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Renee Williams, (June 4, 1977- March 4, 2007) an American woman from Austin, Texas was the heaviest woman in the world at the time of her death in 2007, aged 29, due to morbid obesity. Williams was one of the heaviest people to live.

She was "super-morbidly obese" from the age of 12 upwards, and became a mother at age 16. In 2003, she was involved in a car crash, and the psychological effect caused her to binge eat even more, making her gain around 420 lbs in the process, with reports of her eating up to eight burgers at a time while she was bedridden.[1]

Renee featured in the American television program Amazing Medical Stories:[2]

At 406kg, 29-year-old Renee Williams is the world's biggest woman. Confined to her bed, Renee begged doctors to perform an operation when she became so large that she couldn't hug her own children. She's waited 12 years for the gastric bypass surgery to help her get back on her feet... but it may just be too late.

She was also the subject of a British television program called "Half Ton Mum" broadcast on Channel 4 after her death as part of the BodyShock series,[3][4]. This stated that she also held the world record for being the heaviest person ever to have gastric bypass surgery on her stomach at 70 stone, or around 980lbs, although she died 12 days later due to a massive heart attack. When Renee went to the hospital for her gastric bypass surgery, her Body Mass Index was calculated by the doctors to be 113 kg/m², where a BMI of 50+ is considered "super-morbidly obese".


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