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There have been several referendums in the history of Poland.


There have been four referendums in the modern Poland. A referendum planned in 2005 on a proposed EU constitution has been put on hold after the rejection of constitution by French voters.

  • 7–8 June 2003 - Referendum on joining the EU (Referendum akcesyjne or Referedum europejskie) asked the question: Do you approve the Poland's entry into European Union. 58,85% eglible citizens attended the vote, 77,45% of them voted 'yes'.
  • 25 May 1997 - Referendum on the Constitution (Referendum konstytucyjne)
  • 18 February 1996: Two referendums:
    • General property enfranchisement of citizens referendums (Referendum w sprawie powszechnego uwłaszczenia obywateli)
    • referendums about certain ways of use of public property (Referendum o niektórych kierunkach wykorzystania majątku państwowego)


There have been two referendums in the People's Republic of Poland.

  • 29 November 1987 - Referendum on political and economic reforms


In the Second Polish Republic, there were no country-wide referendums. There have been two local referendums on border issues between Poland and Germany:



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