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1992 Republic of China 1998
Republic of China legislative election, 1995
All 225 seats to the Legislative Yuan
Majority party Minority party Third party
Lee Teng-hui 2004-cropped.jpg Shih Ming-de 2006 Depose Abian.jpg Replace this image male.svg
Leader Lee Teng-hui Shih Ming-teh Chen Kuei-miao
Last election 102 seats 51 seats
Seats won 85 54 21
Percentage 46.1% 33.2% 13.0%

The Republic of China legislative election, 1995 was the second such election on a full-house non-supplementary basis, after the constitutional reform in the early 1990s. Kuomintang won only 85 seats out of the total 164 seats, a very marginal majority, with 46% KMT votes versus 33% for the Democratic Progressive Party.


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