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A recital is a musical (vocal or instrumental) performance. It can highlight a single performer, sometimes accompanied by piano, or a performance of the works of a single composer.

The invention of the solo piano recital has been attributed to Franz Liszt.

Also, a recital may have many participants, as for a dance recital.

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RECITAL (from Lat. recitare, to read out, particularly of a public document), an account or repetition of the details of some act, proceeding, fact, &c., particularly, in law, that part of a legal document, such as a lease, which contains a statement of certain facts, e.g. the purport for which the deed is made. In music, the word is used of an instrumental performance given by a single person, and also of a performance of the works of a single composer.

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recital (plural recitals)

  1. The act of reciting; the repetition of the words of another, or of a document; rehearsal; as, the recital of testimony.
  2. A telling in detail and due order of the particulars of anything, as of a law, an adventure, or a series of events; narration.
  3. That which is recited; a story; a narration.
  4. A vocal or instrumental performance by one person; -- distinguished from concert; as, a song recital; an organ, piano, or violin recital.
  5. The formal statement, or setting forth, of some matter of fact in any deed or writing in order to explain the reasons on which the transaction is founded; the statement of matter in pleading introductory to some positive allegation.






recital m. inv.

  1. recital (theatrical recitation)


Simple English

A recital is a concert of classical music given by just one musician or one musician and an accompanist. A pianist playing a concert by himself will be giving a "piano recital". A "violin recital" will be given by a violinist and piano accompanist.

People started talking about "recitals" in the middle of the 19th century. Pianists such as Liszt became famous when they travelled about giving piano recitals. Soon piano manufacturers (firms that make pianos) and concert agents started to sponsor famous pianists to give recitals. These great pianists became great stars in the way that, in music, only opera singers had been great stars before. Some concert halls have become well-known places for recitals, e.g. the Bosendorfersaal in Vienna, the Beethovensaal in Berlin, the Wigmore Hall in London and the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Some pianists became known for playing recitals of music by just one composer. Recitals of Chopin's music were particularly popular. "Song recitals" (or "vocal recitals") are given by singers who sing Lieder and sometimes arias from operas.


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