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Systematic (IUPAC) name
methyl (3β,16β,17α,18β,20α)-11,17-dimethoxy-18-{[(2E)-3-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)prop-2-enoyl]oxy}yohimban-16-carboxylate
CAS number 24815-24-5
ATC code C02AA01
PubChem 32681
DrugBank APRD00112
Chemical data
Formula C 35H42N2O9  
Mol. mass 634.716 g/mol
Synonyms methyl (1R,15S,17R,18R,19S,20 S)-6,18-dimethoxy-17-{[(2E)-3-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)prop-2-enoyl]oxy}-3,13-diazapentacyclo[ 2,10.04,9.015,20]henicosa-2(10),4(9),5,7-tetraene-19-carboxylate
Pharmacokinetic data
Bioavailability  ?
Metabolism  ?
Half life  ?
Excretion  ?
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.  ?
Legal status Prescription only
Routes oral

Rescinnamine is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor used as an antihypertensive drug.

It is an alkaloid obtained from Rauwolfia serpentina[1] and other species of Rauwolfia.

Brand names

Moderil, Cinnasil, Anaprel


  1. ^ FIFE R, MACLAURIN JC, WRIGHT JH (December 1960). "Rescinnamine in treatment of hypertension in hospital clinic and in general practice". British medical journal 2 (5216): 1848–50. PMID 13699407.  


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