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Vein: Renal vein
The anterior surfaces of the kidneys, showing the areas of contact of neighboring viscera.
Kidney PioM.png
1. Renal pyramid
2. Efferent artery
3. Renal artery
Renal vein
5. Renal hilum
6. Renal pelvis
7. Ureter
8. Minor calyx
9. Renal capsule
10. Inferior renal capsule
11. Superior renal capsule
12. Afferent vein
13. Nephron
14. Minor calyx
15. Major calyx
16. Renal papilla
17. Renal column
Latin venae renales
Gray's subject #173 679
Drains from    kidney
Source interlobar veins
Drains to inferior vena cava
Artery Renal artery
MeSH Renal+Veins

The renal veins are veins that drain the kidney. They connect the kidney to the inferior vena cava.

It is usually singular to each kidney, except in the condition "multiple renal veins".[1]

It also divides into 2 divisions upon entering the kidney:

  • the anterior branch which receives blood from the anterior portion of the kidney and,
  • the posterior branch which receives blood from the posterior portion.

Often, each renal vein will have a branch that receives blood from the ureter.



Because the inferior vena cava is on the right half of the body, the left renal vein is generally the longer of the two.

Because the inferior vena cava is not laterally symmetrical, the left renal vein often receives the following veins:[2]

This is in contrast to the right side of the body, where these veins drain directly into the IVC.


Diseases associated with the renal vein include renal vein thrombosis (RVT) and nutcracker syndrome (renal vein entrapment syndrome).


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