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Total population 330,000
Regions with significant populations Bengkulu Province, Indonesia
Language Rejang
Religion Islam

The Rejang people are an ethnic group living mainly on the southwest coast of the island of Sumatra, on the cool mountain slopes of the Barisan mountain range, in the province of Bengkulu, Indonesia. They speak the Rejang language, which is quite different from the similarly-named Rejang-Baram language group, which is spoken on the island of Borneo in Sarawak and Kalimantan.

The predominate crops of the Rejang are rice, tobacco, and coffee. There are also local gold and silver mines.

The population is not well measured, with estimates from 250,000 to a million.[1] The 2000 Indonesian census estimated the population at around 330,000.


The Rejang people are more prevalent in the Kepahiang, Lebong, and Rejang Lebong regencies, than elsewhere in Bengkulu Province.


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