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Republican Fascist Party
Partito Fascista Repubblicano
Former leaders Benito Mussolini
Founded September 13, 1943
Dissolved April 25, 1945
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Newspaper Il Popolo d'Italia
Ideology Italian Fascism
Politics of Italy
Political parties

The Republican Fascist Party (Partito Fascista Repubblicano, PFR) was the name of Mussolini's party during the German occupation of Central and Northern Italy. It was founded as the successor of former National Fascist Party on anti-monarchist bases, seeing King Victor Emmanuel III as a traitor after he had signed the surrender to the Allies.

After the Nazi-engineered Unternehmen Eiche liberated Mussolini, on September 13 the PNF was revived as the PFR as the single party of the Northern and Nazi-protected Italian Social Republic (the Salò Republic). Its secretary was Alessandro Pavolini. The PFR did not outlast Mussolini's execution and the disappearance of the Salò state in April 1945, even if many of its members founded the Italian Social Movement after the war.


  • Verona, November 14-15, 1943

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