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Record News
Rede Mulher de Televisão Ltda.
Type Broadcast television network
Country  Brazil
Availability National and international via TV Record International
Owner Edir Macedo
Launch date September 27, 2007
Official Website

Record News is the first 24-hour terrestrial news channel in Brazil. It is owned by Rede Record.



In 1953, Rede Record de Televisão started as the second Brazilian TV channel (the first was the extinct Rede Tupi). As the network completes 54 years, a new channel has been started by it. This is the first Brazilian news channel free-to-air. The on air button was pushed at 20:15 (Brasília time) by president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Edir Macedo, the owner of the network.



News broadcasting

  • Record News Brasil (RECORD NEWS BRAZIL)
  • Hora News (NEWS HOUR)
  • Tempo News (WEATHER NEWS)
  • Página 1 (FIRST PAGE)
  • Mundo Meio-Dia (WORLD AT NOON)
  • Direto da Redação (DIRECTLY FROM THE NEWSROOM)

Regional News broadcasting

  • Record News Nordeste (RECORD NEWS NORTHEAST)
  • Record News Sudeste (RECORD NEWS SOUTHEAST)
  • Record News Sul (RECORD NEWS SOUTH)
  • Record News Paulista (RECORD NEWS PAULISTA)

Talk show

  • Entrevista Record (RECORD INTERVIEW)
  • Economia e Negócios (BUSINESS AND ECONOMY)
  • Brasília ao Vivo (BRASILIA LIVE)


  • Esporte Record News (RECORD NEWS SPORTS)


  • Coisas de mulher (WOMEN STUFF)
  • Estilo e Saúde (HEALTH AND STYLE)
  • Zapping
  • Aldeia News (VILLAGE NEWS)
  • Mulheres em Foco (WOMEN IN FOCUS)


  • BBC Record
  • Selvagem ao Extremo (EXTREMELY WILD)
  • Mistérios do Corpo (BODY MYSTERIES)
  • Arquivo Record (RECORD FILE)
  • Câmera Record News


Two days before the launch of Record News, the Vice-President of Organizações Globo, Evandro Guimarães, went to Brasilia to meet government officials, including the Communications Minister, Hélio Costa, accusing Rede Record of owning two television networks, Rede Record and Record News, inside the city of São Paulo. In Brazilian Law, it is illegal to own more than one television station in a city.

When Guimarāes trip to Brasilia was revealed in a blog owned by the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, Rede Record attacked Rede Globo in an editorial in its national news broadcast, Jornal da Record, accusing Rede Globo of trying to rescue its monopoly on the media and news, and also claiming that Rede Globo was afraid of Record News because Rede Globo, which owns its own news channel Globo News only a payable cable channel, would lose advertisement revenue from Globo News to Record News. Rede Record also said that Record News was located outside the city of São Paulo, so Record News was broadcasting legitimately. Rede Record also mentioned Rede Globo's past dealings which could be considered illegal and a crime in Brazilian law, and Rede Globo's relationship with Brazil's Military Dictatorship. Rede Globo also claimed it was representing another television rival, Rede Bandeirantes, but Rede Record responded that Rede Bandeirantes owns two channels in Sāo Paulo.

Rede Globo responded to Rede Record's attack by saying it had no merits, it had no proof that Rede Globo had done anything illegal in the past, and Rede Record was just angered of Rede Globo's high ratings.

Coordinates: 23°31′30″S 46°39′43″W / 23.525°S 46.662°W / -23.525; -46.662


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