes up a pleasant conversation with her about St. Peter but is shocked into her demon form when scared by a barking dog, which sends Ben's grandma into cardiac arrest. Ben later breaks up with Nina at the Work Bench, and Nina declares a vendetta. However, at the end of "No Reaper left Behind" they get back together. Nina subsequently moves in with Ben. Ben's grandmother later threatens to disinherit Ben unless Nina undergoes an exorcism. The exorcism seemingly succeeds, but Nina is in fact unaffected. However, whether Ben's grandma will remain fooled since she has 'the eye' is not clear.
  • Tony (played by Ken Marino) - Sam's former neighbor, a demon and Steve's "widower". Tony was a leader of the anti-Devil rebellion, and was often plotting against the Devil. He helps Sam and his friends in their quest to capture escaped souls. As of the first season finale, his whereabouts are unknown. It is Tony who tells Sam that he is the son of the Devil. In the Second Season, he reappears and adopts the newborn daughter of an escaped soul, whom he names 'Stevie' after his deceased husband Steve.
  • Mrs. Oliver (played by Allison Hossack) - Sam's guilt-ridden mother. Initially led to believe that Sam refused to do the Devil's work, she now accepts her son's fate, and actively supports him in his everyday life. According to the Devil, her soul is on the line if Sam should decide to quit his "job" as a Reaper. At the end of episode 18 ("Cancun"), she is seen digging up the very much alive Mr. Oliver, despite the fact that, when confronted by Sam about Mr. Oliver's burial, she claimed to be unaware of both the burial site and the fact that Mr. Oliver was still alive. In the second season she doesn't appear, and Mr. Oliver admits she blames him for the entire situation and doesn't want anything more to do with him.
  • Kristen (played by Eriko Tamura) - Sock's new stepsister who adores Sock for being the older brother she's always wanted and wants to be involved in 'brother/sister' activities with him. These put no end to Sock's frustrations as he's extremely attracted to her and wishes to sleep with her. He eventually manipulates her that they should sleep together in "Underbelly", and as their new relationship began to develop, their parents return home. She leaves to return to Japan in "The Good Soil" after graduating with a degree in hotel management.
  • Steve (played by Michael Ian Black) - A deceased former neighbor of Sam, also a demon, and Tony's "ex"-husband. Prior to his death, Steve was an active part of the rebellion against the Devil. He chose the more passive path of rebellion over Tony's aggressive route, but still stood by him regardless. It is revealed in the first season finale that Steve is still "alive", and is now an angel (again). Subsequently, other demons follow 'The Way of Steve' in an attempt to emulate his path to Heaven. Steve appears to a human being to convince him to abandon the path to Hell. In "The Devil & Sam Oliver," he works as an unseen guardian angel to a klutzy Work Bench greeter. He appears to Sam and helps him translate symbols necessary to summon the Devil, but apparently misreads them. In the season two finale, when Sam appears ready to win a contest against the Devil, Steve breaks his hand and claims he's acting on orders from Heaven, and earns his wings as a full-fledged angel as a result.
  • Morgan (played by Armie Hammer) - He is the son of The Devil, Sam's paternal half brother. He first appears in "The Favorite", where the Devil bails him out of jail using Sam's lottery winnings. He was arrested for stealing a limousine. He drives a silver Maserati, which was a gift from his ex. Morgan is very self-centered and lazy telling Sam that he has no qualms in fighting Sam to the death for The Devil's right hand seat and would wait for him to mess up to get his dad's favor. Since The Devil feels that Morgan is unmotivated, he orders Sam to take Morgan on a reap in the hopes that Sam's good work ethics rub off. While Morgan is and always has been the Devil's favourite of the 2 sons so far introduced (Sam and Morgan) he is growing increasingly unsure of the situation, because while Morgan behaves as the Devil would like, he has little to no desire to work, Sam, in contrast, though he regularly complains and defies the Devil, always "gets the job done." In "The Good Soil," he attempts to bribe Sam with money into capturing a soul and giving him the credit. He takes back his money after Sam turns in the dodgeball vessel with a corpse and later in the episode captures the soul himself with the vessel. In "The Home Stretch", The Devil challenges Sam and Morgan to a contest, in which whoever returned the soul back to Hell would become his right-hand man. When Sam accidentally wins the contest, The Devil takes everything from Morgan, and he swears revenge against Sam. In a rage, Morgan pulls a gun on Sam, but is killed by Nina and other surrounding demons, and sent straight to Hell. The Devil has stated that he is repeatedly crying out Sam's name whilst being tortured.

Minor characters

  • Alan Townsend (played by Sean Patrick Thomas) - The man who reneged on his deal with the Devil. Sam meets Alan first in the Season 2 premiere, "A New Hope," during a reap to capture 40 fighting souls in a warehouse. After being knocked unconscious by Alan, Sam continues his hunt for him in "Dirty Sexy Mongol" and tracks him down to an apartment. He tries to solicit Alan's help, but two demons, sent by The Devil, attack Sam at the gate. Scared that he'll return to Hell, Alan leaves his apartment. Sam and Andi find out that Alan's been trying to stay off The Devil's radar by avoiding all temptation. Alan accepts a job offer as a gravedigger and takes refuge at a cemetery after being informed that the grounds have been consecrated and thus untouchable by the Devil and other demons. Sam and the others corner him at the cemetery and, since Alan was a gambling addict, attempt to bribe him with horse-racing tickets for the information. Alan eventually buys into a trip to Vatican City and tells Sam that he needs to challenge and beat The Devil (Alan beat The Devil in a game of poker). He promises to tell Sam how to make The Devil agree to the challenge after landing. As he is on a plane toward Vatican City, the Devil diverts the plane to Las Vegas and gives him 100 dollars in casino chips. Later, the Devil tells Sam that he took Alan back to Hell after he started gambling again; Alan's deal with the Devil was that if he sinned again he would be back in Hell, and gambling was a sin.
  • Cady Hansen (played by Jessica Stroup) - Sam's ex-girlfriend, and possible daughter of the Devil. Cady is the daughter of Mimi, the Devil's ex-girlfriend, but her true father is unknown. Although Sam is initially attracted to her, he suspects that she may be the Devil's daughter (a suspicion seemingly put to rest by Sock and Ben in "Cash Out"). Despite his general calm to the situation, Sam's suspicions re-surface later on, due to her reportedly strange behavior around Andi and the manifestation of strange phenomena around her, such as breaking glass spurred by a kiss, and flowers wilting and dying several moments after she has touched them. At the end of "Unseen", Cady, upset by the fact that Sam still has been distant and in her eyes deceitful, goes to New Mexico to stay with her mother and sort things out. If the Devil truly was her biological father as well as Sam's, that would technically make them paternal half-siblings.
  • Judy Wysocki (played by Marilyn Norry) - Sock's mom. She went unseen until "Hungry for Fame," when she returned from Las Vegas and announced she had married an Asian cowboy named Morris. Angry that his mother had married without his blessing, Sock ran away from home; when he finally returned, his mother kicked him out of the house, prompting him, Sam, and Ben to move in together.
  • Greg (played by Colby Johannson) - Andi's college boyfriend. He initially comes across as caring and sympathetic toward her needs, but it becomes clear that he knows very little about her and is more concerned about himself and his feelings. Greg and Sam end up fighting in "The Cop", and Andi breaks up with him. Broken-hearted, Greg sold his soul to the Devil, and returned (in "Greg, Shmeg") with a newfound influence over Andi. Unfortunately, as a result of his deal with the Devil, his id began physically manifesting itself as a chainsaw-wielding maniac that materializes from his body every time he got angry. Greg eventually realized that no matter what deal he made, Andi would never love him, as the Devil cannot influence true love. Sam used his "Get Out of Hell Free" card to undo Greg's deal.
  • Sara (played by Lucy Davis) - Ben's ex-wife, a British national formerly employed at the Work Bench. In "Coming to Grips," after Ben gives up on finding his perfect girl, he agrees to a green card wedding with Sara in exchange for $1600. Ben eventually meets his perfect girl, Cassidy, later on while chasing a soul, but Sara expects him to live up to their deal and refuses to let him go out with Cassidy. When Ben threatens to report her to immigration, Sara counters by threatening to report him for extorting money from her. Ben considers just giving her the money back, until he discovers that Sock spent it on tickets to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. In addition to being married to Ben, Sara is also involved with a married Cirque du Soleil performer named Esteban. When Sara reveals she's pregnant with Esteban's child, Ben has the bargaining chip he needs, and Sara eventually lets him date Cassidy. After an immigration officer discovers their ruse, Sara convinces Ben to give her $2,000 to help bribe the officer; in actuality, she takes the money and goes on the lam.
  • Cassidy (played by Kandyse McClure) - Ben's ex-girlfriend. She is a nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital who practices jiujitsu and enjoys Sue Grafton novels. Cassidy and Ben met in the maternity ward of St. Vincent's in "Coming to Grips" when Ben was pursuing prolific soul Jack King. After a string of dates in the hospital cafeteria, Cassidy began to ask questions, specifically about Ben's wedding ring; it was at that point that Ben came clean about his green card marriage to Sara. The three of them came to an understanding, although Cassidy would still get a little excited about being Ben's "mistress". When Immigration busted Ben and Sara, Cassidy was the one who took Ben to jail, excited at the prospect that he would be single again when he got out. In "The Sweet Science", Ben explains to Nina that Cassidy ditched him while he was still in jail.
  • Kyle Oliver (played by Kyle Switzer) - Sam's younger brother. Much pressure has been put on him by his parents to be successful in life, which he considers unfair compared to them letting Sam slide. Kyle is the one member of the family unaware of Sam's debt to the Devil, and does not realize how lucky he was to be born second. He has only appeared in the pilot episode and "Charged" to date. Because of the revelations unveiled in the second season's premiere, we now know Kyle is technically Sam's maternal half-brother.
  • Pesi (played by Pesi Daruwalla) - An older customer at the Work Bench, he is first seen in the second season episode "Dirty Sexy Mongol." Andi subsequently hires him in "The Home Stretch." He seems to enjoy deliberately making inappropriate sexual and offensive comments to his co-workers. He also has criminal connections, offering to sell his co-workers guns and Pontiacs.


Demons, in the Reaper universe, are portrayed as seemingly neutral and non-aggressive (so far) entities who are either in the direct service of the Devil or plotting to overthrow his rule. It was stated that all demons were once angels who "fell" out of their place after joining up with the Devil's attempt to overthrow God and got banished along with him from Heaven.

Demons residing within the mortal realm exhibit the ability to assume near-human forms that enable them to live along with real humans, with the only thing distinguishing them from actual mortals (besides their immortality) being two small horns protruding from their foreheads which can be sanded down to create the complete illusion that they are human; they are also capable of morphing into their true demonic forms, as displayed by Tony, which seem to grant an incredible boost of physical power in the process, and also flight with demonic wings. They are immune to mortal weapons in either form. Types of Demons include standard and succubi.


'Reapers' are beings tasked by the Devil to apprehend souls that have escaped the depths of Hell. Sam became one in the premiere episode of the series. The word was first used in the episode "Acid Queen", which implies that there may be others like him with a similar obligation (or predicament). Currently, it is not exactly known how many Reapers there are, or if all of them are even human. Sam does not like this status but begins to live with this fate, though shows no surprise towards its utterance. It is made clear by the demon Steve that Sam is perhaps the only person on Earth that the Devil talks with face-to-face, which raises suspicion amongst Sam and his friends. This suggestion is later disproved when the Devil introduces Morgan, a young man the Devil claims is his son.

Escaped souls

These are fugitives from Hell whom the Devil has entrusted Sam to recapture. All of them were once mortals who committed various crimes or sold their souls that ultimately led to their damnation. When they come back to Earth, they are intent on finishing the jobs that they started.

After escaping Hell and returning to the earthly realm, not only do they regain a corporeal body with which to interact with the living world once again, but sometimes also exhibit supernatural powers that often reflect the nature of their crimes or punishments. For example, an arsonist imprisoned in Hell for 50 years being tortured by being burnt everyday came back with pyrokinetic powers and could take on the appearance of a humanoid creature made of molten rock. Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of William McKinley, gained the ability to turn his hands into guns. Not all souls come back to Earth with a corporeal body, as seen in "Ashes to Ashes," where the soul came back as a spirit since her body was destroyed.


As the souls that Sam is sent to apprehend have already died once (along with the fact that they have various paranormal abilities), an attempt to capture or even kill them by a mere mortal could prove almost impossible. The Devil provides Sam with vessels to help him do his work. The vessel is usually sent for Sam to open in a wooden box which varies in shape per episode, sometimes inappropriate for the vessel they hold (i.e. a large box contained a Zippo lighter vessel) and it's usually up to Sam to figure out how to use it to capture the escaped soul assigned for him to apprehend since the vessels don't usually come with an instruction manual. All vessels are unique because each of them is intended to capture the escaped soul for whom they were created and intended to confine. The vessel could even be a seemingly living thing (e.g. a live dove).

Vessels often have the appearance of seemingly ordinary day-to-day accessories, and can easily be mistaken for such. Interestingly, most escaped souls shown in the series seem to be aware whenever a vessel is brought to their presence, especially if that particular vessel is the one intended for their capture, thus alerting them of potentially being sent back to Hell by the one wielding the vessel.

Vessels don't always work for anyone, though several characters in the show other than Sam have used vessels to capture souls. A vessel will only work on the particular soul it is intended for, and has no effect on any other escaped souls. The only known exception is a Nerf gun created by a demon named Dennis (in "Greg, Schmeg"). Although technically a vessel, the Nerf gun can send any person or object to Hell.

In "The Good Soil", it is revealed that vessels can capture other objects besides souls (e.g. a corpse).

The Ender

Introduced in "The Good Soil", The Ender is The Devil's backup plan. When Sam refused to capture the soul and return it to Hell, The Ender was summoned to seek out and destroy the soul. As a result, the soul would neither be sent to Heaven or Hell. The Ender took on a form of a cloaked phantom and can destroy anything with one touch. It is unclear as to whether or not The Ender is real, or was simply an elaborate ruse set up by The Devil to trick Sam into believing the soul was safe so that Morgan could capture it.


DVD Releases

On November 4, 2008, Lionsgate Home Entertainment (under license from ABC Studios) released Season 1 of Reaper on DVD in Region 1. On June 9, 2009 Season 2 of Reaper was released on DVD.

DVD Name Release dates Ep # Additional Information
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Reaper: Season 1 November 4, 2008 TBA TBA 18 The five disc box set includes all 18 episodes. Bonus features include deleted scenes, commentary track on the pilot episode, selections from the season's gag reel. Running Time 800 minutes.
Reaper: Season 2 June 9, 2009 TBA TBA 13 The four disc box set includes all 13 episodes. Bonus features include "The Devil Made Me Do It" - A Look Back at the Making of Reaper, gag reel, deleted scenes. Running Time 585 minutes.


The series, as shown on Metacritic, has been dubbed as having "universal acclaim" with a rating of 81 out of 100, out of 27 reviews.

Weekly ratings

Season 1

As of May 12, 2008, Reaper has averaged 2.70 million American-based viewers for each new episode for its first season. Viewing figures from other countries are inconclusive so far.

No. Episode Air Date Timeslot Rating[28] Share[28] 18–49 (Rating/Share)[28] Viewers (m)[28] Rank (#)
1 "Pilot" 2007-09-25September 25, 2007 Tuesday 9/8c 2.1 3 1.5/3 3.28 85[29]
2 "Charged" 2007-10-02October 2, 2007 1.8 3 1.3/3 2.86 93[30]
3 "All Mine" 2007-10-09October 9, 2007 1.8 3 1.3/3 2.65 90[31]
4 "Magic" 2007-10-16October 16, 2007 2.2 3 1.5/3 3.27 86[32]
5 "What About Blob" 2007-10-23October 23, 2007 1.8 3 1.2/3 2.61 88[33]
6 "Leon" 2007-10-30October 30, 2007 1.7 3 1.1/3 2.60 89[34]
7 "Love, Bullets and Blacktop" 2007-11-06November 6, 2007 1.6 2 1.0/2 2.42 94[35]
8 "The Cop" 2007-11-13November 13, 2007 1.6 2 1.2/2 2.46 93[36]
9 "Ashes to Ashes" 2007-11-27November 27, 2007 1.5 2 1.1/2 2.26 91[37]
10 "Cash Out" 2007-12-04December 4, 2007 1.7 3 1.3/3 2.64 89[38]
11 "Hungry for Fame" 2008-03-13March 13, 2008 Thursday 9/8c 1.7 3 1.2/3 2.81 88
12 "Unseen" 2008-03-20March 20, 2008 1.9 3 1.2/3 2.94 79
13 "Acid Queen" 2008-03-27March 27, 2008 1.8 3 1.2/2 2.76 81
14 "Rebellion" 2008-04-22April 22, 2008 Tuesday 9/8c 1.6 2 1.1/3 2.60 93
15 "Coming to Grips" 2008-04-29April 29, 2008 1.7 3 1.1/3 2.51 86
16 "Greg Schmeg" 2008-05-06May 6, 2008 1.6 2 1.0/3 2.47 TBA
17 "The Leak" 2008-05-13May 13, 2008 1.5 2 0.9/2 1.99 TBA
18 "Cancun" 2008-05-20May 20, 2008 1.7 3 1.2/3 2.69 TBA

Season 2

As of April 7, 2009, Reaper has averaged 2.25 million American-based viewers for each new episode for its second season. Viewing figures from other countries are inconclusive so far.

No. Episode Air Date Timeslot Rating[28] Share[28] 18–49 (Rating/Share)[28] Viewers (m)[28] Rank (#)
19 "A New Hope" March 3, 2009 Tuesday 8/7c 8.5 9 0.9/2 2.35 TBA
20 "Dirty Sexy Mongol" March 10, 2009 1.4 2 0.8/2 2.17 90[39]
21 "The Sweet Science" March 17, 2009 1.2 2 0.9/3 1.88 TBA
22 "The Favorite" March 24, 2009 9.5 2 1.0/3 2.47 TBA
23 "I Want My Baby Back" March 31, 2009 10.0 3 1.0/3 2.37[40] TBA
24 "Underbelly" April 7, 2009 0.9 2 0.8/3 2.28 TBA
25 "The Good Soil" April 14, 2009 0.9 3 0.9/2 2.05 TBA
26 "The Home Stretch" April 21, 2009 1.0 3 0.9/3 2.45[41] TBA
27 "No Reaper Left Behind" April 28, 2009 0.7 2 0.6/2 1.82 TBA
28 "My Brother's Reaper" May 5, 2009 1.2 2 0.8/2 2.22 TBA
29 "To Sprong, With Love" May 12, 2009 1.33 2 0.9/3 1.99 TBA
30 "Business Casualty" May 19, 2009 TBA TBA TBA 1.92 TBA
31 "The Devil & Sam Oliver" May 26, 2009 TBA TBA TBA 2.22[42] TBA

International distribution

Country TV Network(s) Weekly Schedule (local time)
Austria Austria Fox
Argentina Argentina Universal Channel Friday, 9:00pm
Australia Australia 7Two Tuesday, 8:30pm
Brazil Brazil Universal Channel Friday, 9:00pm
Bulgaria Bulgaria AXN TBA
Canada Canada "A"
Ztélé (French version)
Tuesdays 8:00pm ET/PT (simsubbed with CW), Monday 9:00pm ET/PT
Ztélé: Monday 9:00pm ET (with repeats)
Chile Chile Universal Channel Friday, 9:00pm
Colombia Colombia Universal Channel Friday
Cyprus Cyprus CYBC2 Monday-Friday, 12:30am
Denmark Denmark TV 2 Zulu Wednesday, 8:00pm
Finland Finland Nelonen Friday, 12:20am (Pirunkaupat)
France France Canal+ Family Tuesday Night
Germany Germany Fox (Premiere)

Monday, 10:15pm
Hong Kong Hong Kong TVB Pearl
Thursday, 8:30pm
Sunday, 1:45pm & 10:30pm (repeat)
Hungary Hungary AXN Saturday, 8:10pm[43]
Indonesia Indonesia Star World Monday, 10:00pm
India India Star World Monday, 10:00pm
Republic of Ireland Ireland RTE2 and E4 Thursday, 11:45pm and Wednesday, 9:00pm
Israel Israel yes Tuesday, 10:30pm (yes Stars Action, yes stars HD)
Italy Italy Fox Italia & MTV Italia Tuesday, 9:10pm and Thursday, 9:00pm (10:00pm in the 2nd Season)
Jamaica Jamaica Television Jamaica Sundays, 9:00pm
Japan Japan Sci-Fi Japan Wednesday, 10:00pm
Malaysia Malaysia 8TV and Star World 8TV:Season 01 Friday, 10:00pm & repeat - Thursdays, 12:15am
Season 02: Wednesday, 10:00pm & repeat - Saturday, 11:45pm
Mexico Mexico Universal Channel Friday, 9:00pm

Bahrain Egypt Iraq
Jordan Kuwait Lebanon
Oman Saudi Arabia Somalia
Syria Tunisia United Arab Emirates
Middle East and North Africa

Showtime Arabia Season Two: Everyday, 6:00pm KSA
New Zealand New Zealand TV2 TBD (2010)
Netherlands The Netherlands Comedy Central Friday, 10:00pm
Norway Norway TVNorge Saturday, 6:20pm
Philippines Philippines Studio 23 Tuesday, 8:30pm
Poland Poland AXN Sunday, 8:00pm
Portugal Portugal AXN Wednesday, 9:30pm
Romania Romania AXN Friday,10:00pm
Russia Russia STS 5:30pm
Singapore Singapore MediaCorp TV Channel 5 Sunday, 10:30pm
South Africa South Africa M-Net Tuesday, 8:00pm
Spain Spain La Sexta and AXN Wednesday, 10:00pm
Sweden Sweden Kanal 5 Thursday, 9:00pm
Republic of China Taiwan Star World Monday, 11:00pm
Thailand Thailand Star World Monday, 10:00pm
Turkey Turkey ComedyMax Everyday, 10:00pm
United Kingdom United Kingdom E4 / HD
Channel 4 / HD
Wednesday, 9:00pm Season 2 Thursday, 9:00
Tuesday, 11:05pm
United States United States The CW Tuesday, 9:00pm
(8:00pm Central Time)
Venezuela Venezuela Universal Channel Friday, 8:30pm

In addition, season one of Reaper airs on American Forces Network (AFN) on Mondays at 5:00 PM GMT, through November 10, 2008. The series will also air on A and Citytv in Canada, Studio 23 in Philippines, 7Two in Australia and E4 in the United Kingdom.[44][45] The show will also air on La Sexta in Spain.[46] The series' pilot has also been premiered in July 2007 during the Roma Fiction Fest in Rome, Italy.


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Reaper is an American television comedy-drama created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas about a guy named Sam, whose soul was sold to the devil by his parents and now works as a bounty hunter, sending escaped souls back to Hell.


Season One


Mr. Oliver: Kyle, did you wish your brother a happy birthday?
Kyle: The guy's twenty-one, lives with his parents, and wears an apron for a living. There's no happy in that birthday.

Sock: Hey, Kyle. Don't sweat Stanford, man. I only heard it's like the... fourth best university in the U.S.. Is that right?
Kyle: You suck!
[Kyle leaves the room.]
Sock: Hey, no shame in community college, K-Fed, I almost went!

Sock: I say we all get in the car. Get some smack. Kill a hooker in Vegas.
[Mrs. Oliver leaves the room.]
Sock: I mean- mea- meant patronize a hooker in Vegas! I would never kill a hooker in Vegas! [to Sam] I would never kill a hooker.

Sock: [about Mr. and Mrs. Oliver] Do you think they still do it? ... Yeah, they do it.

Sock: All I'm saying is you should prepare for a little alcohol poisoning tonight, alright?

[A dog jumps up at Sock's car window.]
Sock: Hey, check it out! This is the best dog ever! Watch this.
[Sock opens the door and knocks the dog unconscious.]

[Sam and Sock are talking about Andi.]
Sock: Look at it - she's smart, she's hot, she goes to college, she works in a crap shack like this with losers like me and you. What does that tell you? Just off the top of your head.
Sam: She's got low standards?
Sock: Exactly! Use that to your advantage before she figures it out, alright? Because she will.

[Ted is stood next to a chart.]
Ted: As you can see, most of us are doing great in the sales contest, except for a select few who think their time is better spent constructing beer bongs.
Sock: Oh, if you are referring to me, Ted the Head? I'm biding my time. Okay? Like a snake, in the grass, ready to pounce.
Ted: That doesn't even make any sense, what you just said. And don't forget that the winner receives a free twenty-pound spiral cut ham!
Employee: I'm Jewish, you jerk!
Ted: Or a gift certificate. For our Semitic and/or Muslim friends. [happily] So go get them!

Andi: I hope your day off is tomorrow because you're gonna be hurting.
Sam: Uh, no. No, my day off is Saturday. What about you?
Andi: Actually, my day off is Saturday, too.
Sam: Do y- Do you have any plans on Saturday? You- your "day off"?
Andi: I'm going to be sitting in the library, writing a huge psych paper, being lame.
[Andi exits the room as Sam continues talking.]
Sam: Right, no, yeah, I've got plans also. Sleeping. Waking up. Getting dressed. Xbox. [turns to Ben] I need you to punch me in the face right now.
[Ben pats Sam's back.]

Sam: Ted says I'm on notice.
Sock: Well, so what? I live on notice.

Sam: I was just watching this show. It was really scary.
[Chirpy birds are on television.]
Sock: Yeah, yeah, those things'll kill you.

Sock: You Bruce Bannered that thing, man!
Sam: I didn't touch it!
Sock: What do you mean?
Sam: I didn't touch it. It was too far away!
Sock: I saw you-
Sam: No, it was too far away! It's like I moved it with my mind, or something! And this is not the first time this has happened today.
[Sock picks up a container.]
Sam: Something is really-
[Sock throws the container at Sam's head.]
Sam: Aaaaaaaa! What the hell, man!?
Sock: You were supposed to move that with your mind.

[Sock chases after a pack of dogs with a vacuum.]
Sock: Run, bitches!

Mr. Oliver: You okay?
Sam: No. I- I- I think I might be going insane.
Mr. Oliver: Bad day.
Sam: Let's see, um... Got chased by a pack of dogs; moved an air conditioner with my mind; oh, and uh, the Devil tried to carjack me. So, overall, not a great day.
Mr. Oliver: Sit down, Sam. There's something I- I have to tell. I probably should have told you this a long time ago. I- Before, you were born, your mom and I... sold your soul to the Devil.
Sam: What?
Mr. Oliver: I was really, really sick, and he came to us and offered us a cure! And in exchange, he would take the soul of our firstborn when he turned twenty-one. Your mom and I thought, 'fine, we just won't have children, because if there's no first born, then there's no soul to take'. About a year later, Doctor Bert told me that I was infertile and we thought, 'that's great! Nothing to worry about!'.
Sam: R- right.
Mr. Oliver: Except that as it turns out, old Doctor Bert had a bit of a gambling problem, and uh, the Devil paid off his debts and in exchange the doc this one little lie. Next thing you know - we're pregnant. I- I- I'm so sorry, Sam. I wish I could make you forgive me, but... How can you?

Josie: Can I get a round of shots for these degenerates here? On me.
Sock: [mockingly] Ooh, look at me, I'm the big district attorney office chick, buying all my friends with free booze.
Josie: [mockingly] Ooh, look at me, I'm twenty-five years old, and I still live with my parents.

Andi: You guys should never have broken up.
Sock: Oh, I had to, Andi, because I found out that [loudly] she used to be a dude!
Josie: I heard that you used to be a dude too.
Sock: [no comeback] Well, I heard that you had... one time... friend.

Sam: My parents sold my soul to the Devil.
Sock: How drunk are you?
Sam: Completely sober.
Sock: How drunk am I?

Sam: No, of course I'm not going to tell Andi! She'll freak out, she'll never go out with me!
Sock: You can make her go out with you, Damien.

[Sam looks at his gift from Andi, then falls flat on his bed.]
The Devil: Oh, that's really nice. Not too gay at all.

[The fugitive ripples his muscles as the Devil and Sam watch.]
The Devil: Oh, gag! Look at that tool! Will you capture him already?

Sam: So you want me to kill him?
The Devil: What is this obsession with murder? The guy's already dead!

Sam: I'm not doing this. I'm not going to be your stupid bounty hunter!
The Devil: [seriously] You will do it, or I'll take your mother. You refuse to work for me, her soul becomes forfeit. It's the lady or the tiger, Sammy. You think about it.
[The Devil laughs as he walks away.]

Ben: There's no such thing as the Devil, alright? I mean, the guy was probably just some homeless person.
Sam: No, he wasn't homeless! He had a- he had a suit on! Okay? And he turned night into day, and what about the telekinesis thing? Tell him about the telekinesis thing.
Ben: What telekinesis thing?
[Sock throws a paint can at Sam.]
Sam: Urgh! Aah.
Sock: Still working on that one.

[Sam opens the vessel and finds a Dirt Devil.]
Sam: What?
Sock: What? What is it?
[Sam shows the Dirt Devil to Sock and Ben. Sock laughs.]
Sam: It's a Dirt Devil.
Ben: No, I take it back, Sam. That's a really evil mini-vac.
Sam: I don't know, the Devil guy was-
Ben: Messing with you! And we sell those in aisle fifteen, I think.
[Ben sets off the Dirt Devil, which drags a truck closer to them. He switches it off and the truck stops. He hands it back to Sam.]
Sock: That'll work.

Sam: What do you think?
Sock: Three-on-one? Got this guy in the bag.
[Escaped soul reveals his fire power by setting his shoulders on fire.]
Sock: What does that mean?

[Sam watches over Ben in a hospital when Sock walks over.]
Sock: Hey.
Sam: Where were you?
Sock: Gift shop.
[Sock holds up a pen.]
Sock: Ben would want eyebrows. He would want eyebrows, and he would want us to give them to him. Say yes. Just say yes.

Andi: Hey. Is Ben okay?
Sam: Erm... how- how- how did you know?
Sock: I called her.
Andi: What happened?
Sam: Er, we were working on a project.
Andi: What project?
Sock: Um, making napalm.
Andi: [shocked] What?
Sam: It's hard to explain, Andi.
Andi: Okay, well, try.
Sam: I- I can't, really. I don't, you know.
Andi: Sam, what aren't you telling me?
Sam: It's complicated!
Andi: Okay, what did you do? Was it your fault or-
Sam: Yes, Andi, it's my fault! Okay? I'm the loser who got Ben hurt, alright?
[Andi leaves.]

The Devil: Ah, I love hockey! Lots of aggression; tons of blood. Want to guess who my favourite team is?
Sam: Yeah, I can't do this. I tried. It's too hard. My friend got hurt, I lost the fire man - you have the wrong guy! So, you can just take me to Hell or whatever. I don't care.
The Devil: That's not the way things work, Sammy. You have no use to me down there.
Sam: Well, I'm not exactly kicking ass up here! You should just find somebody else before the guy kills more people.
The Devil: You do this alot, don't you?
Sam: Do what?
The Devil: Give up. Things get hard? Little Sammy takes the path of least resistance.
Sam: Fine. Fine, I'm a failure.
The Devil: I'll tell you what. Before you throw in the towel, why don't you do some investigating first? Look for motivations. I mean, why does the fire man do what he does?
Sam: Who cares? Why- Why burn down anything? He already did that when he was alive.
The Devil: Exactly! Why? Like I said. Hold on a minute.
[The Devil and Sam witness a man getting crushed and killed by an ice rink cleaning vehicle.]
The Devil: Oh, don't feel bad. He was a terrible person. Drinker. Wife beater. He didn't fulfill his contract either. And I think you're on the right track, Sammy. I feel good about this. Word of caution - I don't accept failure. Ever.

Josie: I cannot believe you came to my work!
Sock: I can't believe you never come to mine! I mean, don't you ever need a battery or a room box or something?
Josie: I need a restraining order! What part of 'I don't want to see you anymore' do you not understand?
Sock: [getting louder] Listen, nobody's more proud than me that you stopped having sex for money, Josie. I just wish you'd stop with all the shoplifting!

Josie: I am a sworn officer of the court! I took an oath to uphold the law!
[Sock laughs.]
Sock: That's funny. Because, uh, 90% of the stuff we did in the parking lot of this court house is illegal in twelve states.

[Sock finds a photocopier.]
Sock: Oh, God! Do you know what I would magnify with this thing? I'd make my ass my letterhead.

[Sam and Sock sit around waiting for the Dirt Devil to recharge.]
Sock: Is it ready? Sam! Is it ready?
[Sam leans over and looks at the Dirt Devil, then leans back.]
Sam: No.
[Sock throws a ball at the Dirt Devil in anger.]

Sock: [to Sam] You are Neo! You're the One!

Sock: [to Sam] I have never been more attracted to a man in my life. That's- that's not what I meant.

Sock: I'm pretty sure I wet my pants.
[Sam looks at him in disgust.]

Gladys: Fugitive transfer?
Sam: Uh, yes. Yes, I think so.
Gladys: Place the vessel on the mat.
[Sam places the Dirt Devil on the mat.]
Gladys: Never seen one of these before.
[Gladys sends the Dirt Devil to Hell.]
Gladys: Have a nice day!
Sam: W- w- wait! Um, so, their not all little vacuums?
Gladys: The boss gives you the vessel he thinks you can handle. You must be a real moron!
[Gladys laughs. Sock hits a 'rejection' stamp in anger.]
Sock: [annoyed] DMV!!

[Sam drags the Devil away from Andi.]
Sam: What is wrong with you?
The Devil: She's adorable. So sweet.
Sam: Stay away from her. I swear to God-
The Devil: Swear to who? Like I'd play in the kiddy pool. Sam, I just wanted to congratulate you. Great job on the arsonist! You'll be happy to know he's right back where he belongs, getting his nuts burnt off for eternity. Who's the hero, huh? You're the hero, man! Pat yourself on the back! I have a present for you.
[The Devil is holding a vessel.]
The Devil: A vessel for the next fugitive.
Sam: So I have to do this forever?
The Devil: Well, yeah. Well, technically, I mean, not forever. You're done when you die, right? Huh? Hey, I just bought a bunch of crap and gave you the sale. For the contest. You're gonna win that ham, man.
[Sam walks off with the vessel.]
The Devil: That was nice! I can be nice!

Sam: You know, I'm not really a ham guy, but this is pretty good.
Sock: That's cause it's a victory ham.


Ben: Oh, my God, we're gonna die dressed as condoms!

Sock: You need a doctor! Dr. Jager, Dr. Cuervo and Dr. Captain Morgan, he has two titles!

All Mine

Ted: I see a spark of the old me in you, you know that?
Sam: Please don't say that, Ted.
Ted: And that's why I am prepared to promote you to assistant manager of the plumbing department. What do you think of that, if that happens?
Sam: I think I want to stab myself.


Ted: What can you tell me about this can of wasted paint?
Andi: It's leaking onto your desk.

Ben: My dad's super allergic, you know, I couldn't have any pets, so this little guy fills that void.
Sock: You said I filled that void, Ben.

Sam: God, you sound like Ted.
The Devil: Oh, that was harsh. Ted is a real douche bag.

Ben: You're one freaky ass bird, who scared the crap out of me and now I can't be comfortable around birds ever again. I hope you know that.

What About Blob?


Leon: Tell me about your childhood.
Sam: My parents sold my soul to the devil.

The Devil: I invented therapy so that the wicked could justify their actions.

Love, Bullets & Blacktop

The Devil: The French invented love, so they could put a civilized face on a primal urge, and dress it up with candy, and hearts, and cupids. In the end, it all comes down to endorphins and genitalia.

The Cop

[Sock decides to stalk Gladys at the Work Bench.]
Sam: Sock, don't do anything stupid!
Sock: Sam, I almost certainly going to do something stupid. It's in my blood. You know that.

Ashes to Ashes

Cash Out

Sam: Gladys wouldn't take the vessel.
The Devil: That's because the vessel was half-full. Or half-empty, if you're Catholic.

Sock: (about Ben's track suit) You should keep that suit. You have never looked faster.

Sock: Do you remember a few years back there was a fire at Josie's apartment?
Sam: Yeah, right before you guys broke up.
Sock: Do you remember that it was around the time I was exploring my feminine side?
Sam: ...No.
Sock: Well, mostly, I was into jasmine scented candles.
Sam: Did you burn down Josie's apartment?
Sock: It's a dark part of my life, Sam. I'm not proud of it.

Hungry for Fame


Acid Queen

Sock: Hey you guys, want a Sock, Sam, and Ben muffin? They're delicious and nutritious.

Sock: Is it wrong that I am aroused and disgusted at the same time?
Ben: Probably, but I wouldn't beat yourself up about it.

Sam: Did you guys ever eat anybody?
Tony: That's offensive. [walks away with Steve] That's offensive.


The Devil: What? You don't like banana splits? What are you - some kind of commie?

Coming to Grips

Sam: What is he? A serial rapist?
The Devil: Wow, you go to the dark place fast.

Porn shop clerk: Hey, this isn't a hook-up spot. You wanna get your jollies off, do it in the alley.
[The Devil touches the clerk's forehead, and the clerk falls unconscious.]
Sam: What did you do? Did you kill him? Is he dead?
The Devil: I don't know, Sam. I'm not a doctor.
Sam: [off-camera] He's still breathing!
The Devil: [rolls his eyes] Oh, thank heavens.

Sam: It's Andi. She...sort of saw me chop Jack's head off

Greg Schmeg

Sock: Chicks do not want sensitive, okay? They want a bad boy. They want someone who's gonna break all the rules. Someone who will bang them on the back of a motorcycle and then not do the dishes.

The Leak

Cassidy: When this is all over, my boyfriend will no longer be married.


Demon: (watches Sam as he puts a "50% off" sign on a broken washing machine) Oh, he is evil like none have known before!

The Devil: I scout for the Yankees in my spare time.

The Devil: That cage will never work on me. It might hold a demon, but come on... I'm the man!

Sock: This is the first and last time you will ever hear me say these words, but we shouldn't be drinking tonight.

Steve: (about Heaven) It's better than Cancun...

Mr. Oliver: (after Mrs. Oliver digs him out) What took you so long?

Season Two

Episode IV: A New Hope

The Devil: Your pentagram is a Star of David. Mazal tov!

The Devil: (reads Sam's book on Satan) 'The Devil is attracted to radishes?' What does that mean? Like sexually? Oh, that's disgusting!

[Sock's step-sister, Kristen, walks past Sam, Sock, and Ben in a bikini.]
Sock: Oh my god, she's so hot.
Ben: Smokin'.
Sock: Shut your mouth, that is my sister! I've got dibs.

Sam: Sometimes, in order to do something good, you have to do something bad first.
Sock: I want you to keep that in mind when I eventually make love to your mother.

Ben: Hey guys, check out our beer logo.
[Sam, Sock, and Ben look at their beer mascot on the side of the van.]
Sam: Our beer logo is a baby? Isn't that dumb?
Ben: It's a leprechaun.
Sock: Where's his hat?
Ben: He took it off...because it's impolite to wear his hat when he's drinking.
Sam: Why is he wearing a bib?
Ben: Okay! It's a baby, alright? It's the only thing I knew how to draw!

Ben: "They even drank all the Zimas..."

Dirty Sexy Mongol

Ben: Traditional mongolian dress is called a deel. It's worn by both men and women. It's widely worn by Mongolians today.
Sock: Is that so, professor?
Ben: Hey, don't mock me. History Channel docs are a great way to break the ice with the ladies.

Sam: Maybe you guys should cover the other exits.
Sock: Cover the exit with what? Our spines?

Ben: (reads Sam's Wanted poster) 'Large reward?' Exactly what do you mean by large?
Sam: I got a gift certificate to Outback.
[Ben looks at him skeptically.]
Sam: Thirty dollars.
Ben: Oooh, nice.

The Devil: I'm a busy guy. It's an election year.

Sock: I just want her to see me the way the rest of the world does.
Sam: And how is that?
Sock: As a sexual magician.

Sam: You sent a demon to my house to kill me, Gladys! Why would you do that?
Gladys: We're in a book club together.
Sam: So, you agreed to have me assassinated?
Gladys: These book clubs are a lot of pressure.

Sock: Because she is my sister, and the only one allowed to have sex with her is me.

Ted: Sex swings have been around for thousands of years. It's not like I invented them.

The Sweet Science

Ben: (after sharing a kiss) Tastes like pennies.
Nina: That's just blood, silly.

Nina: (talking about the Hell geode gift to Ben) Don't worry, it's perfectly safe. Just don't ever sleep next to it, because it'll give you nightmares. Don't ever make wishes upon it or get it next to a nuclear reactor. And then just use a regular damp cloth to clean it.

Sock: Boxing requires focus. It's like having sex. Everything's going good, you're getting your groove on, chugging along. In comes the talking, the hints, the tips, the criticizing. Next thing you know, you've lost that concentration! You're locked in the bathroom, yelling at your own lap!

Ben: Maybe you should grow a soul patch.
Sam: No, I'm not growing a douche tag.

Ben: I'm going to break up with Nina. And I'm kinda scared that she might not take it too well.
Andi: I'm so sorry, Ben. Is there anything that I can do?
Ben: Yes, you can. May I please borrow the company pepperspray and boxcutters?

The Devil: Punishing souls is like raising children. They need consistency. You can't reward bad behavior. They step out of line. You just have to give them a time out in the Closet of Abysmal Agony.

The Devil: That's not how we roll in H-Town.

The Favorite

[Sam walks away with a winning lotto ticket.]
Sock: I hate that guy.
Ben: That's my money.

Andi: There are little devils running around, and that doesn't give you the chills?

Nina: (About Ben's home-made quesadilla) Mm, this is delicious. I'm starting to like human food.
Ben: How is demon food different?
Nina: Usually it's still squirming or screaming.

The Devil: For all your whining and complaining, lack of fashion sense, you always get the job done. You want to do the right thing. I hate that about you. But I guess that's the quality that makes you so effective.
Sam: Are you giving me a compliment?
The Devil: No, mostly I just hate that about you.

Nina: You seem quiet tonight.
Ben: I’ve just... have some stuff on my mind. I’ve been thinking about things.
Nina: Oh, well stop it!

The Devil: If [the portrait] stays there too long, Fitzgerald will show up and reclaim it, and more people will die.
Sam: Since when did you care if people get killed?
The Devil: I don't. Good call.

Ben: (talking Morgan's Maserati) Well some people probably like that car. I...also do.

Gladys: If you want to know how to please a demon, I can help you.
Ben: Really? Because that'll be great.
Gladys: Of course. Drop by my place tonight, and I'll give you a one-on-one tutorial as they say. I like to make learning fun, so bring along plenty of plastic garbage bags.

Ben: Sex is an essential component in a strong relationship! It is the cornerstone of...something. I don't know. I read it in some female book.
Nina: What exactly are female books?

Ben: I'm going to have sex with you in your natural body. Now I would simply ask that your wings don't poke me in the eye. Also, please be aware that my skin is very sensitive. It chaffs easily. Also, please don't talk while we're doing it. I mean, your demon voice is a little mannish. Okay? Now I'm going to have a cocktail first, if you don't mind. Do you have a glass?
Nina: So, you want this?
[Nina changes into her demon form.]
Ben: I can drink from the bottle.

Sam: You are evil.
Morgan: I'm the son of the Devil. I mean, what did you expect?

Ted: Little girl, I was working at a store when you were still experimenting with alternative lifestyles at summer camp.

Gladys: Who's the pretty boy?
Morgan: Hi, I'm Morgan. Nice to meet you.
Sam: He's sorta the son of your boss.
Gladys: So is Genghis Khan. You expect me to be impressed by a gap ad?

The Devil: That's not a very happy Sammy face.

I Want My Baby Back

Sam: I just need to talk to you in private.
Sock: Alright. Fine. I'm alone. Give it up.
Sam: No, in the car, where no one can hear us.
Sock: You know what, if this is about your weird little man crush on me, don't worry about it. We all know.

[Sam take the vessel, which is a stake.]
The Devil: Oh, looking sharp, Buffy. Lookin' sharp.

Ben: (talking about the baby) It's probably hungry. It needs mother's milk.
Sock: Oh, well, sorry I'm not lactating right now.

Ben: There are some drugs you can take that will dull the sex drive.
Sock: Isn't that chemical castration?

Tony: (talking about the baby) Guys, this is a precious and delicate little gift. You can't just treat it like a turtle you got at a Chinese market and forget about it.

Tony: I'm going to name her Stevie.
Sock: Um, I already named her Magnum, P.I.

Andi: Anything you want to tell me? Any little details that might be important for me to understand while I'm dating you?
Sam: I'm...allergic to tree nuts?

[Sam runs into Andi's office.]
The Devil: Hey, you just can't come bursting into people's offices. I might've been naked in here.

Sam: What are you doing here?
Mr. Oliver: I came for your brains. Just kidding!

Sam, Sock, Ben: (singing) Twinkle light and good night, you're gonna get a spike in your baby eye.


The Good Soil

Sam: I'm not done until we get back together.
Ben: Good for you! Sometimes you gotta look reality in the face and say no!

[Sock, naked, walks over to Sam and Ben.]
Ben: (turning around) Can you put some clothes on, please?
Sock: Too upset for clothes, Ben.

Ben: Saturday is our two-month anniversary.
Nina: Wow. Two months ago, I kidnapped you and forced you to be my boyfriend.

The Devil: Did you know that in the old days I used to get the souls that ate shrimp?

Billy: This time, there is no covet. Only love it.

Ben: Tomorrow night, for our special anniversary, you and me, we're flying to the moon.
Nina: (laughs) Baby, you would freeze and suffocate before you got there.

Sam: How'd it go with you and Kristin's dad?
Sock: He called me a clown, said I wasn't good enough to date Kristin, and attacked me with a fishing rod. I had to escape by swimming across the lake.
Ben: That's terrible, Sock.
Sock: You know, honestly, compared to other times when I met the parents, it didn't go that badly, Benji. You know, he didn't pull a gun on me, didn't try to rip off my genitals.
Sam: Sounds like he's got a soft spot for you.

Nina: Long time ago, I had hemophobia.
Ben: That ain't right. My cousin's gay.
Nina: No, no. Hemo-phobia. It's the fear of blood.
Ben: You love blood.
Nina: I know! See that's what's crazy. I just had to confront my fear, immerse myself in it. Once I did that, it was great. I loved it. Now I can bathe in it every single day.
Ben: That's...nice for you.

The Home Stretch

The Devil: (talking about the contest) The loser, however, will be cast out. No financial support, no clothes, no car. Just an eternity of endless toil as one of my minions. Put quite simply, your life will be garbage.
Sam: My life is already garbage.
The Devil: Then, we'll just have to find a way to make it worse.

Sock: (looking through their house window) Why is there a small Mexican lady in our kitchen?
Ben: That's my grandmother. Also, she's not Mexican.
Sock: What? You're --
Ben: Not Mexican either.

Ben: (talking about his grandmother) She would disown me.
Sock: That seems a bit much, but I do know how you Mexicans have a spicy temper.


Sam Oliver - Bret Harrison
Bert "Sock" Wysocki - Tyler Labine
Andi Prendergast - Missy Peregrym
The Devil - Ray Wise
Benjamin "Benji" Gonzalez - Rick Gonzalez
Josie Miller - Valarie Rae Miller
Mr. Oliver - Andrew Airlie
Mrs. Oliver - Allison Hossack
Gladys - Christine Willes
Ted - Donovan Stinson

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