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Republican Party
Headquarters Northern Mariana Islands
Politics of the Northern Mariana Islands
Political parties

The Republican Party is a political party in the Northern Mariana Islands. In the 2001 gubernatorial election Juan Babauta of the Republican Party won with 42.8% of the vote. At the legislative elections of 1 November 2003 the party won 7 out of 18 seats in the House of Representatives.

At the gubernatorial elections of 6 November 2005, Governor Juan Babauta was defeated, receiving 26% of the vote and third place. In the 2005 legislative elections held concurrently, the Republicans took 7 of 18 seats in the House of Representatives and 3 of 9 seats in the Senate. In the 3 November 2007 Commonwealth Legislature elections, the party took 12 of 20 seats in the House of Representatives, giving them a strong majority.

The Northern Mariana Islands Republican Party is associated with the United States Republican Party though no Northern Mariana Islands politicians have achieved high-ranking positions in the United States. The Republican Party in the Northern Mariana Islands is much stronger than the Democratic Party, but the Covenant Party, which only exists in the Northern Mariana Islands, has become the main competitor for the Republican Party on the islands and defeated the Republican Party in the last elections by taking the governorship.



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