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Rena Murakami
Birthdate November 25, 1967 (1967-11-25) (age 42)[1]
Birth location Tokyo, Japan
Measurements 82-58-83(cm)
Height 1.59 m (5 ft 2+12 in)
Eye colour Brown
Hair colour Black
Blood type O
Ethnicity Japanese
Alias(es) Tomoko Ino
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Rena Murakami (村上麗奈 Murakami Rena?, Cantonese: Chuen Seung Lai Laoi) is a Japanese actress and former AV idol.


Life and career

After beginning her career as a gravure idol, Murakami made her AV debut in the March 1988 h.m.p. Miss Christine release, 発情感染.[2] In December of her debut year she had a role in Toei's mainstream drama release, Koiko no mainichi (恋子の毎日?).[3] She also appeared in V-Cinema films. In a review of the DVD release of her early film Sex and Zen, a reviewer described her as one of "Asian cinema's most beautiful actresses".[4]. Along with "A-List" contemporaries Eri Kikuchi and Mari Ayukawa, Murakami was one of the most well-known actresses to participate in Japanese AV's first major release experimentations with interracial content in the late 1980s.[citation needed] In 1990 she appeared in pioneering pink film director/producer Kan Mukai's コードネーム348 女刑事 サシバ.[5] She had another role in a mainstream drama, appearing in Bandai's Shin dōtei monogatari: Hong Kong virgin boy (新・童貞物語 ホンコンバージンボーイ?).[6]

Following her adult videos' popularity in Hong Kong, she moved there around 1990 or 1991 to work as a stripper.[7] She then shifted to cinema. Her first film was Category III classic Sex and Zen in 1991. Around 1993, she moved back to Japan. She worked at the famous Asakusa strip theatre Rokku-za (ロック座). She caused a minor scandal when news leaked that she had sex with the Sultan of Brunei during his visit to Japan in 1993.[8][9]

In 1997 she produced and starred in the pink film Murakami Rena: kyūkyoku meigizuma (村上麗奈 究極名器妻?), through Runa Films.[10][11] The film was distributed theatrically by XCes, scripted by pink film actress Kiyomi Itō, and directed by Satoru Kobayashi,[12] director of the first pink film, Flesh Market (1962).[13] The film was re-issued in June 2003 as 村上麗奈 極上けいれん妻.[14] Most recently, Murakami appeared in the November 2008 Japanese release, Serial Dad (小森生活向上クラブ Komori seikatsu kōjō kurabu?).[15]

Partial filmography


  • 1988.12.17 Koiko no mainichi恋子の毎日 (mainstream drama) Toei
  • 1989.11._ ストロベリータイムス2 サンタが恋しにやってきた (V)  バンダイビュジュアル
  • 1990.03.10 Shin dōtei monogatari: Hong Kong virgin boy (新・童貞物語 ホンコンバージンボーイ?)
  • 1990.12.10 コードネーム348 女刑事 サシバ (V)  松竹ビデオ事業部=獅子プロ
  • 1990.12.25 巨乳ハンター2 アドベンチャー・サマー (V)  東北新社
  • 1993._._ KEDAMONO 獣 (V)  ISEMOTO
  • 1997.08.01 村上麗奈 究極名器妻  レナ・フィルム (produced and starred)
  • 2008.11.08 小森生活向上クラブ

Hong Kong[17]

  • Sex and Zen (玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑), 1991
  • Hidden Desire (我為卿狂), 1991
  • Escape from Brothel (花街狂奔), 1992
  • Unforgetful Holiday (三級七日情), 1992
  • All Over the World (大昅野), 1993 (cameo/herself)
  • 1/3 Lover (1/3情人), 1993
  • Rena Murakami (村上麗奈), 1993 (adult/documentary)
  • Dream Lovers (青春夢裡人), 1994

Magazine appearances

  • Goro[18]
    • November 24, 1988 (#23, nude, with Reiko Hayama)
    • December 8, 1988 (#24, nude)
  • Heibon Punch[19]
    • May 5, 1988 (4 p., nude)
  • Weekly Playboy
    • 1988[20]
      • April 5, 1988 (5 p., nude)
      • July 19, 1988 (3 p., swimming suit)
      • September 20, 1988 (4p., nude)
    • 1989[21]
      • March 21, 1989 (6 p., nude)
      • August 15, 1989 (7 p., nude)
    • 1992[22]
      • November 24, 1992 (nude)





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