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The change of the four floating ribs

A redresseur corset (also known as training corset or shoulder corset) is a historical corset that was in use from about 1830s to 1918. It was used at ages 12-13 years to about 18. Its purpose was to mold the torso into a fashionable shape. About 1859 the redresseur corset replaced a pair of stays.

Prior to that, a corsage was worn. In the Victorian and Edwardian era a corsage was used for many years, often from infancy, so the waist was already slim.

The redresseur corset is only used when the waist is already slim, and only for permanent corset use, because the four floating ribs will change permanently.

This type of corset can be used for quick, permanent body modification, but for post-pregnancy waist reduction, the (underbust) hourglass corset is recommended.




An alternative to redresseur corset is usage of shoulder straps on the outside of corset.


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