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The Republican Governors Association is a Washington, D.C.-based organization founded in 1963[1], consisting of U.S. state and territorial governors affiliated with the Republican Party. Its current Chairman is Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi, who assumed the office after Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina resigned (after becoming involved in an extra-marital affair) on June 24, 2009. Its Democratic Party counterpart is the Democratic Governors Association. The RGA is not directly affiliated with the non-partisan National Governors Association.


Mission statement

  1. To assist in the election of Republican gubernatorial candidates and the reelection of incumbent Republican Governors.
  2. To utilize the talent, knowledge, creativity of the governors to effectively debate and shape public policy on issues affecting the states; and
  3. To enable Republican Governors to express, develop and promote the philosophy of the Republican party at the state and local levels nationwide.

Current leadership

Office Officer State
Chairman Haley Barbour Mississippi
Vice Chairman Tim Pawlenty Minnesota
Dinner Chairman Charlie Crist Florida
Finance Chairman Rick Perry Texas
Recruitment Chairman Sonny Perdue Georgia
Executive Commission Linda Lingle Hawaii
Executive Commission Jim Douglas Vermont

List of current Republican governors

Current Governor State Past Took office Seat Up
Bob Riley Alabama List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Sean Parnell Alaska List 2009 2010
Jan Brewer Arizona List 2009 2010
Arnold Schwarzenegger California List 2003 2010 (term limits)
M. Jodi Rell Connecticut List 2004 2010
Charlie Crist Florida List 2007 2010 (retiring)
Sonny Perdue Georgia List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Linda Lingle Hawaii List 2002 2010 (term limits)
Butch Otter Idaho List 2007 2010
Mitch Daniels Indiana List 2005 2012 (term limits)
Bobby Jindal Louisiana List 2008 2011
Tim Pawlenty Minnesota List 2003 2010
Haley Barbour Mississippi List 2004 2011 (term limits)
Dave Heineman Nebraska List 2005 2010
Jim Gibbons Nevada List 2007 2010
Chris Christie New Jersey List 2010 2013
John Hoeven North Dakota List 2000 2012
Donald Carcieri Rhode Island List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Mark Sanford South Carolina List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Mike Rounds South Dakota List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Rick Perry Texas List 2000 2010
Gary Herbert Utah List 2009 2010 (special election)
Jim Douglas Vermont List 2003 2010 (retiring)
Bob McDonnell Virginia List 2010 2013 (Term limits)

In addition to the states, the Republicans also hold the governorship of the U.S. territories of Guam and Puerto Rico as of 2009:

Governor Territory Prev Took office Seat Up
Felix Perez Camacho Guam List 2003 2010 (term limits)
Luis Fortuño Puerto Rico List 2009 2012


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