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Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) is a non-denominational, evangelical Protestant seminary dedicated to training current and future leaders (especially in its Presbyterian and Reformed branches) to be pastors, missionaries, educators, and Christian counselors. It maintains a belief in the inerrancy of the Bible and follows the Reformed tradition, including Covenant Theology. Its original campus was started in Jackson, Mississippi; the school expanded to additional campuses in Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington D.C. and Charlotte, North Carolina. It has largely served the Presbyterian Church in America since that denomination's founding in 1973, although over recent years has broadened its appeal and now serves students from numerous other Presbyterian and evangelical churches.



One of the unique features of RTS is its governance. Founded out of the liberal-conservative tensions of the Presbyterian Church in the United States in the mid-1960s, the seminary is held together by an active Board of Trustees exercising oversight through its administration. RTS does not employ the traditional tenure system for its faculty. The RTS leadership consists of institutional guidance through its Executive Committee and Chancellor and the respective campus presidents. The Chancellor and CEO of RTS is Robert "Ric" Cannada, Jr. John Sowell is the president of RTS Atlanta. The president of RTS Charlotte is Michael A. Milton. Guy Richardson is the president of RTS Jackson, Mississippi. The presidency of RTS Orlando is vacant as of February 2009 and Dr. Michael Milton is currently serving as interim president concurrent with his Charlotte post. The president of the RTS Virtual Campus is Andy Peterson. The newest campus, RTS Washington DC, has not named its first president as of April 2009. The seminary is a member of the Washington Theological Consortium.[1]


Reformed Theological Seminary offers the following academic degrees:

Campus locations

In addition to the original campus in Jackson, Mississippi and the campuses in Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, DC and Charlotte, North Carolina. RTS's distance learning program, RTS Virtual, offers an accredited 60 semester hour MAR which may be earned at distance except for two 3 day seminars on the Charlotte campus. One seminar during the first three courses, and a 3 day seminar at the end of the program.

Notable faculty

Current and past resident faculty members include Greg L. Bahnsen, Steve Brown, J. Ligon Duncan, John Frame, Roger Nicole, Richard L. Pratt, Jr., R. C. Sproul, and Bruce Waltke.


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