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Renmin University of China Law School
Renmin University of China Law School.png
Established 1950
Type Public
Location Beijing, China
Dean Han Dayuan

Renmin University of China Law School, formerly Renmin University of China Department of Law, is the school of law under Renmin University of China. It was founded as the Department of Law in 1950 and renamed to Law School in 1988. Its current dean is Han Dayuan, Honorary Dean is Zeng Xianyi, Deputy Deans are Long Yifei, Liu Mingxiang, Hu Jinguang, and Wang Yi.

Heads of Department and Deans of School

Head of the Department of Law

  1. Zhu Shiying (朱世英) 1950.8-1950.11
  2. He Simin (何思敏) 1950.11-1953.7
  3. Yang Huanan (杨化南) 1953.7-1960.1
  4. Zhu Shiying (second term) 1960.8-1964.8
  5. Xu Jing (徐靖) 1964.9-1966.4
  6. Li Huanchang (李焕昌) 1978.7-1983.7
  7. Gao Mingxuan (高铭暄) 1983.9-1986.6
  8. Gu Chunde (谷春德) 1986.6-1990.11
  9. Zeng Xianyi 1990.11-1994.11

Dean of the Law School

  1. Zeng Xianyi 1994.11-2005.5
  2. Wang Liming 2005.5 -2009.4
  3. Han Dayuan 2009.4 - present

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