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Rebecca Shaw
Natalia Livingston as Rebecca Shaw (2009)
General Hospital
Portrayed by Natalia Livingston
Duration 2009
First appearance January 15, 2009
Last appearance December 22, 2009
Cause/reason Moved to France
Created by Robert Guza, Jr.
Aliases Rebecca Amber Shaw (full name)
Gender Female
Occupation Former X-Ray technician
Former waitress at Kelly's Diner
Residence Paris, France

Rebecca Shaw[1] is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She debuted on January 15, 2009 and left December 22, 2009, and is portrayed by Natalia Livingston,[2] who previously portrayed the late Dr. Emily Quartermaine on the series from April 2003 to May 2008.[3]


X-ray technician Rebecca Shaw arrives in fictional Port Charles, New York in January 2009, and local residents are shocked at her resemblance to Dr. Emily Quartermaine, who had been murdered over a year before. Rebecca becomes more evasive about her past as she meets Emily's inquisitive loved ones, including Emily's former fiance Nikolas Cassadine. Though touched by the story of Nikolas and Emily's romance, Rebecca is put off by Nikolas' persistence; she meets his half-brother Lucky Spencer, who is the first person in town to ask her about herself.[4] Rebecca and Lucky begin dating, which puts the brothers slightly at odds; Rebecca is also drawn to Nikolas, and they kiss.

Nikolas' evil grandmother Helena Cassadine — who had hated Emily and had even tried to kill her — returns to town. Helena notes Rebecca's resemblance to Emily with interest, and insults her.[5][6] Nikolas' aunt Alexis Davis voices her suspicions that Helena has actually orchestrated Rebecca's arrival as part of some plan;[6] Nikolas is inclined to agree when he later sees Helena and Rebecca talking.[7] Alexis accuses Rebecca of having had plastic surgery, and pulls back Rebecca's hair to reveal a scar;[7] Rebecca explains that it is from a childhood injury, and storms out in a fury.[8] Rebecca resumes her new relationship with Lucky, which irks Nikolas and drives him to kiss Lucky's ex-wife Elizabeth Webber in retaliation.[9] Rebecca and Lucky stop short of having sex but Nikolas is left with the impression that they have;[10] Rebecca seeks out Nikolas and admits that she is attracted to him.[11] On June 3, 2009, Alexis learns that Rebecca had been illegally adopted, and Nikolas and Rebecca finally have sex.[12] Helena returns on June 4, 2009[13] and tries to lure Rebecca away from her "current partner" and assist in Helena's plans; Rebecca angrily refuses.[14] Later, Rebecca is revealed to be conspiring and romantically involved with Ethan Lovett; after receiving more information, Alexis gives Nikolas the news that Rebecca is Emily's twin sister.[14] Nikolas tells a surprised Rebecca the truth on June 9, 2009;[15] Rebecca has secretly known all along, and as other people find out, Elizabeth is among those who suspect as much.[16] On August 14, 2009, Lucky tells Nikolas about Rebecca's con with Ethan, and three days later, Nikolas breaks up with Rebecca.

With a plan of revenge in mind, Nikolas soon starts dating Rebecca again, determined to make her pay for using Emily's memory to scam him. He also hopes Rebecca can distract him from Elizabeth, as he is becoming more and more attracted to her. In the ensuing weeks, Nikolas and Elizabeth kiss several times and even have sex in a hospital supply closet. After overhearing both Lucky and Rebecca just outside the door afterward, their guilty feelings resurface, and Elizabeth resolves again that nothing more can happen between them.[17]

Not much later, Nikolas breaks off his relationship with Rebecca for good, telling her that it was all an act. He discloses how, in a moment of regret about his plan to seduce her, he even offered Ethan money to taker her away, but Ethan declined. But after Rebecca tells Lucky that Nikolas was cold and detached as he ended things with her, Lucky tells Rebecca that must be why Nikolas seemed so inexplicably subdued when Lucky spoke with him earlier that day about his plan to call off the engagement to Elizabeth. Rebecca interprets this as a sign of regret from Nikolas and shows up to surprise Nikolas at his stable. Taking off her coat to reveal that she is naked, Rebecca tries to seduce him, but Nikolas picks up her coat and covers her with it, telling her that he will never be able to care for her because his heart belongs to another woman. Rebecca takes this to mean Emily and tells Nikolas that she is willing to keep trying anyway. But Nikolas is adamant that he is not interested. After an angry exchange, Rebecca returns to General Hospital, where she runs into Lucky again and tells him what happened.

Ultimately Rebecca decides to go back to Wyndemere once more, where she sees Elizabeth and Nikolas in the living room having sex because the door is ajar. Finally understanding that Nikolas does not care about her, she goes to the casino, where Ethan serves up drinks and sympathy, though she does not tell him exactly why she is so hurt and angry. Now intoxicated, she heads out, determined to tell Lucky the truth about his brother and his fiancee. But as she approaches Lucky's house, she steps into the street and gets hit by a car. The driver turns out to be Nikolas, who also had been rushing to Lucky's. He had looked away from the road momentarily because of his cell phone. Nikolas calls for help and apologizes to Rebecca, who spews anger at him. She tells Nikolas that she saw him with Elizabeth and plans to tell Lucky. At General Hospital, the doctors weigh whether to operate, saying Rebecca could be paralyzed if her swelling does not abate, but the new chief of staff, Steven Webber, Elizabeth's brother, makes the decision that they should wait. Soon the waiting room begins to fill, as Elizabeth and the Quartermaines arrive. Monica tries to calm down Edward, but he tells her, "Haven't you learned, Monica? The worst really does happen." Lucky arrives to investigate and speaks with Rebecca, who confirms that it was an accident and does not reveal her secret. Steven later goes to Rebecca's room to introduce himself and asks her to be kind to Elizabeth.

Rebecca tells Nikolas that she has reconsidered telling Lucky about his sleeping with Elizabeth and that instead she just wants to try to get Lucky interested in dating her again, since she never gave him a fair chance and had only dated him to get Nikolas' attention. Nikolas is pleased to hear this and does not understand why Elizabeth is so upset when he tells her Rebecca's plan. Rebecca invites Lucky to play pool at Jake's and Elizabeth rushes there with Nikolas to try to get Lucky to go Christmas tree shopping with her. Elizabeth and Lucky end up sharing with Rebecca the story of how they fell in love and how much their friendship with Emily and Nikolas has meant. Rebecca, who had been tempted to expose Elizabeth, decides not to interfere by telling her secret and to leave town before she changes her mind. She rushes off to bid good-bye to the Quartermaines, saying she has chosen to accept Monica's offer to pay for her to live abroad.

On December 22, 2009, Rebecca leaves Port Charles for Paris. Aboard the plane, she sits next to a man who introduces himself as Aaron. In a bizarre twist, Aaron looks exactly like Zander Smith, Emily's former love interest.


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