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A research session at Wikimania 2006, in Harvard

Welcome to Wikiversity's research discussion forum! This forum exists to discuss research projects, reports, methodologies, methods, theories, etc. - in short, a place for researchers to discuss things that are potentially helpful for their work. Wikiversity aims to build a community of researchers, dedicated to learning about doing research through sharing, discussing, critiquing, and perhaps even editing!



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2009 Wikiversity research policy update

Please join in a review of research projects that have been conducted at Wikiversity and the proposal that there be "an explicit ban on 'case studies' using real examples of non-notable people, in exchange for hypotheticals". Participate at: the main research guidelines discussion page.

Non-free research projects

I'm afraid to release my research (collaborative using a wiki) under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License, because it may probably hinder its peer-reviewed publication.

Can I indeed benefit in some way interacting with Wikiversity? Maybe we can place somewhere on the Wikiversity site a link to my research wiki?

Can we develop a policy for non-free research projects with Wikiversity? (The preceding unsigned comment was added by VictorPorton (talk • contribs) 05:09, 16 October 2009.)

Some thoughts:
  • Yes, you can add links from Wikiversity where relevant/appropriate to your research hosted elsewhere.
  • You may be able to add some parts/sections to Wikiversity.
  • You could strive to publish in open journals which are peer-reviewed in which case there should be no problem with also publishing your research on Wikiversity.
Sincerely, James -- Jtneill - Talk - c 21:53, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

Well, where on Wikiversity I can put a link to a math research writing project (a draft wiki book)? I have not found such a place on Wikiversity. VictorPorton 14:06, 8 December 2009 (UTC)

Independent Research Institutes

Should Independent Research Institutes like GreySmith Institute of Advanced Studies be allowed, within the WikiVersity umbrella, and if so, under what rules and limitations? Contact me at my user page for comments

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