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Repo! The Genetic Opera

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman
Produced by Darren Lynn Bousman
Mark Burg
Oren Koules
Peter Block
Yoshiki Hayashi
Written by Darren Smith
Terrance Zdunich
Starring Alexa Vega
Paul Sorvino
Anthony Stewart Head
Sarah Brightman
Paris Hilton
Bill Moseley
Terrance Zdunich
Music by Darren Smith
Terrance Zdunich
Cinematography Joseph White
Editing by Harvey Rosenstock
Studio Twisted Pictures
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release date(s) November 7, 2008
Running time 97 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $8.5 million[1]
Gross revenue $188,127[2]

Repo! The Genetic Opera is a 2008 American rock opera-musical film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is based on a play written and composed by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich.

The film opened in a very limited release on November 7, 2008 on seven screens:[3] in the US cities of Pasadena; Chicago; Mobile; Charlotte; Kansas City; in Canada in Toronto (November 21-27, 2008) and Ottawa.

The film took in $3,250 per screen on its opening day.[4] A 22-track soundtrack was released online on September 30, 2008, with an extended version containing 38 tracks released almost exclusively for download on February 20, 2009.[5][6] The DVD and Blu-ray were released January 20, 2009.[7][8]

To coincide with the film's release, Bousman, Smith, and Zdunich, as well as various cast members, did a touring version of the film. Principal cast and crew also did extensive Q&A sessions following each screening. Because of strong ticket sales, a second and third touring session were added, in addition to a British tour across four locations. A Repo! Road Show was announced on January 28 in 10 cities. This show was similar to the Repo! Road Tour, except it was almost completely fan-run.



The movie is set in the year 2056; 26 years after an epidemic of organ failures devastated the planet. Out of the tragedy, the Bio-Tech Company GeneCo, run by Rotti Largo, emerged to provide organ transplants to the needy populace on a financial plan, making it affordable to anyone who needed one. Through his efforts, Rotti also got approval to create the Repo Men, assassins dispatched to deal with customers who default on their payments and made his company become a megacorporation, having influence from politics to fashion. In the present time, 17 year-old Shilo Wallace (Alexa Vega) explores the cemetery where her mother is entombed. Hiding from GENcop searchlights, she runs into GraveRobber (Terrance Zdunich), a dealer of an addictive, expensive, painkiller called Zydrate. Encountering GENcops, Shilo passes out and awakens in her house, where her overprotective father, Nathan (Anthony Stewart Head), has kept her locked all her life. Shilo has been suffering from an apparent blood disease inherited from her mother, Marni, who died taking a “cure” invented by Nathan. While Shilo believes he's a doctor, Nathan is actually one of GeneCo’s Repo Men.

Meanwhile, Rotti Largo (Paul Sorvino), who is dying, views Shilo as a possible heir. He refuses to consider his bickering children, Luigi (Bill Moseley), Pavi (Ogre), and Amber (Paris Hilton), viewing them as “vultures and ingrates.” Rotti, formerly Nathan’s rival for Marni’s affections, and secretly, her killer, asks Shilo to meet with him at the cemetery. When they meet, Rotti tells Shilo of a cure for her condition before introducing her to his GeneCo Genetic Opera’s star singer, Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman). While Mag announces her retirement to the public, Shilo is taken to a tent to be guarded by Rotti's henchgirls (Alisa Burket and Andreja Punkris). Unfortunately, her father calls her during work to remind her to take her medicine, which almost causes Nathan to come home early.

GraveRobber appears and helps Shilo escape from the tent and introduces her to Zydrate, a popular drug for surgery addicts. Amber, a Zydrate addict and, ironically, spokesperson for the rehab center, "Zydrate Support Network", arrives to take a hit of the drug. Amber reveals that since Mag's eyes belong to GeneCo, her retirement means that she defaults on the agreement she made to sing in exchange for her sight. Afterwards, Amber will replace Mag as the star of the opera. The arrival of GENcops causes the group to scatter except for Amber and her valets, who hold her up as she passes out in a drug-induced haze. Meanwhile, Nathan receives his next target from Rotti – Mag, but refuses his order, since she was Marni's best friend. For his insubordination, Rotti places a hit on Nathan's head.

Arriving at Shilo's house to invite her to the Genetic Opera, Mag reveals to her that she is her godmother. After she warns Shilo to not make the same mistakes she did, Nathan arrives home and kicks Mag out. This prompts an argument between Nathan and Shilo, which ends when Nathan slaps her, causing her to pass out. Rotti sends Shilo a message telling her to meet him at the Genetic Opera that evening, and Nathan, who is tending to the unconscious Shilo, sees the message and vows to kill Rotti for trying to steal Shilo. While he is downstairs, a group of Repo Men make an attempt on his life; by the time he fights them off, Shilo has snuck out of the house.

Later that night, the characters converge at the Genetic Opera. At the performance, Amber’s stage debut bombs when her face falls off. Soon after, at the end of her solo, Mag gouges out her own eyes and is dropped to her death by Rotti onto a wrought iron fence. After convincing the audience it was part of the show, Rotti instructs Shilo to capture the Repo Man for her cure. After attacking him backstage with a shovel, Shilo discovers, to her horror, that the Repo Man is her father. In the confrontation that follows, Shilo disowns Nathan and goes onstage. Rotti then reveals to Shilo that her condition was caused by “medication” provided by Nathan, who says that he did so to keep her from the outside world. When Shilo refuses to accept Rotti’s offer to inherit GeneCo by killing off her father, Rotti shoots Nathan himself before expiring from his disease. After she and her father exchange final goodbyes, Shilo leaves the stage, free from her genetic destiny. The following day, as revealed by GraveRobber, Shilo declined inheriting GeneCo. Instead, Amber took over and auctioned off her face to charity. Pavi won after Luigi killed the top 3 bidders.


Main characters

  • Alexa Vega as Shilo Wallace: A 17-year-old girl confined to her room due to what she believes is blood disorder she inherited from her mother. In reality, she is being imprisoned by her father, who cannot bear the thought of her leaving him and sees himself as protecting her. She is the film's primary protagonist who dreams of existing in the world outside of her bedroom, which she considers her prison.
  • Paul Sorvino as Rottissimo "Rotti" Largo: The ailing GeneCo president, looking for a worthy heir. He sees his own children as "vultures" and "ingrates", and is bitter towards Nathan for stealing Marni from him. He is the one who poisoned Marni, in a jealous rage.
  • Anthony Stewart Head as Nathan Wallace: Shilo's father and a widower, having lost his wife Marni, a death for which he blames himself. He doubles as the head Repo Man. He often laments his late night duties, but a seeming multiple personality tends to take him over, leaving him a vicious killing machine as opposed to the kind-hearted, torn father.
  • Sarah Brightman as Magdalene "Blind Mag" Defoe: Born blind, Mag is given the ability to see by signing her life away in a contract to sing for GeneCo Genetic Opera. She is marked for repossession and is set to deliver her final performance for the company. She is Shilo's godmother and was best friends with Marni, when hearing of Rotti's decision to provide Shilo with a cure for her "blood disease" she risks enraging Nathan and Rotti by coming to Shilo's house and warning her not to make the same mistakes she did by taking Rotti's cure.
  • Paris Hilton as Heather Largo/Amber Sweet: Rotti's surgery and Zydrate-addicted daughter and Mag's rival. She obtains Zydrate illegally from GraveRobber, with whom it is suspected she has a relationship. Ironically she is also the face of the Zydrate support network. Her name change is addressed in the song Happiness Is Not a Warm Scalpel, where Rotti states, "I did not complain when you changed your name from Largo to Sweet." and Amber replies, "I need a stage name!" In an interview[9] director Darren Lynn Bousman revealed that he had originally refused to audition Paris for the role of Amber Sweet. "I broke down," says Bousman, "and I met with her, and immediately she charmed everyone in the room." In the same interview, Bousman also revealed that Hilton had the script smuggled to her during her much publicized stint in a Los Angeles jail, and used her time inside to work on her role.
  • Bill Moseley as Luigi Largo: Rotti's eldest son, an abusive homicidal sociopath. He wields a knife at all times and is usually wearing an ascot. He will stab someone for something as little as getting his shirt messy or getting him the wrong coffee. He has a habit of often ripping open his shirt to change into a new one after repeatedly getting his shirt bloodied up, a trait costume designer Alex Kavanaugh attributed to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • Nivek Ogre as Paviche "Pavi" Largo: Rotti's youngest son, vacuous, effiminate and narcissistic.[10][11] He wears a deceased woman's skinned face as a mask to cover his own face, which is horrendously scarred. Due to the way his face is attached, he is able to change faces on a whim. He is shown to be quite charismatic and somewhat of a lady-killer (both metaphorically and literally).
  • Terrance Zdunich as GraveRobber: A Zydrate peddler, getting a cheap knock-off from dead bodies, with connections to Amber Sweet, sexually and as a dealer. Mysterious and darkly charismatic, he acts as the narrator of the post-apocalyptic world.[12]

Other characters

  • Sarah Power (Nancy Long, singing[13]) as Marni Wallace: Marni is Shilo's dead mother and Nathan's late wife. Her best friend was Mag, and she was fatally poisoned by an enraged Rotti, to whom she was engaged before breaking off the engagement and eloping with Nathan.
  • Jake Reardon (Poe, singing) as Single mother: Single mother, actual name unknown, is a GeneCo model who had originally come in for a kidney transplant, but ended up getting full-body surgery.
  • J. Larose as Vanity & Vein news reporter Larose had previously worked with director Bousman in Saw III, as Troy.
  • Darren Smith as GeneCo's Band Leader: The band leader is easily excitable and very hyper, to the point where he is rendered short of breath. He begins the Genetic Opera.
  • Hazel Gorin as DJ Granny: The elderly DJ of the Genetic Opera.
  • Andreja Punkris and Alisa Burket[14] as Henchgirls: Rotti's personal bodyguards. Silent and deadly assassins. Andreja and Alisa provided backup female vocals for most of the soundtrack.
  • Al Maini as Doctor: Rotti's nervous, trembling doctor who gives Rotti the news of his health, then he is killed by the henchgirls.
  • Jessica Horn as Jessica Adams: A repo victim who got a heart transplant, but she couldn't pay her debt, so the repo man came for her.


  • Joan Jett as Guitarist: The guitarist during the song "Seventeen".

Musical numbers

Repo! The Genetic Opera holds the record for the most songs ever composed into one film, with a total of 64.[15] This is the official list of all the songs in the film.[16] Some have been cut from the movie (e.g. "Come Up and Try My New Parts", "Can't Get It Up if the Girl's Breathing", and "Needle Through a Bug."). All songs have confirmed performers, thanks to Repopedia, a Wiki Repo! Joan Jett appears in "Seventeen", and Melora Creager of Rasputina plays cello on the soundtrack. A 7-track demo CD, dubbed the "Pre-Surgery Sampler", was released on July 24, 2008. A 22-track soundtrack was released on September 30. Songs do not appear in the same sequence on the CD as they do in the film. On February 20, 2009, an extended edition of the soundtrack was released online.[6] The "Deluxe Edition" contains 38 tracks, and the song "Zydrate Anatomy" was re-cut for this edition.

Film listing

In the film, the following songs are performed:

  1. "Depraved Heart Murder at Sanitarium Square"
  2. "Genetic Repo Man" - GraveRobber and chorus
  3. "Crucifixus"
  4. "The Prognosis"
  5. "Things You See in a Graveyard (Part 1)" - Rotti and Mourners
  6. "21st Century Cure" - GraveRobber, Gentern on air-raid siren, and Shilo (Shilo's part is only in the movie)
  7. "Shilo Wakes" - Nathan and Shilo
  8. "Infected" - Shilo
  9. "Nathan's Story"
  10. "Legal Assassin" - Nathan, Marni, and Ghostly whispers
  11. "Lungs and Livers" - GeneCo Chorus
  12. "Mark It Up" - Genterns, Amber, Luigi, and Pavi
  13. "Tao of Mag (Part 1)" - Mag and Chinese chorus
  14. "Rotti's Story"
  15. "Things You See in a Graveyard (Part 2)" -Rotti
  16. "Limo Ride" - Rotti and Shilo
  17. "Thankless Job" - Nathan and Repo victim
  18. "A Ventriloquist's Mess"
  19. "Tao of Mag (Part 2)" - Mag and Chinese chorus
  20. "No Organes? No Problemo!" - GeneCo chorus
  21. "Largo's Little Helpers" - Child chorus
  22. "Genterns" - Genterns and Pavi
  23. "Luigi, Pavi, Amber Harass Mag" - Luigi, Fair patron, Gofers, Mag, Amber, Pavi, and Rotti
  24. "Seeing You Stirs Memories (Part 1)" - Rotti
  25. "Blind Mag's Story"
  26. "Seeing You Stirs Memories (Part 2)" - Rotti and Mag
  27. "My, What Big Scissors You Have" - Announcers and Shilo
  28. "Housecall" - Rotti (spoken)
  29. "Inopportune Telephone Call" - Nathan and Shilo
  30. "Before the Escape"
  31. "GraveRobber and Shilo Escape" - GraveRobber and Shilo
  32. "Zydrate Support Network" - News reporter and Rotti
  33. "Worthy Heirs?"
  34. "Zydrate Anatomy" - Zydrate addicts, GraveRobber, Shilo, Amber, and Genterns
  35. "Disposal Crew" - Disposal crew
  36. "A Dump Truck Home"
  37. "Who Ordered Pizza?" - Luigi, Pavi, Nathan, Rotti, and Amber
  38. "Night Surgeon" - Nathan, Rotti, Henchgirls, Luigi, Pavi, and Genterns
  39. "The Visitor"
  40. "Chase the Morning" - Mag, Shilo, and Marni
  41. "Everyone's a Composer" - Mag, Nathan, and Shilo
  42. "Come Back!" - Nathan and Shilo
  43. "What Chance Has a 17 Year Old Girl" - Nathan and Shilo
  44. "Seventeen" - Shilo and Chorus
  45. "Pre-Happiness"
  46. "Happiness is Not a Warm Scalpel" - Amber and Rotti
  47. "Gold" - Rotti
  48. "Nathan Discovers Rotti's Plan" - Nathan and Shilo
  49. "Tonight We Are Betrayed" - Nathan
  50. "At the Opera Tonight" - Shilo, Mag, Nathan, Amber, GraveRobber, Rotti, Luigi, Pavi, and chorus
  51. "Bloodbath!" - GraveRobber
  52. "Not Your Parents' Opera"
  53. "We Started This Op'ra Shit!" - Band leader, Genterns, Luigi, Pavi, Single mother, Rotti, Opera audience, and GeneCo chorus
  54. "Interrogation Room Challenge" - Rotti
  55. "Blame Not My Cheeks" - Announcer, Amber, Eunuch valets, and GeneCo chorus
  56. "Chromaggia" - Mag
  57. "Mag's Fall"
  58. "Pièce De Résistance" - Rotti
  59. "Let the Monster Rise" - Nathan and Shilo
  60. "Don't Poop in My Pool"
  61. "Sawman's Lament" - Rotti, Luigi, Pavi, Shilo, Nathan, and Opera audience
  62. "The Man Who Made You Sick" - Rotti, Shilo, and Nathan (connected with "Sawman's Lament")
  63. "A Ten Second Opera"
  64. "Cut the Ties" - Rotti, Luigi, Shilo, and Pavi
  65. "Shilo Turns Against Rotti" - Shilo, Rotti, and Nathan (connected to "Cut the Ties")
  66. "The King is Dead" - Rotti (spoken)
  67. "I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much" - Shilo and Nathan
  68. "Genetic Emancipation" - Shilo and chorus
  69. "Epitaph" - GraveRobber and Zydrate addicts
  70. "VUK-R" - Katie Fitzgerald (end credits)
  71. "Repo Man" - Pavi (end credits)
  72. "Needle Through a Bug" - GraveRobber, Shilo, and Chorus (deleted scene, end credits)
  73. "Bravi!" - Mag, Luigi, Pavi, Rotti, Amber, and Genterns (deleted scene, end credits)
  74. "Aching Hour" - Mag (end credits)

Cut songs

Bits and pieces of some of these songs were used in the film. Most of the songs' scenes were entirely cut (*).

  1. "Crucifixus" - Mag and Ghostly Whispers (used as the screen closes in to GeneCo; instrumental version used in film)
  2. "Bravi!"* - Mag, Pavi, Luigi, Rotti, and Amber (end credits, a commercial that would have been used before "Mark It Up"; heard briefly between "Infected" and Nathan's Story)
  3. "Tao of Mag" - Mag (a commercial starring Mag that promotes the Genetic Opera; heard briefly between "Mark It Up" and Rotti's Story)
  4. "Can't Get It Up if the Girl's Breathing?"* - Amber, Eunuch valets, and GraveRobber (Amber telling GraveRobber that there are other ways to pay for Zydrate; would have succeeded "Housecall")
  5. "Come Up and Try My New Parts"* - Amber (Amber's attempt to seduce GraveRobber to get out of paying for Zydrate; comes after "Can't Get It Up")
  6. "GraveRobber and Shilo Escape" - GraveRobber, Shilo, and Amber (GraveRobber and Shilo escape from the Italian festival; alternate version used in film, Amber not included)
  7. "Buon Giorno"* - Rotti, Pavi, Luigi, and Genterns (Genetic Opera greeting; would have come after "We Started This Op'ra Shit!")
  8. "Rotti's Chapel Sermon"* - Rotti (the scene was reedited to make up "Interrogation Room Challenge"; succeeds "Buon Giorno")
  9. "Needle Through a Bug"* - GraveRobber, Shilo, and Chorus (deleted scene where Shilo must pass another of Rotti's tests; succeeded "Rotti's Chapel Sermon" and plays entirely during credits
  10. "Aching Hour"* - Blind Mag (Mag sings about her imminent death during the Renaissance festival; plays entirely during credits)


Original motion picture soundtrack

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released September 30, 2008 and only available through and ITunes.

  1. "At the Opera Tonight" - Shilo, Mag, Nathan, Amber, GraveRobber, Rotti, Luigi, Pavi, and Chorus
  2. "Crucifixus" - Mag and Ghostly Chorus
  3. "Things You See in a Graveyard" - Rotti and Mourners
  4. "Infected" - Shilo
  5. "Legal Assassin" - Nathan, Marni, and Ghostly Whispers
  6. "Bravi!" - Mag, Luigi, Pavi, Rotti, and Amber
  7. "21st Century Cure" - GraveRobber
  8. "Mark It Up" - Amber, Luigi, Pavi, and Genterns
  9. "Can't Get It Up If the Girl's Breathing?" - Amber, Eunuch valets, and GraveRobber
  10. "Zydrate Anatomy" - GraveRobber, Shilo, Amber, Zydrate Support Group, and Genterns
  11. "Thankless Job" - Nathan
  12. "Chase the Morning" - Mag, Shilo, and Marni
  13. "Night Surgeon" - Nathan, Rotti, Henchgirls, Luigi, Pavi, and Genterns
  14. "Seventeen" - Shilo and Chorus
  15. "Gold" - Rotti
  16. "We Started This Op'ra Shit!" - Band Leader, Genterns, Luigi, Pavi, Single Mother, Rotti, Opera Audience, and GeneCo Chorus
  17. "Needle Through a Bug" - GraveRobber, Shilo, and Chorus
  18. "Chromaggia" - Mag
  19. "Let the Monster Rise" - Nathan and Shilo
  20. "I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much" - Shilo and Nathan
  21. "Genetic Emancipation" - Shilo and Chorus
  22. "Genetic Repo Man" - GraveRobber and Chorus

Deluxe edition

The Deluxe Edition was released February 17, 2009 and was only available at Hot Topic stores and it was supposed to be available at the film's official site, but it is not possible to order the CD for unspecified reasons. As of July 14, 2009, it is available on iTunes as well. The Deluxe Edition adds 16 extra tracks to the original soundtrack, including several underscores (i.e. "A Repo Man's Daughter" and "A Ten Second Opera").

  1. "A New World Organ" - GeneCo Chorus
  2. "At the Opera Tonight" - Shilo, Mag, Nathan, Amber, GraveRobber, Rotti, Luigi, Pavi, and Chorus
  3. "Crucifixus" - Mag and Ghostly Chorus
  4. "Things You See in a Graveyard" - Rotti and Mourners
  5. "A Repo Man's Daughter"
  6. "Infected" - Shilo
  7. "Legal Assassin" - Nathan, Marni, and Ghostly Whispers
  8. "Bravi!" - Mag, Luigi, Pavi, Rotti, Amber, and Genterns
  9. "21st Century Cure" - GraveRobber
  10. "Lungs and Livers" - GeneCo Chorus
  11. "Mark It Up" - Amber, Luigi, Pavi, and Genterns
  12. "Worthy Heirs?"
  13. "Can't Get It Up If the Girl's Breathing?" - Amber, Eunuch valets, and GraveRobber
  14. "Zydrate Anatomy [Extended]" - GraveRobber, Shilo, Amber, Zydrate Support Group, and Chorus
  15. "Thankless Job" - Nathan
  16. "Before the Escape"
  17. "Night Surgeon" - Nathan, Rotti, Henchgirls, Luigi, Pavi, and Genterns
  18. "Chase the Morning" - Mag, Shilo, and Marni
  19. "Everyone's a Composer" - Shilo, Mag, and Nathan
  20. "Come Back" - Shilo and Nathan
  21. "What Chance Has a 17-Year-Old Girl?" - Shilo and Nathan
  22. "Seventeen" - Shilo and Chorus
  23. "Happiness is Not a Warm Scalpel" - Amber and Rotti
  24. "Gold" - Rotti
  25. "Depraved Heart Murder at Sanitarium Square"
  26. "Tonight We Are Betrayed" - Nathan
  27. "We Started This Op'ra Shit!" - Band Leader, Genterns, Luigi, Pavi, Single Mother, Rotti, Opera Audience, and GeneCo Chorus
  28. "Rotti's Chapel Sermon" - Rotti
  29. "Needle Through a Bug" - GraveRobber, Shilo, and Chorus
  30. "Chromaggia" - Mag
  31. "Mag's Fall"
  32. "Piece De Resistance" - Rotti
  33. "Interrogation Room Challenge"
  34. "Let the Monster Rise" - Nathan, Shilo, and Chorus
  35. "A Ten Second Opera"
  36. "I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much" - Shilo and Nathan
  37. "Genetic Emancipation" - Shilo and Chorus
  38. "Genetic Repo Man"- GraveRobber and Chorus

Selections from the Premiere Cast

A 7-track album entitled Repo! The Genetic Opera: Selections from the Premiere Cast was released on September 27, 2002, over 6 years before the film's release. The soundtrack consists of early versions of the songs used in the film, recorded by Repo! creators Darren Smith, Terrance Zdunich, and the premiere cast of the stage play.

  • Curt Wilson as Nathan/Repo Man
  • Lateefah Devoe as Blind Mag
  • Terrance Zdunich as GraveRobber
  • Stephanie Kane as Shilo
  • Penny Wei as Heather (Amber Sweet's original name)
  1. "Night Surgeon" - Nathan/Repo Man
  2. "...But This is Opera!" - Blind Mag and Cyborg Chorus
  3. "21st Century Cure" - GraveRobber and Shilo
  4. "Come Up and Try My New Parts" - Heather
  5. "Legal Assassin" - Nathan
  6. "Chase the Morning" - Blind Mag and Cyborg Chorus
  7. "Choice" - Blind Mag, Nathan, and Company

Pre-Surgery Sampler

The Pre-Surgery Sampler was released July 24, 2008 at a secret location on the film's official site. Hardcopies were also released at a convention on the same date.

  1. "A New World Organ"
  2. "At the Opera Tonight" - Shilo, Mag, Nathan, Amber, GraveRobber, Rotti, Luigi, and Pavi
  3. "Zydrate Anatomy" - GraveRobber, Shilo, Amber, and Chorus
  4. "Night Surgeon" - Nathan, Rotti, Henchgirls, Luigi, and Pavi
  5. "Chase the Morning" - Mag, Shilo, and Marni
  6. "Seventeen" - Shilo and Chorus
  7. "Genetic Emancipation" - Shilo and Chorus

Production and history

In 1996, Darren Smith had a friend that was going through bankruptcy and whose possessions were going into foreclosure. Inspired by this, Smith came up with the idea of a future where not only your property could be repossessed, but also your body parts. Smith and Terrance Zdunich collaborated ideas and plot lines to create "The Necromerchant's Debt". [17] The first version of Repo! was The Necromerchant's Debt, which told the story of a graverobber in debt to a Repo Organ Man. It was first performed at the John Raitt theater. After being such a success, creators Smith and Zdunich expanded on the universe to create all of the storylines that became Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Many changes were made, gradually, to the characters and music. For example, Rotti, in the earliest performances, was not the father to Luigi, Pavi, and Amber. Instead, he was a younger brother to Luigi and Pavi,[18] while Amber was Luigi's daughter.[19]

Music lyrics were adjusted to new arcs, and some songs were dropped altogether, for example, "But This Is Opera!", which was cut out in an effort to change the direction of Blind Mag's character. After years of being performed as a stage play, Repo! was adapted into a 10-minute short film by Darren Lynn Bousman to pitch the idea to movie companies. The movie starred Shawnee Smith (Amanda Young in the Saw films) as Amber Sweet (then named Heather), Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) as the Repo Man, Kristen Fairlie as Shilo, Terrance Zdunich as GraveRobber, and J. Larose as Pavi.

Once Repo! The Genetic Opera was picked up by Lionsgate, shooting began on September 2007 in Canada.[20] The movie was scheduled to be released on April 25, 2008, but was pushed back to November 7, 2008. X Japan member Yoshiki Hayashi produced the soundtrack, along with composing one extra track for the film. He also serves as one of the film's producers.[21]


The film received a limited theatrical release in the United States and Canada on November 7, 2008.[22] It had a further limited Canadian release, playing in Toronto from November 21 to November 27, 2008. It was released in the Czech Republic on November 20 2008, this was followed by a theatrical release in Spain on January 2, 2009.[23] In December 2008, several more US theatrical screenings were announced running between 13-24 January 2009 in several cities[24] The Repo! Road Tour made its 4th and final leg (thus far) over in Europe from March 7 - March 12 2009.

Even after the initial theatrical release and DVD sales, fan support has caused Repo! to be played in select theaters for the duration of 2009, some with "shadowcasts" in which a group of performers re-enact the film in front of the big screen while the movie is playing.[25]

Home media

Repo! The Genetic Opera was released January 20, 2009 on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States.[26] In Canada, the DVD was released on January 20, 2009 and the Blu-ray was released February 10, 2009. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom on March 9, 2009. It was released in Ireland on March 6, 2009. The DVD was released in Germany on April 14.[23]

US release

All the DVD features including:

UK release
  • HMV's DVD release featured a set of four exclusive art cards featuring Amber, Luigi, Rotti and Blind Mag.

All the UK DVD features including:


Due to Lionsgate's lack of promotion for the film, director Bousman and creator Zdunich did much of their own promotion.

A "Repo! Road Tour" was later set up for one-night screenings of the film in 7 different cities across the United States[27] and was so successful that it was followed by a second and later third Repo Road Tour all of which were attended by a member of the cast. A UK road tour later went on in March.


Almost all reviews of Repo! The Genetic Opera were either extremely positive and praising, or extremely negative and scathing, with almost no middle ground.

The reviews of Repo! The Genetic Opera appearing in major news outlets like The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times were all extremely negative.[28][29]

On March 4, 2008, there was a test screening of Repo! The Genetic Opera, with many critics and crew in attendance. The reviews written from the screening were all extremely positive. However, the film they saw was not the fully completed version. Some noted that the sound mixing was not finished.[30][31][32] The director finished the final touches on the film as of March 31, 2008. The Fantasia Film Festival, held in Montreal, Quebec on July 18, 2008, had the first official fully edited screening of Repo! the Genetic Opera. The show was sold out and the film won the "Fantasia Ground-Breaker Award". The Fantasy Filmfest, held in different towns of Germany (August 2008), showed a very positive review to Repo!.

The film review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes reports generally negative reviews, with only 33% of reviews being positive. The consensus of the film given is: "Bombastic and intentionally gross, Repo! The Genetic Opera has a unique style, but lacks the wit and substance to be involving."[33] called it "a spirited, absorbing, astounding, thought provoking futuristic fulsome fable". Bloody Disgusting website wrote that it was "fresh, unique and exciting…remarkable". This was followed by horror network FEARnet who branded it "an instant cult classic" and "absolutely mind-blowing on a visionary level" according to Canada's[34]

Even before its release, Repo! has gained a cult film following.[35][36]

Paris Hilton's performance as Amber won her the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress.

Possible sequel

In regards to the possibility of a sequel, Alexa Vega has been quoted as saying: "From the very, very beginning, we always talked about a prequel or a sequel to this movie. And it's hard, because as of right now, we all want to do it, but, you know, it didn't really do as we hoped. We didn't really have a lot of support. But we're hoping that the fans will come back, and it will be an underground cult classic that will grow, and that will eventually spark us to do another."

Darren Lynn Bousman has also indicated interest, stating; "I would love to follow up Repo and finish the story, because it was conceived as a three-part movie. But this movie is all about support from the internet, and support from fans. This is not a movie where you'll see billboards or bus stop ads or trailers on TV."

It is also expected that Paris Hilton would return in her role as Amber Sweet.[37]


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Repo! The Genetic Opera is a 2008 American rock opera-musical film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is based on a play written and composed by Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich.



  • Seventeen and you can't stop me! Seventeen and you won't boss me! You cannot control me, father! Daddy's girl's a fucking monster!
  • Why oh why are my genetics such a bitch?
  • Don't help me any more, Dad! You are dead, Dad, in my eyes! Someone has replaced you, Dad I hate you! Go and die!
  • I don't know what I was thinking, there's no sense in girlish dreaming. I'm just seventeen, seventeen... and it's better than forty!


  • It's clean. It's rare. It's pure. It takes you there.

Rotti Largo

  • I'll keep those vultures guessing!

Pavi Largo

  • Pavi steals all of the hearts!

Nathan Wallace

  • I am only living out a lie!


  • Shilo Wallace: Alexa Vega
  • Amber Sweet: Paris Hilton
  • Graverobber: Terrance Zdunich
  • Luigi Largo: Bill Moseley
  • Pavi Largo: Ogre

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