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relaxin/insulin-like family peptide receptor 1
Symbol RXFP1
Alt. symbols LGR7
Entrez 59350
HUGO 19718
OMIM 606654
RefSeq NM_021634
UniProt Q9HBX9
Other data
Locus Chr. 4 q31.3
relaxin/insulin-like family peptide receptor 2
Symbol RXFP2
Alt. symbols LGR8, GREAT, GPR106, INSL3R
Entrez 122042
HUGO 17318
OMIM 606655
RefSeq NM_130806
UniProt Q8WXD0
Other data
Locus Chr. 13 q12.3
relaxin/insulin-like family peptide receptor 3
Symbol RXFP3
Alt. symbols RLN3R1, SALPR, GPCR135
Entrez 51289
HUGO 24883
OMIM 609445
RefSeq NM_016568
UniProt Q9NSD7
Other data
Locus Chr. 5 p15.1-p14
relaxin/insulin-like family peptide receptor 4
Symbol RXFP4
Alt. symbols GPR100, GPCR142, RLN3R2
Entrez 339403
HUGO 14666
OMIM 609043
RefSeq NM_181885
UniProt Q8TDU9
Other data
Locus Chr. 1 q22

The relaxin receptors are a subclass of four closely related G protein-coupled receptors that bind relaxin peptide hormones.[1][2]

Below is list of human relaxin receptors, their endogenous peptide hormones, and what down stream enzymes are activated or inhibited by the receptor.

receptor/gene ligands activates inhibits
RXFP1 Relaxin 1, Relaxin 2, Relaxin 3 adenylate cyclase, protein kinase A, protein kinase C,

phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, extracellular signal-regulated kinases (Erk1/2)

RXFP2 Relaxin 1, Relaxin 2, INSL3 adenylate cyclase
RXFP3 Relaxin 3 Erk1/2 signaling adenylate cyclase
RXFP4 Relaxin 3, INSL3 adenylate cyclase


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  2. ^ Halls ML, van der Westhuizen ET, Bathgate RA, Summers RJ (2007). "Relaxin family peptide receptors--former orphans reunite with their parent ligands to activate multiple signalling pathways". Br. J. Pharmacol. 150 (6): 677–91. doi:10.1038/sj.bjp.0707140. PMID 17293890.  

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