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The position of Lord Rector of the University of Glasgow (more commonly known just as the Rector) is elected every three years by students at the University of Glasgow. The position's place in the university was enshrined by statute in the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889, which provided for the election of a Rector at all of the universities in existence at the time in Scotland (being St Andrews, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh). The role of the Rector is to represent students to the senior management of the University and raise issues which concern them. In order to achieve this, the Rector is the statutory chair of Court, the governing body of the University.

Students have not always voted for working rectors; anti-apartheid activists Winnie Mandela (1987-1990) and Albert Lutuli (1962-1965) were elected on the understanding that they would be unable to undertake the position's responsibilities, while Mordechai Vanunu (2005-2008) was unable to fulfil his duties as he was not allowed to leave Israel; that said, many of the students involved in the campaign to elect him called for his release to allow him to undertake activities relating to the role. However, other recent Rectors have been elected on the presumption they will be working rectors, e.g. Ross Kemp (1999-2000), who resigned from the post after the Students' Representative Council voted to request his resignation, such was the extent of student dissatisfaction with his performance.

Until 1977, for Rectorial election purposes, the University was divided into four 'nations' based on the students' birthplace, originally called Clidisdaliae, Thevidaliae, Albaniae and Rosay, and later as Glottiana, Loudoniana, Transforthana and Rothseiana. Three of the 'nations' consisted of defined areas in Scotland, with Loudoniana consisting of students from all other places.[1]

At the Rectorial election in February 2004, no nominations for the post of Rector had been received. Upon the end of Greg Hemphill's term, the University was left without a Rector for the first time in the position's history. The University Senate set another election date for December, when Mordechai Vanunu was elected.

The current Rector is Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, and former President of the Glasgow University Union.

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