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Since 1947, the Republican members of the United States Senate have elected a policy committee chairman, who is the fourth-ranking Republican, behind the Republican Leader, Republican Whip, and Republican Conference Chairman.

According to Congressional Quarterly, "Created in 1947, the Policy Committee is in effect a legislative think tank. The committee organizes the prominent Tuesday lunches with summaries of major bills, analysis of roll call votes and distribution of issue papers." [1]

List of Republican Policy Committee Chairmen in the United States Senate

Dates Name State Notes
1947-1952 Robert A. Taft I Ohio  
1953 William F. Knowland California  
1954 Homer Ferguson Michigan  
1955-1961 H. Styles Bridges New Hampshire  
1962-1968 Bourke B. Hickenlooper Iowa  
1969-1972 Gordon Allott Colorado  
1973-1985 John Tower Texas  
1985-1990 William L. Armstrong Colorado  
1991-1996 Donald Lee Nickles Oklahoma  
1996-2003 Larry Craig Idaho  
2003-2007 Jon L. Kyl Arizona  
2007-2009 Kay Bailey Hutchison Texas First woman to hold position
2009 John Ensign Nevada Resigned
2009-Present John Thune South Dakota


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